Sandhill Red Angus

March 6, 2018
Sidney, MT

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2100 THREE YEAR OLD RED ANGUS COWSapkzH6OVcxE1ARed Angus CowsHere is a rare chance to buy a set of cows with all the work done. These young cows come right off the top of our replacement program. All of the cows for sale here raised a calve last year. These young cows are bred to Untapped 21Z, White Hawk 7A, SRJJ Red Julian A018, and other Sandhill Red Angus bulls. These cows will raise a great set of calves this year and for many more.
3120 RED ANGUS FIRST CALF HEIFER PAIRSatSqYmS8qLQ2ARed Angus Heifer PairsSelling pairs for April 15 to May 1 Delivery. It is the first time we will be offering pairs for sale in our production sale. All the pairs offered for sale will have AI calves out of SRJJ Ice Man at side 4047. All the pairs will be loaded and shipped from Miles City, Mt. We will work with buyers in anyway possible to help with delivery and trucks. Sidney Livestock will collect 20% of the purchased price on the pairs and the other 80% will be paid at delivery.
4100 RED ANGUS 1ST CYCLE BRED HEIFERSl9PH3cZZY7g3ARed Angus Bred HeifersAll these heifers were purchased from past bull customers and put into our bred heifer program. The heifers have been ultra sounded by High Plains Vet Clinic and grouped into one heat cycle. The heifers should start calving March 20th for twenty days. They were bred by Sandhill Red Angus calving ease bulls. They are easy fleshing, moderate framed, and of top quality. Selling gate cut of 5 or more.
550 RED ANGUS 2ND CYCLE BRED HEIFERS0KoGhL91Oyk4ARed Angus Bred HeifersAll these heifers were purchased from past bull customers and put into our bred heifer program. The heifers have been ultra sounded by High Plains Vet Clinic and grouped into one heat cycle. The heifers should start calving April 10th to May 1. They are bred by Sandhill Red Angus calving ease bulls. They are easy fleshing, moderate framed, and of top quality. Selling gate cut of 5 or more.
6SRJJ EQUALIZER 7025DRTYGGtuymk1Red Angus BullIf we could make a bull exactly how we feel one should be, it would be Equalizer 7025. 7025 has been a standout since birth and is in a league of his own. With loads of red meat, extra length that he gets from his stand-out dam, and exceptional capacity and rib shape we feel that 7025 is a bull that should not be over looked this spring. This mating is no mistake, it will produce females that will preform and come to the front in any environment. 7025 has one of the best dispositions of any bull we have ever raised.
7SRJJ DOMINOR 7012UiuLOX5JxzE2Red Angus Bull7012 is one powerful individual. With a actual WW of 814 lbs off a first calve heifer, there is a reason he has growth numbers in the top percentiles of the breed. A larger framed bull with extra length and rib shape that stands on a great foot and leg. His sire 5047 is a bull we will be using very heavy in our program.
8SRJJ HARVESTOR 7069gjxf6evDS003Red Angus Bull7069 is one of the growth-est bulls we have ever raised. 7069 is the first Harvestor 103C calve we are selling. This calf shows the reason we sought out the 103C bull so hard. 7069, like his sire, has exceptional length and growth while being very free moving. With a 119 WW index and 115 YW index and 7 epd’s in the top 25% of the breed, 7069 is a calf you will want to take a serious look at.
9SRJJ RUNAWAY 7079qKQ1ma15TvY4Red Angus Bull7079 is designed to be a female maker. His dam Y78 has done a great job for us, always breeding up first cycle and raising a top calf every fall. She comes in every fall in good shape and is one of the best cows to handle on the place. 7079 has a great disposition and has 7 epd’s in the top 26%.
10SRJJ PACESETTER 7157LDkexqm-4hE5Red Angus BullOne of the best Pacesetters we have ever offered. 7157 is as thick and deep as we can make one. He is a soft side bull with herd bull written all over him. His dam is a cow we bought at the NILE from Bullis Creek Ranch in NE. The 123Y cow has done it all for us. 7157 has looked like a herd bull since he was born. There aren’t very many April calves that can be pictured in early January and look as good as 7157.
11SRJJ MILLENNIUM 7056U8KHTo1Hyvw6Red Angus BullA dark cherry red herd bull that goes back to one of our best cow families. The old P65 cow that is 7056’s grand dam was sold this fall at 13 years of age. If you are looking for consistent growth, good females with longevity, and perfect udders than 7056 may be the bull you want.
12SRJJ VISION 7023HH9G_D8GIuk7Red Angus BullOne of the best 3178 calves to sell to date. With extra length and growth and a actual WW of 820, 7023 deserves to be taken serious. We seriously debated about keeping 7023 to replace the old 3178 bull. His dam is one of the few cows that can produce this type of bull in a moderate frame and look awesome doing it. 7023 has an epd profile that is hard to match.
13SRJJ CHIEF 7095ZwYkx1J60bQ8Red Angus Bull7095 is the type of bull that makes taking pictures easy. With his wide base, length of spine, and extra capacity it hard to get a bad photo of him. Another 103C calf, cattlemen are going to appreciate how this sire is stamping his calves. With the breed chasing calving ease so much, it is nice to see a sire that will put some base and bone in cattle.
14SRJJ RUNAWAY 7092G-vo1eefT1g9Red Angus BullOne of the larger framed bulls in the offering. 7092 is a growth machine, with his WW epd in the top 2% and YW in the top 2% and 8 epd’s in the top 35% of the breed. If you sell your calves by the pound and want to up your weaning weights then 7092 is the bull to look at.
15SRJJ HARVESTOR 7103d-8bDSkviO410Red Angus BullMaybe the most stylish bull in the sale. 7103 had that herd bull look at a couple of weeks of age. With his extra length and wide base, 7103 is sure to add lbs at weaning. His daughters should be awesome as well. The 103C bulls has some excellent bulls in this sale but his best contribution so far has been his daughters.
16SRJJ DIRECTION 709459ou4bBuZFE11Red Angus BullOne of the best heifer bulls in the sale going back to a great cow family. 7094 is the type of heifer bull you can use on heifers for a couple of years and then put on the cows and not worry about sacrificing growth and rib shape. HEIFER BULL
17SRJJ HARVESTOR 7093iKTmdg2PIO812Red Angus Bull7093 is a long smooth made type of bull. His grand dam is dam of the lot 4 bull and his dam A87 is really starting to make a name for herself. A heifer bull with a WW ratio of 107 and YW ratio of 108. HEIFER BULL
18SRJJ RUNAWAY 7022XUeiptwVsaI13Red Angus Bull7022 is a heifer bull with all but one epd in the top 50% of the breed. His sire, 3178, is one of the few curve bending bulls that can produce expectable birth-weight with off the charts growth. 3178 does all this in a very moderate frame. HEIFER BULL
19SRJJ PACESETTER 7145o3tllTChGW014Red Angus BullA dark cheery red heifer bull with a tremendous amount of muscle and middle. 7145 is an April calf that has jumped threw all the hoops. His sire is going to leave his mark on the breed producing great females with length, middle, and perfect udders. HEIFER BULL
20SRJJ PRECISION 70521B4oZ7H8_EI15Red Angus BullA sleep all night heifer bull that goes back to the dam of the Ice Man 4047 bull that we have use on over 4000 commercial heifers and in our registered herd with great success. HEIFER BULL
21SRJJ RUNAWAY 70701nJ6MyQ4coE16Red Angus BullAnother heifer bull with exceptional growth that doesn’t sacrifice capacity and bone structure. 7070 also has 8 epd’s in the top 33% of the breed. HEIFER BULL
22SRJJ ICE MAN 7001S9uJsNL0fAs17Red Angus BullHeifer bull Deluxe out of one of the most consistent cow families we have. With 4047 and 21Z in his pedigree you can bet he will produce great females. HEIFER BULL
23SRJJ HARVESTOR 7162ou8cEJsKRTY18Red Angus BullA stylish dark cheery red heifer bull. 7162 is another mid April calf that made his way into the sale. His dam goes back to the J115 cow that stayed in our herd and produced very well up to 16 years old. 7162 is a very well balanced bull that has 8 epd’s in the top 30% of the breed. HEIFER BULL
24SRJJ INVESTMENT 7002ygwk0IuQlc419Red Angus BullAnother sleep all night heifer bull out of 4047. We have used the 4047 bull so heavily in both our registered and commercial programs because his calves come light and still have the growth and bone to be good cattle. HEIFER BULL
25SRJJ PACESETTER 7165Fwv8agyeMp820Red Angus Bull7165 is a very smooth made bull. Another heifer bull that can be used both on heifers and cows. Hopefully next year we will get a few more bull calves out of his sire 491. We had about 75% of 491 calves ending up as heifers this year. HEIFER BULL
26SRJJ MOONSHINE 7014jIN7U65xI-c21Red Angus Bull7014 sire 8081U has done a great job for us. We use him AI on a few select heifers every year and have been very happy. His calves always have lots of length and muscle. HEIFER BULL
27SRJJ ICE MAN 7006rhyidS-7h_U22Red Angus Bull7006 is a sleep all night heifer bull out of a very attractive young cow. All of the Untapped daughters have beautiful udders and keep their condition extremely well.
28SRJJ TURBO 7026_r9hFUXejn823Red Angus BullIt has been a struggle all summer to come up with which calf is better between 7025 and 7026. These two bull are a prime example of why we think so highly of the 21Z bull. There just aren’t many sires out there that stamp there calves the way he does. With extra rib shape, tons of red meat, and a hell of a top. His dam is a top producer, with this being her first bull, we have lots of top notch cows out of her.
29SRJJ UNTAPPED 7028UIHCpXWZS0g24Red Angus BullAnother 21Z calf that is loaded with red meat. A moderate calf out of cow that is working her way up to the top of the herd. It is hard to fault 7028. If you want easy fleshing, big ribbed, very fertile females, look no further than 7028.
30SRJJ HARVESTOR 7151CK1HsOSmrlk25Red Angus BullA young wide based 103C son that is growing up very well. His dam goes back to a cow we bought at the Buffalo Creek dispersal. Cattlemen will notice the growth and power this calf possess.
31SRJJ RAMBO 7096_ADUTYIKWT826Red Angus BullA larger framed 21Z son that goes back to one of our founding cow families. 7096 grand dam is still in our herd and is bred up first cycle and she will be 15 this spring. It amazes me that a bull calf that comes from that type of cow family could have HPG and Stay epd’s like 7096 has??? These numbers are supposed to inform producers but we feel they are not doing there job.
32SRJJ WHITE HAWK 7059x0YILYic4mg27Red Angus BullA bigger framed 7A son that will sire calves that push the scales down.
33SRJJ ROOKIE 7062Q2pMjQJl7q428Red Angus BullA very attractive Untapped calf out of the cow that has been on our cover page. 7062 is a moderately made bull that will hold his condition in any environment. 7062 should sire females with excellent udders and exceptional rib shape. A maternal brother sold in last years sale to Jerry O’Toole.
34SRJJ ROBUST 7111EhOkJnFADIY29Red Angus BullPacesetter 491 is proving to produce sons with growth, soundness, and strong maternal strengths. Pandora Y35 consistantly produces solid calves with growth and vigor.
35SRJJ WHITE HAWK 7144F_IrGI8qbew30Red Angus BullWhite Hawk 7144 is long, thick boned, and travels on a nice square frame. 7144 Dam X34 has bred up frist cycle every year while remaining sound, good utter, and good flesh.
36SRJJ WHITE HAWK 7098ybQC35Gaabw31Red Angus BullWhite Hawk 7098 is a low maitence herd bull. His dam has never missed a calf and keeps her condition every year. These White Hawk sons add structure and thick bone to their offspring.
37SRJJ PALADIN 7047jJoZhrnzR2o32Red Angus BullHerd Bull
38SRJJ PACESETTER 7097VFgridkVTsI33Red Angus BullHerd Bull
40SRJJ PACESETTER 7066kMk4pjOC5o835Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
43SRJJ ICE MAN 7005npSFdALXx2838Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
44SRJJ RUNAWAY 7143VYmOB_benoo39Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
49SRJJ RUNAWAY 70554epz8NR9_Tc44Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
50SRJJ PACESETTER 7102E1ChYk4u0m445Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
53SRJJ HARVESTOR 7088zhO7B5-4viU48Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
54SRJJ RUNAWAY 7123lAGeHPy0gac49Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
55SRJJ COBALT 7003fKq0zZXieoE50Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
56SRJJ HARVESTOR 7108w25fEc9y_ZQ51Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
57SRJJ PALADIN 7104Wd9pJmNd9f852Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
59SRJJ PALADIN 71713E8Lp9y2C2s54Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
60SRJJ PALADIN 7068hHl92S-cio855Red Angus BullHEIFER BULL
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