Veseth Cattle Co.

Feb 21, 2018
Milk River Pavilion - Malta, MT

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1NameVideoLot #GroupNotesPicture
2Lot - 1e8fxwfbu7Z81Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
3Lot - 2pupfD2Lp_Y02Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
4Lot - 3yZ1BDR8i4Kc3Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
5Lot - 4UAGFlVkcIxg4Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
6Lot - 5E58_xEqv0XU5Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
7Lot - 62qXivjJS0ao6Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
8Lot - 7wzM-VsR6P9A7Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
9Lot - 8TIVv1qyfAJE8Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
10Lot - 9pgdB7ANZhTY9Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
11Lot - 10Ctv_iwCDptQ10Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
12Lot - 11Ad7DfXP44SY11Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
13Lot - 12YkPcuBVtacU12Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
14Lot - 13HU4jhzX-f4413Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
15Lot - 14MvxOrOJ6CKs14Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
16Lot - 15Iqjf5xz6ok815Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
17Lot - 16rdOsDlvEzqA16Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
18Lot - 17U_jX4GG7aj017Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
19Lot - 18Oq7uV4djE7E18Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
20Lot - 197HC3j98n83019Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
21Lot - 20JdHDaKcKn9U20Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
22Lot - 21At2UA5c1nC421Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
23Lot - 226Hlh-C45ecw22Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
24Lot - 23A0gVdSeZBX823Calving EaseVeseth Cattle Co.
25Lot - 24 (High Performer)eAv7ELUQW3c24Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
26Lot - 25HTdkTnSXak425Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
27Lot - 26 (High Performer)T1AiGluNSH026Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
28Lot - 27coxXc6m3JhE27Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
29Lot - 28znAL5geimH428Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
30Lot - 294KE5g158BQU29Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
31Lot - 30 (High Performer)r5BSMJRi3vk30Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
32Lot - 310JbKknAgn8Q31Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
33Lot - 32u7wAYmFHtyU32Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
34Lot - 33LecwMYUhkdY33Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
35Lot - 34JsMPehceNeI34Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
36Lot - 35xmd6IC__B8U35Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
37Lot - 36Qs6s6uDs7kA36Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
38Lot - 37MtKOdmga4jI37Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
39Lot - 38DzcRwDa2oqA38Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
40Lot - 39k8dfvs1pkSQ39Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
41Lot - 40YgXB61BczLQ40Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
42Lot - 41ytdkXwCYtn441Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
43Lot - 42uJlTeuH_lCg42Maternal LegendsVeseth Cattle Co.
44Lot - 43 (High Performer)5Q46FdSOLhI43Moderate BW & FrameVeseth Cattle Co.
45Lot - 44BMVT6OgY9cw44Moderate BW & FrameVeseth Cattle Co.
46Lot - 452SqWpjPjb6k45Moderate BW & FrameVeseth Cattle Co.
47Lot - 46 (High Performer)21ohrICPrtE46Moderate BW & FrameVeseth Cattle Co.
48Lot - 47c8F5BT4hQ5s47Moderate BW & FrameVeseth Cattle Co.
49Lot - 48SkJtI5RZZIE48Moderate BW & FrameVeseth Cattle Co.
50Lot - 49FVXdp_pyRlM49Moderate BW & FrameVeseth Cattle Co.
51Lot - 504zuehbfKCE450Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
52Lot - 51tUzvRfTWjVM51Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
53Lot - 52l6jEA57Jpng52Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
54Lot - 53OeJXcrTuY9853Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
55Lot - 54eGRvVHNSE5454Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
56Lot - 55InJ4rBe8zg455Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
57Lot - 56 (High Performer)kGf95YbeCos56Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
58Lot - 57z3DYvVMif1s57Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
59Lot - 58or6tKoSs9iQ58Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
60Lot - 59eNVOc230dFk59Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
61Lot - 60Crlr85kG2IA60Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
62Lot - 615Dtbl33dJrg61Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
63Lot - 627O05x5amtiE62Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
64Lot - 63LGikO90cSHc63Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
65Lot - 64y0ZjKVDz3Jc64Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
66Lot - 65m1ELOjIn99I65Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
67Lot - 66sSfGse1zvAw66Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
68Lot - 675uSrdiqPAwA67Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
69Lot - 68EEcyZf_QGoo68Composite BullsVeseth Cattle Co.
70Lot - 96 (47 Veseth Bred Heifers)V4CO5sQ0ncA96Group 6Veseth Cattle Co.
71Lot - 97 (100 Veseth Red Angus Heifer Calves)L6fvbPb7d5897Group 7Veseth Cattle Co.
72Lot - 98 (10 Head Red Angus Heifer Calves - Consignment)98Group 8Peigneux Bros Ranch
73Lot - 99 (15 Black Heifer Calves)2XEQcN2XGQM99Group 9Veseth Cattle Co.
74Lot - 100 (30 Late Bred Cows)1zP5FrsGm2c100Group 10Veseth Cattle Co.
75Lot - 101 (70 Short Term Cows)lpRIGt-9t-k101Group 11Veseth Cattle Co.
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