Sandhill Red Angus

March 7, 2017
Sidney, MT

Sandhill Red Angus Sale Report


52 Bulls: $3,606.00

89 3-year-old cows: $1,784.00

85 Bred Heifers: $1,700.00

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  • Sandhill 2017 Sale

Sandhill 2017 Sale
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1NameVideoLot #SexCommentsPicture
2SRJJ PACESETTER 4173c__JB-1gbbw1BullWe are starting the sale with a great Pacesetter calve. This is 491 first calve crop and wow has he done a good job. 4173 is out of a beautiful young cow that does everything right. 4173 has been a growing machine this year, look at his 121 ww ratio and 118 yw ratio. 4173 is as long as a train with loads of muscle.
3SRJJ PACESETTER 4209lBDVNWKlsmg2BullOur great 2715 cow does it again. She is going to be 15 this spring and right now she looks great and is starting to spring up like she will be one of the first to calve again. 2715 has never missed on a calve no matter how she is bred. This 491 calve may be one of the best female making bulls to sell this year. With loads of muscle and extra depth, this bull will stand out, you have to wonder how 4209 can have a herd-builder raking were like he does when he comes from a cow that is hands down one of the best cows in the breed.
4SRJJ MOONSHINE 4175Uc4BX0Svd_g3BullAn extra long and thick made Moonshine out of a Red Direction daughter. This calve never missed a beat all summer with a 117 ww ratio and 109 yw ratio. He came of the cow at 695 and his damn was a first calve heifer.
5SRJJ RUNAWAY 4215YURxFEu1Dlc4BullOne of the best Runaway calves we have raised. 4215 is just like his sire, long, deep, and extra thick. We debated very heavily on keeping this calve for our own in herd use. His damn is a very correct made young cow that has done a lot right for us. If you are looking for extra lbs at weaning and great females, 4215 is a great choice.
6SRJJ UNTAPPED 4177UDjeqyTIpec5BullHere is 4177, a Untapped son that has looked like a herd bull from the start. Another calve we debated very hard about keeping for our own use. His damn raised our high sell bull in our 2015 sale to Buster Stubber. The 1328 cow is very moderate, with loads and loads of muscle and capacity. This may be the best Untapped to sell to date!
7SRJJ PACESETTER 5191vR42Qmi6QUY6BullA larger framed Pacesetter calve out of our Foundation cow line. The Foundation cow line has done a awesome job for us. With beautiful udders and loads of longevity 5191 is made to produce females.
8SRJJ UNTAPPED 4219u_LLcyXh4lw7Bull4219 is a little different than most Untapped sons in that he carries a little more frame. The thing about 4219 is that he still carries the muscle and depth that Untapped is known for passing on. 4219 is out of a picture perfect cow that has a lot of daughter working in our herd.
9SRJJ PACESETTER 41950l0f9gTp-_k8BullAnother Pacesetter that pushes the scale down. 4195 is just like all the Pacesetters and is extra thick with loads of volume. These 491 calves are also made correct with good feet and legs.
10SRJJ RUNAWAY 4217YDlrBF0arO09BullA Runaway out of one of out most productive old cows. T7148 has done a great job for us having the lot 5 bull in last years sale that sold to Jason Beck from ID. 4217 has a great set of numbers with 14 epds in the top 37% of the breed. That is a stat line that is hard to beat. The thing that is best about his stats is that he went out and performed well in the real world with great growth ratios.
11SRJJ PACESETTER 5162gbpiXOYSwUA10Bull5162 is more than likely the most powerful calve in the sale. With a ton of muscle and depth built into his larger frame 5162 calves will push the scales down. His damn is starting to make a name for herself here. She raised the high selling bull in last years sale selling to Jason Beck.
12SRJJ PACESETTER 4163OdxePuIWnos11BullHere is a Heifer bull that will still put some lbs on the ground. A very nicely made calf out of a very nice young cow. 4163 should sire calves that come easy and grow along with females that can stay in your herd. HEIFER BULL
13SRJJ PACESETTER 4197kkpcvGD7XWw12BullOne of my favorite Pacesetter calves in the sale. 4197 is extra thick while still be very attractive. His young damn stems from the Genex bull Matrix that did a very good job for us. HEIFER BULL
14SRJJ RUNAWAY 51631Gpjv1MixPs13BullRunaway 5163 is a stylish bull that is made right. He has the maternal backup to produce Red Angus females that will last a lifetime. Add this stylish bull to your spring lineup to put pounds on at weaning time and fancy females in the long run!
15SRJJ UNTAPPED 4212T-uus9Hch-I14Bull4212 the prime example of why we like our Untapped sire so much. With extra muscle expression and loads of depth this calve could have been right at the start of the sale. 4212 is one of the more moderate bulls in the sale. HEIFER BULL
16SRJJ PACESETTER 4165RaL51tBThvM15BullAn attractive heifer bull that goes back to a cow we bought at the NILE . With 7 epds in the top 30% of the breed and great ratios this calve will do great things. HEIFER BULL
17SRJJ RUNAWAY 5149oCAP8aHsZSg16BullA Runaway son sure to ad power to your herd. Being in the top 1% of the breed with WW, YW, & CW Runaway 5149 has the growth, structure, and disposition to ad value to any herd.
18SRJJ RUNAWAY 5152VCAJk6cIn1w17BullA unique blend of Runaway & Red Direction, 5152 will be a cow making machine. Calving ease along with loads and loads of muscle.
19SRJJ RUNAWAY 5143ccNhIWQCrNM18BullHe goes back to Red Brand X05 which is a bull we raised. Red Brand comes from our strongest maternal lines here at Sandhill Red Angus. 5143 is packed full of herd building qualities.
20SRJJ RUNAWAY 5151L7ERpv3BJM019BullRunaway 5151 will add pounds at weaning time and longevity when the time comes to sorting his daughters. Maternal strengths will make this bull an easy choice when we see you on March 7th!
21SRJJ RUNAWAY 5142FcMxjH6S5fc20BullAnother Runaway son sure to add pounds, maternal strengths, and quiet dispositions to your herd. 5142's Damn A23 is one of our quietest cows, we appreciate her mothering ability and easy going nature.
22SRJJ RUNAWAY 51567aRfrdrRdvQ21BullHere is one of Joslynn's favorites. She will miss 5156 following her around and eating out of her bucket. 5156 has one of the best dispositions in the sale.
24SRJJ PACESETTER 5201IpXioE7Csrg23BullOne of the best Pacesetters in the sale 5201 is a very attractive herd bull. 5201 is has had that herd bull look since branding time, with loads of muscle and capacity. We cannot say enough of what Pacesetter has done with his first calve crop. All of his calves have excelled on feed and show a tremendous amount of muscle. He proving to be the must use sire we thought he would be.
25SRJJ PACESETTER 4174BABcU5mFTSc24BullOne of the larger framed Pacesetters in the sale, 4174 has a lot of punch behind him. He is a twin and don't believe that he should be used on heifers. His damn came from the Buffalo Creek dispersion and has done a great job for us.
26SRJJ UNTAPPED 5197AFBHioESQZs25BullA very complete bulll that goes back to the old J115 that was 17 when we finally sold her. His damn has done a great job thus far for us and looks good in her everyday working clothes. 5197 has been one of the top calves all summer and has done great on feed.
27SRJJ RUNAWAY 4223qwI9taV6LO426Bull4223 damn has been the picture cow on the last two catalogs. She is a very attractive cow with a picture perfect udder. 4223 has an extra big hip and loads of capacity. If you are looking for a bull that puts lbs on the ground but also want to keep every female 4223 is the bull your looking for.
28SRJJ UNTAPPED 4207ymiio9TWmKk27BullA heavy muscled Untapped son out of a very moderate high producing young cow. 4207 has had that eye appeal that it seems all the 21Z calves have.
29SRJJ UNTAPPED 41986iMGIvJjgj028BullA very stylish calve that has looked like a herd bull since he was 3 weeks old. With lots of bone and extra muscle you want to be sure and take a look at this calve.
30SRJJ PALADIN 4188b62s9Fyn3ng29BullOne of the better heifer bulls in the sale. He started out small but has really came on strong. His damn is one our most attractive young cows. HEIFER BULL
31SRJJ UNTAPPED 4211QECVhbtcb4g30BullAnother heifer bull that will still add lbs at weaning. 4211 is bull; that really walks out nice and is very clean fronted. HEIFER BULL
32SRJJ PACESETTER 4172kQkEYi0ITfE31BullA very gentle Pacesetter calve that just looks like a bull. With his disposition, extra muscle and depth, this heifer bull is one that deserves to be looked at. HEIFER BULL
33SRJJ ROYAL 51881DWohu0fkoQ32Bull5188 is a lot like his sire, with extra lenght and plenty of muscle. We kept his sire for our own use a couple of years back and have really been happy with his calves.
34SRJJ PACESETTER 5181o8uYbtb8nnE33BullA stylish bull with muscle and length. 5181 is a very attractive heifer bull that has a great disposition. HEIFER BULL
35SRJJ PACESETTER 5225d-th_tpF4KI34Bull5225 the youngest calf in the sale. He has done a great job of catching up and has as much muscle and depth as any bull in the sale. It is neat to see how some of the sires in the sale can really stamp their progeny. Pacesetter calves all have tons of rib shape. HEIFER BULL
36SRJJ UNTAPPED 5202QuJNPq9g4-E35Bull
37SRJJ PACESETTER 4155gdODnypMU9036BullA very heavy muscled heifer bull. 4155 should work fine on bigger heifer or younger cows. HEIFER BULL
38SRJJ RUNAWAY 5209GS0hqU7dlEU37BullHeifer bull out of a cow thats hasn't missed yet. A heavy top heifer bull that is very moderate. HEIFER BULL
39SRJJ PALADIN 4178Um9nqgp_PHU38BullOne of the best Paladin calves to sell in the sale. A very moderate heifer bull with extra muscle and depth. 4178 is very attractive bull with plenty of length. HEIFER BULL
424210fWgdBr0nSlw41BullSelling as commercial.
44SRJJ PACESETTER 5182ljTMy24dTnM43Bull
46SRJJ PALADIN 4213YHD8o-D8SU445Bull
47SRJJ RUNAWAY 5183zhelIL3KCG846Bull
50SRJJ RUNAWAY D216_lfdnor2FAU49BullA very young Runaway calve that has a great set of numbers. D216 is long and smooth with a great disposition. His powerful damn is one to watch for.
51SRJJ UNTAPPED 5178Ji0kxTRweW450BullOne of the better numbered Untapped sons you will find. 5178 also had one of the best temperaments in the sale.
52SRJJ ROYAL 5185DpkJeOZylRo51BullA very stylish Untapped son that has a plenty of cow power behind him. With Royal and X05 in his pedigree 5185 will sire heifer that will make the replacement pen. HEIFER BULL
53SRJJ PALADIN 5196RQgajhjwpx452BullA true calving ease bull with some added length. All the Paladin calves should calve with ease. 4001 is a calving ease sire that shows extra muscle and dimension. HEIFER BULL
54SRJJ PACESETTER 5190m6vG6FWXRFk53BullHeifer bull deluxe with some added depth. These Pacesetter calve have really range the bell. HEIFER BULL
55SRJJ PALADIN 5180e7vgWPTY01Y54BullA true heifer bull out of a very good cow family. B11 goes back to one of the best cow families we have here at Sandhill Red Angus. Paladin 4001 has turned out to be one of the easiest calving ease bulls we have had here at Sandhill Red Angus. HEIFER BULL
56Commerical Females0cZkUFTtWiY1A3 - YO CowsHere is a rare chance to buy a set of cows with all the work done. These young cows come right off the top of our replacement program. All of the cows for sale here raised a calve last year. These young cows are all bred by Sandhill Red Angus bulls, including SRJJ Royal and other herd bulls we have used in the past. We really believe these cows will raise a great set of calves for you this year and many more.
57Commerical Females2ABred HeifersAll these heifers were purchased from past bull customers and put into our bred heifer program. These heifers have been ultra sounded by High Plains Vet Clinic and grouped into one heat cycle. The heifers should start calving March 20th for twenty-five days. They were bred by Sandhill Red Angus calving ease bulls. They are easy fleshing, moderate framed, and of top quality. Selling gate cut of 5 or more.
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