Redland Red Angus / Gelbvieh

March 3, 2018
Hysham, MT

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1NameVideoLot #Reg #Breed Picture
2RED REDEMPTION 700BNpv-EdXSbk13826693Red Angus
3RED REDEMPTION 7076fg89MVMPqA23826697Red Angus
4RED MARK 708AQnmV-GFMO433827855Red Angus
5RED IRON 709RkuYqZpCINo43827857Red Angus
6RED KEYSTONE 712S-r1SI5IKAY53827861Red Angus
7RED BIG IRON 713D-Vk84pgqLE63826699Red Angus
8RED ENDURANCE 715AcrP12RhsdE73833211Red Angus
9RED BIG IRON 716731_fk-HCV883826701Red Angus
10RED ENDURANCE 720RGhzqkLl6OY93826757Red Angus
11RED BIG IRON 721cRHIWwq3gwg103826703Red Angus
12RED ENDURANCE 722Ecdj6RTz48I113826705Red Angus
13RED REDEMPTION 7231zHXAjwtCvs123826707Red Angus
14RED EDWARD 724u_hvW9rs8KE133826709Red Angus
15RED SYNERGY 725shAo66Q1ROQ143827865Red Angus
16RED REDEMP 726w7UQp_QvlRg153826711Red Angus
17RED NEXUS 728PDHyckOzyfU163826713Red Angus
18RED STETSON 732Butjv5NfQjo173826715Red Angus
19RED KEYSTONE 734iP5ZyUShbp4183826717Red Angus
20RED DIRECTOR 735bos4ki1AHyQ193826719Red Angus
21RED RIGHT ON 736sbnNHKcs5wE203827871Red Angus
22RED STATE 7393CmMpFKGmYc213826721Red Angus
23RED SYNERGY 7418ouyqeZsfcc223826723Red Angus
24RED FRITZ 742udysLnzfboo233827875Red Angus
25RED NEXUS 743W3pExHfiY6U243733701Red Angus
26RED KEYSTONE 745SDsK0xDwQKs253827877Red Angus
27RED ENDURE 747EBy1K1caOuk263826725Red Angus
28RED NEXT 750uhlX84HXXkc273827571Red Angus
29RED ENDURE 751d10omRpFDo0283827573Red Angus
30RED STETSON 754sWXdnMpvYPQ293826727Red Angus
31RED NICE GUY 757LFdgPHAI0kg303827581Red Angus
32RED REDEMPTION 7624VTmCXuQVsI313826729Red Angus
33RED REDEM 765BDlQeF68OWw323826731Red Angus
34RED FUSION 769ajv6v3D-HRc333826735Red Angus
35RED TRIL 770pQD8OPPr6-k343827585Red Angus
36RED STATEMENT 772jbs9RDxiXg8353826737Red Angus
37RED MAKIN HAY 7754sB0RhSeD9s363827887Red Angus
38RED NEXUS 778yNtFxqtTtks373826741Red Angus
39RED KEYSTONE 789jJYbnp5HptM383827595Red Angus
40RED NICE FELLOW 791UCjYAYWyH74393827599Red Angus
41RED EVE 7004anTqczaSKco403827899Red Angus
42RED EXPRESS 7007LTvnoENVpwI413826743Red Angus
43RED BIG IRON 7021bAApJa-rsY0423826745Red Angus
44RED LINED 7027A5GDTUYwnUM433836049Red Angus
45RED ED 70303G4fkv38CBo443826749Red Angus
46RED MARK 7031sdtM8zcQKjw453826751Red Angus
47RED LINED 7035q4Divwgs4CA463826753Red Angus
48RED PREDICTABLE 7037BtstTfAUQKs473827909Red Angus
49RED EPIC 7038tgPMV_MiVrs483826755Red Angus
50RED REDEMPTION 7042V7OWp8tmWEU493827629Red Angus
51RED NICE GUY 7044G6BcSy5nzZQ503827631Red Angus
52RED ED 7045-RTnbBudLUA513827633Red Angus
53RED MAKIN HAY 7053XOUNFPfOW64523827915Red Angus
54RED STATE 7059vLdreDlckEY533827639Red Angus
55RED PREDICTABLE 7061Pcp82PyTUtk543833277Red Angus
56RED ENDURE 7064Had3e8cbSds553826689Red Angus
57RED HAY MAKER 7068_Fmx-YMpalU563836039Red Angus
58RED INNOVATION 7072kK0u0j6CkHA573826685Red Angus
59EATON`S RED REDEMPTION 1721DtDScdSsgrc583768349Red Angus
60RED LINED 7078gYZhGrRQLU8593826681Red Angus
61RED EXPRESS 7080LC4neGSFAUA603826679Red Angus
62RED TRADESMAN 7085LH4mClxO8oc613826677Red Angus
63RED JIG 7086cdKeYvHSz3E623826675Red Angus
64RED LYDIA 7108tyzVtisw5k4633833325Red Angus
65RED INNOVATION 7116hQXRNEDnZk0643827923Red Angus
66RED EXPRESS 7119d_ig1QNDUj0653827925Red Angus
67EATON`S RED DETOUR 1733mLh8Gv0Y_dE663768357Red Angus
68RED TRADER 7136m6UN8jy-dxI673827651Red Angus
69RED LINED 7149x7V4yIsNlhk683827659Red Angus
70RED TRADER 7161GWDCW7VNut0693827671Red Angus
71RED TRADESMAN 7163Ashxw2r9sKE703827695Red Angus
72RED TRADER 7167FJB6SF8ETOI713827679Red Angus
73RED BREAK THRU 7168icKFu9XXads723827931Red Angus
74RED PREDICT 7171kawRTzu_LEY733827685Red Angus
75RED TRADER 7183ImyJMXZTW4g743827727Red Angus
76RED EXPRESS 7187AekFyZJ8tHU753827735Red Angus
77RED TRADER 7200MLTjQCyBL08763827933Red Angus
78RED BREAK THRU 72039Z5ACWZpQis773827759Red Angus
79RED TRADESMAN 7208UNUEm5nHlB0783827769Red Angus
80RED MARK 766-CHIQ0wDFg8793826733Red Angus
81RED TEN GAUGE 74lfzm1va6Sik801407772Gelbvieh/Balancer
82RED ENDURANCE 75JIsdmnwawVs811407773Gelbvieh/Balancer
83RED HAY MAKER 79lx9aSw9XTew82Gelbvieh/Balancer
84RED LINED 705zpYHKegNDqA83Gelbvieh/Balancer
85RED DRIVE 707eQLoEekVpg084Gelbvieh/Balancer
86RED TRADESMAN 708rU9aopYQKH485Gelbvieh/Balancer
87RED TRADESMAN 713MqtXBGghAkQ86Gelbvieh/Balancer
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