Stars of Montana Female Sale

December 10th, 2016 1:00 PM
Midland Bull Test Facility; Columbus, MT

2016 Stars of Montana Sale Report

Stars of Montana Annual Female Sale

Columbus, MT US

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Sale Date: 12/10/2016

(21) Open Heifers / $54,495.00 Gross / $2,595.00 Average

(34) Bred Heifers / $142,392.00 Gross / $4,188.00 Average

(3) Bred Cows / $58,000.00 Gross / $19,333.00 Average

(9) Fall Pairs / $33,750.00 Gross / $3,750.00 Average

(9) Spring Pairs / $37,656.00 Gross / $4,184.00 Average

(20) Embryos / $8,800.00 Gross / $440.00 Average

(76) Reported Sale Total / $326,293.00 Gross / $4,293.00 Average

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1NameVideoLot #SexConsignorPicture
2Basin O Lass 53731Bred HeiferBasin Angus
3ICC Barbara K 52592Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co
4ICC Barbara K 905-631931/2 Interest Buyers Choice Lots 3 & 4Idland Cattle Co
5ICC Barbara K 905-633841/2 Interest Buyers Choice Lots 3 & 4Idland Cattle Co
6SD Lady 5363 W5Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
7Diamond Lass C3426Bred HeiferStevenson's Diamond Dot
8Rich Erica 79157Bred HeiferRich Angus
9ICC Eisa Evergreen 5260 (DDP)8Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co
10OCC Everelda Entense 5719Bred HeiferOlson Cattle Co
11JVC Countess C3210Bred HeiferJocko Valley Cattle
12Basin Blackbird 529311Bred HeiferBasin Angus
13Highwood Erica Rito 20912Special FlushMalek Angus
14Heifer Calf Pregnancy13Heifer Calf PregnancyOlson Cattle Co
154 Frozen Embryos (Grades 1&2)14AEmbryosCircle L Angus
164 Frozen Embryos (Grades 1&2)14BEmbryosCircle L Angus
17Basin Lucy 101815DonorBasin Angus
18Basin Lucy 100216DonorBasin Angus
19Basin Joy 103617DonorBasin Angus
20Gmar Dempsey A47418Fall Cow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
21Gmar Call of Duty D62518AFall Cow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
22Gmar Dempsey A22319Fall Cow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
23Gmar Resource D62119AFall Cow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
24Gmar Upward A19320Fall Cow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
25Gmar Resource D62220AFall Cow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
26Gmar Upward A19021Fall Cow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
27Gmar Call of Duty D62421AFall Cow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
28Gmar Foundation A35922Cow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
29Gmar Resource Gal D62322ACow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
30Gmar in Focus Z03623Cow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
31Gmar Resource D62023ACow/Calf PairGreen Mountain Angus
32Diamond Lucy W82124Fall Cow/Calf PairStevenson's Diamond Dot
33Bull Calf24AFall Cow/Calf PairStevenson's Diamond Dot
34Diamond Annie 078B25Fall Cow/Calf PairStevenson's Diamond Dot
35Heifer Calf25AFall Cow/Calf PairStevenson's Diamond Dot
36Diamond Lucy 331926Fall Cow/Calf PairStevenson's Diamond Dot
37Bull Calf26AFall Cow/Calf PairStevenson's Diamond Dot
38SD Barbara Perfection 539727Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
39SD Heiress 514628Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
40SD Forever 511729Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
41SD Primrose 519030Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
42SD Heiress 537131Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
43SD Emma 509532Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
44SD Miss Lucy 505533Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
45SD Dixi Solution 504434Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
46SD Bell 531635Bred HeiferSplit Diamond Ranch
47Diamond Miniver 765C (OHP)36Bred HeiferStevenson's Diamond Dot
48Diamond Blackcap 012C37Bred HeiferStevenson's Diamond Dot
49Diamond Miniver 331C38Bred HeiferStevenson's Diamond Dot
50ICC Eisa Erica 521739Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co
51ICC Blackbird 525540Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co
52ICC Flossie 527741Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co
53ICC RI Blackcap GW 52542Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co
54ICC RI Queen 52343Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co
55ICC Everelda Entense 523444Bred HeiferIdland Cattle Co
56Basin Enchantress 529145Bred HeiferBasin Angus
57Basin Royal Lass 537746Bred HeiferBasin Angus
58JVC Everelda Entense 55347Bred HeiferJocko Valley Cattle
59OCC Lucy 56648Bred HeiferOlson Cattle Co
60Rich Chloe 365549Bred HeiferRich Angus
61OCC Lucy 56150Bred HeiferOlson Cattle Co
62Rich Clova Pride 102551Bred HeiferRich Angus
63Rich Blackbird 107552Bred HeiferRich Angus
644 Frozen Embryos (Grades 1 & 2)53AEmbryosStevenson's Diamond Dot
654 Frozen Embryos (Grades 1 & 2)53BEmbryosStevenson's Diamond Dot
664 Frozen Embryos (Grades 1 & 2)54EmbryosStevenson's Diamond Dot
67SD Dear Queenie 457655Cow/Calf PairSplit Diamond Ranch
68SD Denver 601655ACow/Calf PairSplit Diamond Ranch
69SD Polly 432156Cow/Calf PairSplit Diamond Ranch
70SD Polly 602356ACow/Calf PairSplit Diamond Ranch
71SD Miss Dawn 450657Cow/Calf PairSplit Diamond Ranch
72SD Miss Dawn 607857ACow/Calf PairSplit Diamond Ranch
73SD Primrose 421958Cow/Calf PairSplit Diamond Ranch
74SD Primrose 608058ACow/Calf PairSplit Diamond Ranch
75SD Blackbird 430759Cow/Calf PairSplit Diamond Ranch
76SD Blackbird 624059ACow/Calf PairSplit Diamond Ranch
77ICC Everelda Entense 183260Cow/Calf PairIdland Cattle Co
78ICC Everelda Entense 633160ACow/Calf PairIdland Cattle Co
79ICC Everelda Entense 293561Cow/Calf PairIdland Cattle Co
80ICC Everelda Entense 630961ACow/Calf PairIdland Cattle Co
81ICC Erica 306462Cow/Calf PairIdland Cattle Co
82ICC Erica 635462ACow/Calf PairIdland Cattle Co
83ICC Blacklass 293763Cow/Calf PairIdland Cattle Co
84ICC Blacklass 636063ACow/Calf PairIdland Cattle Co
85ICC Beebe Queen 305364Cow/Calf PairIdland Cattle Co
86ICC Beebe Queen 633564ACow/Calf PairIdland Cattle Co
87ICC Gammer 0720-636665Heifer CalvesIdland Cattle Co
88ICC Everelda Entense 632666Heifer CalvesIdland Cattle Co
89M A R Enchantress 162767Heifer CalvesMalek Angus
90JVC Blackbird 670 (OHP)68Heifer CalvesJocko Valley Cattle
91JVC Countess 68569Heifer CalvesJocko Valley Cattle
92ICC Blackbird 632770Heifer CalvesIdland Cattle Co
93ICC RI Flossie 64271Heifer CalvesIdland Cattle Co
94ICC Everelda Entense 632572Heifer CalvesIdland Cattle Co
95JVC Blackcap 64173Heifer CalvesJocko Valley Cattle
96Rich Buxom Maid 463674Heifer CalvesRich Angus
97ICC Basin Lady S532-636475Heifer CalvesIdland Cattle Co
98Circle L Lass 88D76Heifer CalvesCircle L Angus
99Rich Crystal Chloe 351677Heifer CalvesRich Angus
100M A R Lady 165578Heifer CalvesMalek Angus
101Circle L Primrose 107D79Heifer CalvesCircle L Angus
102M A R Rita 165680Heifer CalvesMalek Angus
103Rich Ruby 472681Heifer CalvesRich Angus
104JVC Erica 61482Heifer CalvesJocko Valley Cattle
105JVC Altune 61783Heifer CalvesJocko Valley Cattle
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