Redland Red Angus / Gelbvieh

March 4th, 2017
Hysham, MT

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  • 2017 Sale

2017 Sale
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1NameVideoLot #SexCommentsPicture
2RED REDEMPTION 602FAu4TZrI0Q81Red Angus Bulls
3RED REDEMPTION 606yLmjx8GZbR82Red Angus Bulls
4RED ENDURANCE 608#NAME?3Red Angus Bulls
5RED PEACEMAKER 609dwFCapUAtmo4Red Angus Bulls
6RED REMMINGTON 610FIAd6R2YItY5Red Angus Bulls
7RED VICTORY 612p92Auvrwz406Red Angus BullsBull is a twin.
8RED TRILOGY 613sg7wG5PWTgA7Red Angus Bulls
9RED FUSION 616ch2TG1897DM8Red Angus Bulls
10RED FUSION 623WSjUQpRA2Es9Red Angus Bulls
11RED ED 624tXXdeNvUC8s10Red Angus Bulls
12RED REDEMPTION 697mhdFgB6GKwc11Red Angus BullsBull is a twin.
13RED BIG IRON 6331PjVPzhdfCQ12Red Angus Bulls
14RED MARLIN 634mVd6B-NnQHY13Red Angus Bulls
15RED ENDURANCE 636dzahdciAM9014Red Angus Bulls
16RED MAKIN HAY 639BXo7TauXzG415Red Angus Bulls
17RED PEACEMAKER 640ZZ_P1bE4aSA16Red Angus Bulls
18RED ED 6470T8pWqUYRBs17Red Angus Bulls
19RED TRILOGY 649P7WfHDu585c18Red Angus Bulls
20RED JUSTICE 650B-QBjJU-N1E19Red Angus BullsBull is a twin.
21RED FUSION 652NFcMLr1SBDg20Red Angus Bulls
22RED BIG IRON 655XwH2aiwPNm421Red Angus Bulls
23RED ENDURANCE 657cmD801ZdYQg22Red Angus BullsBlack, Category 1B Bull.
24RED STETSON 660A9nq9eyPsmg23Red Angus Bulls
25RED FUSION 661wXn134g7R4M24Red Angus Bulls
26RED FUSION 66225Red Angus Bulls
27RED TRILOGY 675mkF6XXIemPY26Red Angus Bulls
28RED STATEMENT 686B2-QHqyJiWM27Red Angus Bulls
29RED STETSON 689N8xauj3Wl9428Red Angus Bulls
30RED REDEMPTION 697UlNoZg47jdo29Red Angus Bulls
31RED ENDURANCE 6001kTSu-Z2_TWQ30Red Angus Bulls
32RED COMMITMENTqGM1DeynrEQ31Red Angus Bulls
33RED STATEMENT 6004IIZ1vjXjVJw32Red Angus Bulls
34RED HAY MAKER 6008M2VLqV7D0u033Red Angus Bulls
35RED NICE & EASY 6010GSvziZJqh8s34Red Angus Bulls
36RED BLAST OFF 6011h_-ah4TbnUI35Red Angus Bulls
37RED STETSON 6012gUk904ZEdhQ36Red Angus Bulls
38RED VICTORY 6014LshGjwt4OBU37Red Angus Bulls
39RED DYNAMICS 6019IKzrQF1uM2Q38Red Angus Bulls
40RED VICTORY 6020gSOYJcKnzGM39Red Angus Bulls
41RED COMMITMENT 6022GN9yuCx5p4M40Red Angus Bulls
42RED REDEMPTION 6025mB-Rj-MD78c41Red Angus Bulls
43RED BIG IRON 6028XFLDl513fdQ42Red Angus Bulls
44RED ED 6029tJZjJ7_M5Cg43Red Angus Bulls
45RED HOLDER 6041Q3dBvciqIrg44Red Angus Bulls
46RED ENDURANCE 6042WHgJ_nfMVOM45Red Angus Bulls
47RED CHARLIE 6046cVLA94Mzzjw46Red Angus Bulls
48RED BASES LOADED 6048_F4dQss8C0Q47Red Angus Bulls
49RED REDEMPTIONxdlAJwOqksg48Red Angus Bulls
50RED ENDURANCE 6051Lh-SMYynWaA49Red Angus Bulls
51RED COMMITMENT 6056PMfw97jv5mA50Red Angus Bulls
52RED ENDURANCE 6057_qHY9w45CVA51Red Angus Bulls
53RED TRILOGY 6058r5upiL0GfIE52Red Angus Bulls
54RED PEACEMAKER 605u2ucDqWUAOY53Red Angus Bulls
55EATON`S RED REGULATOR 1619SqFcS8IKDwQ54Red Angus Bulls
56RED HAY MAKER 6064rFvSqmsBiJs55Red Angus Bulls
57RED HAY MAKER 6066U875cFQvKUA56Red Angus Bulls
58RED MARK 6070zK4Hp9m0iF057Red Angus Bulls
59RED MARK 60711LLKad9u1U458Red Angus Bulls
60RED JUSTICE 6078LXMwJFH3AIM59Red Angus Bulls
61RED JUSTICE 6087zSuC0SCq9DE60Red Angus Bulls
62RED TRILOGY 6089sSjj8I5ipf061Red Angus Bulls
63RED JUSTICE 6092sJ_FhfgoAUw62Red Angus Bulls
64RED TRADESMAN 6100FEYtXnkun1I63Red Angus Bulls
65RED LINED 61023ZTsag79kms64Red Angus Bulls
66RED HAY MAKER 6110vEfdP3A0u8Y65Red Angus Bulls
67RED MARK 6122gNWsMlog1JE66Red Angus Bulls
68RED CHARLIE 612315agbnILEBA67Red Angus Bulls
69RED TAMARA 6134Pz8gh27-vy068Red Angus Bulls
70RED CHARLIE 6135o-AfeaHk7n869Red Angus Bulls
71RED HOLDEN 6140SAen6V2HzMM70Red Angus Bulls
72RED TAMARA 6146b70wpsaveic71Red Angus Bulls
73RED HAY MAKER 6148hRmOihdtVwE72Red Angus Bulls
74RED TAMARA 6155M_oFhSeHchQ73Red Angus Bulls
75RED TRADESMAN 6166c1x9vCLdmLA74Red Angus Bulls
76RED ROLLIN DEEP 6167prcH7caE9N875Red Angus Bulls
77RED TRADER 6173_LQa_3gzXvM76Red Angus Bulls
78RED ALLIANCE 61773ROmrH9j4lc77Red Angus BullsUPDATE: Sire is K2 Blazin Alliance 725 1013. EPD's are HB 88, GM 51, CED 5, BW -0.9, WW 73, YW 112, Milk 18, Marb .53, REA .2, BFAT -0.0. 205 WT 721. Sire available sale day. Bull is a twin.
79RED HAY MAKER 6185RBgfzii4Ac078Red Angus Bulls
80RED RED TRILOGY 6191P0fu2vjtM79Gelbvieh/Balancer Bulls50% Gelbvieh 50% Red Angus
81RED RED REDEMPTION 66pb6BspM1oDk80Gelbvieh/Balancer BullsUPDATE: Lot 80 Sire is AAR Ten Gauge 1501 EPD's CED 18 BW -3.4, WW 60, YW 103, Milk 26, Marb .5, REA .3. 25% Gelbvieh, 62% Angus, 13% Red Angus. Bull is Black 25% Gelbvieh 62% Red Angus 13% Angus
82RED RED REDEMPTION 67oQval1Y_XVo81Gelbvieh/Balancer Bulls25% Gelbvieh 75% Red Angus
83RED RED HAY MAKER 604a7N9GJaboME82Gelbvieh/Balancer BullsBull is Black. 25% Gelbvieh 50% Red Angus 25% Angus
84RED BACKTRACK 6105_gKqPjPxigg83Gelbvieh/Balancer Bulls50% Gelbvieh 50% Red Angus.
85RED BACKTRACK 6153A1ciIfebXSI84Gelbvieh/Balancer Bulls50% Gelbvieh 50% Red Angus. Bull is a twin.
86RED BACKTRACK 61654vvdh04QhGI85Gelbvieh/Balancer Bulls50% Gelbvieh 50% Red Angus.
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