Oct 15 - 22, 2016
Metra Park, Billings MT

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1Ranch VideoLot #Stock InfoDescriptionImage
2Koenig Ranch Reds1KRP NICE WA-TINA 6460This years donation heifer comes from Francis and Arley Koenig of the Koenig Ranch. I always look forward to our trip to Winnett on our selection tour to see the “Koenig Boys”. It is about as western as it gets in their backyard and you could literally film a movie there based in the 1800’s. This heifer is a direct result of their AI program and stacks the Nice and Easy bull from the RA Brown Ranch with the Red Get Along Wander bull from Canada. With 7 EPD traits listed in the top 20% of the breed, I would say that the combination worked! Thanks Arley and Francis for letting me pick this years donation female out of the top of your herd!
3Koenig Ranch Reds2KRP MILL’S MELODY 6162I really liked this heifer a lot for her style, form, substance and performance while we were doing the selection tour through the Koenigs multiple pastures. Keep in mind that she is an April born heifer calf and she was a stand out in not only her own age group but in the herd as a whole. Her sire is a Make Mimi 7249 son who is leaving his legacy at the Koenig ranch through a phenominal set of daughters. Her dam is one of the herd matrons in the Koenig program that they have selected over time to produce cattle that will consistantly perform under their semi arid conditions. While I’m sure that it does rain there from time to time, I have never seen it. This is a maternal master piece that will blow the doors off of the new owners program.
43C Cattle33C HANNA 1621A very correct, deep bodied, thick balanced, N Bar Hamley S913 daughter with an excellent disposition, definitely a junior heifer show prospect. The dam of Hanna 1621 is a very dark cherry red female who had excellent feet, is angular in her design, very feminine and clean fronted. She also offers a weaning ratio of 3 at 105 and yearling ratio of 2 at 104. This truly a pick out of the top of our herd! A paternal sister was a many time 2 year old cow/calf champion in Montana for TJ Brown of Stevensville. She was purchased out of the Sutherlin Farms Production Sale. Expect this Hamley daughter to stay moderate but not small, be soft in her body cavity and have the style and look to be competitive anywhere. She will be a real asset to your herd!
5Angelo Cattle Company4ANGELO VERDALE 6056This stylish heifer calf is long and deep with a cherry red hair coat. She comes from a very strong maternal cow family. Her Dam Verdale 0062 is a granddaughter of the famed Glacier Chateau 744 and she also is a granddaughter of Grand Canyon I244G. This broody cow had a wean ratio of 110 as a calf and she now has an MPPA of 103.6 with an average wean ratio of 104, an average yearling ratio of 108 on four calves. 6056’s sire is a direct son of Milk Creek Redstone, who is a great producer of females. This sweet heifer calf has already begun to follow in her mother’s footsteps who was also a top heifer calf in our herd. This package will be hard to pass up with the solid pedigree and strong maternal traits.
6Angelo Cattle Company5ANGELO KIMA 5066This long, thick bred heifer is “one of a kind”. She is an embryo transfer success story: She is the only heifer calf out of her flush mates. Kima 5066 goes back to the famed Kima cow family. Her Dam 0010 is a Glacier Logan 210 daughter with an MPPA of103.7 in our herd on twelve calves. Kima 0010 was the type of cow that stays in your herd for years and you keep her daughters! We are letting this daughter go for this sale. She is a great representative of the hard work we have done in our breeding program. 5066 is sired by the great heifer bull Red Brylor Toast 30T. Toast 30T is a son of Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P. We have used Toast 30T for several years and have kept many daughters. He has proven to be a solid low birth bull in our herd and his daughters have shown to be great mothers and long, thick deep bodied cows. Kima 5066 is Al bred to Ridge Julian 5005-0099 - a Mushrush LT Julian LGS005 out of a 5L Norseman King 2291 cow. We purchased semen on this bull from Heart River Genetics and his first set of calves are on the ground this year - they are long, thick and were easy to calve. Kima 5066 is checked safe to her Al date and will calve 2/15/17.
7Bullis Creek Ranch6BCRR NEW LIGHT 648DCheck out this dark red fancy brood cow prospect. She is deep bodied and soggy in her make up with correct structure and very balanced in her type and kind. You can’t miss her in the pasture and you can’t miss her cow families production history. Coming from our Fire Dance cow family, her great grand dam was a NILE sale graduate in 1996 from Larsen’s. Her grand dam was the high selling lot in the 1st ABS sale held during the National Western Stock Show in Denver in 1999 for $8500. Her dam, an own daughter of Lancer F442 has been a solid producer with a wean ratio of 105 and MPPA of 103. New Light is sired by Andras New Look, a sire who goes back to the Black Angus sire Mytty In Focus. New Look is a paternal brother to AI sires New Direction at Genex and Fusion at ABS. He was our pick of the Andras’s spring 2012 bull crop. He is siring thick meaty sons and deep easy keeping daughter that are good uddered and appear to be maternally above average. Don’t miss this gal, she would be a top addition to any herd and at the end of her lifetime she will have been “worth the chips”
8Bullis Creek Ranch7BCRR COUNTESS 563CNeed a really nice bred heifer that is long bodied, deep ribbed and pretty darned easy on the eye? Looking for a new cow family that is time proven that originated in a Red Angus foundation herd? Want a bred heifer that has strong EPD’s along with above average in herd production ratio’s? Would you like all this in one package? Then mark this gal in your sale catalogue and look her up sale day! Countess 563C is in the top 10% of the breed for the Grid Master indices and she is in the top 4% of the breed for Marbling, Top 7% for Rib eye and top 33% for carcass weight. She is in the top 36% of the breed or lower in 8 different traits. The Countess cow family originated at Boot Jack ranches and represents a solid cow family that is time proven. Countess is also carrying a coupon due next spring to AI sire C Bar Eldorado. A young prospect that has produced great satisfaction with his progency where ever he has been used. Get this gal on your radar and add her to your herd she will provide great ROI for her new owner. AI to C Bar Eldorado on 5/29/2016.
9C-T Red Angus8C-T HONEST GIRL 5037Take a look at this Dolly! She is one of the nicest Redemption daughters that I have ran acrossed in my travels. Big rib shape and hipped with a nice front end that you will fall in love with. Ott’s Red Angus bought a full brother in 2015 as one of C-T’s top bulls. She posts a great set of EPD’s, ranking in the top 2% for Herdbuilder and Stay with a 110 WR, 104 YR and her dam supports a MPPA of104.0. 5037 just does about everything right and looks the part doing it!.
10C-T Red Angus9Selling 1 Package of 3 Embryos 3 EmbryosBlockana 2023 is fast becoming one of our top donor cows, producing a top herd bull C-T Red Quest 4010 to Overmiller Red Angus and Ravishing Reds. She is the right kind of Conquest daughter with a feminine front end and lots of capacity, all with great feet and leg set. MPPA 101.7 One of a Kind 510 is an upcoming young herd sire from Pieper Red Angus. Co-owned with Feddes, Klompien and Rocking Bar H Red Angus. He has tremendous power and fluent movement all with a great disposition.
11Christensen Red Angus10CRA CANDY 2DThis heifer was a hard one to talk Seth into letting go, but his loss will definitely be your gain. This young lady comes out of one of Seth’s foundation cows who has provided him with some very nice replacements. Seth had foreseen the potential of this mating of RCRA Jigsaw 9X and Candy Girl and he was not disappointed when Candy was born. She offers such a range of possibility. Candy will be one of those great cows that you can match with any bull and come away with something that will not disappoint. Take a hard look at adding this heifer to your herd.
12Christensen Red Angus11CRA TITLEIST`S SCARLETTThis heifer would be great addition to anyone’s herd. To have the opportunity to get some of the great Milk Creek Sheba 079 genetics added to your herd is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on. With a pedigree that is laced with greats like MLK CRK Titleist 4158, RCRA Ponderosa 849 and LJC Mission Statement P27, this little girl is a win/win. Scarlett is the type of cow that will produce great progeny with depth, beautiful udders, and carcass that won’t quit.
13Christensen Red Angus12CRA RUBY 208DRuby is a very versatile heifer. She offers a low birth weight and the capability of adding a lot of depth and carcass to her offspring. Ruby’s dam has been a great cow for us. We have kept several daughters and sold numerous bulls from Red Ruby 208R. With these sires in Ruby’s pedigree, Six Mile Timberlake 180T, Bieber Top Money 7948, and Leachman Red Spread 1271F, how can you lose with this great little heifer. Don’t let this one get away.
14Double Tree Red Angus13DBL TREE HVN’S LASS 1614The sire LSF Saga 1040Y has produced numerous sale toppers througout the country in the last few years. He is a son of Beckton Epic R397K out of a Feddes Big Sky R9 dam. We purchased the grand-dam, Glacier Hvn’s Lass 085, in the Buffalo Creek dispersion sale in 2010. She is a full E.T. sister to Glacier Marias 548 and was bred to the Right Kind U199 bull when we bought her. The dam, DBL Tree Hvn’s Lass 1134 has had 4 calves; all AI, All 1st breeding, all born in January. She is in top 16% HB, top 17% GM, top 12% CED, top 11% BW , top 2% HPG, top 1% CEM. Since our birthweights have always ran higher than normal, weh ave ordered a 50K DNA on this heifer. This heifer is going to make a super cow for her new owners.
15Feddes Red Angus14FEDDES SLEEK 806-C10C10 is one of 4 flush sisters out of Feddes Sleek 806 who is the dam of our ABS bull Feddes Oscar X28. We are selling the choice of the 4, but only C10 (Stuart’s pick) is coming to the NILE! This is as good as any female at her age that we have ever offrered. We would not consider selling her if we didn’t have 3 full sisters in our replacements. This is a very exciting mating as Silver Bow is making quite a name for himself with the first calf crop! Take your “Pick of the flush” and we’ll gladly retain the rest of the sisters in our herd.
16Fischer Red Angus15FISCHER MAHOGANY 656WHOA!!! This female is from a first calf heifer that out did herself in the “wish I could keep her” department, but here she is. If you need to add maternal greatness to your herd, then look no farther as we have the great Roxie cowline from Gill Red Angus on the top side and then we add the Mahogany line from the OHRR Red Angus herds. Both of these matrons have outdone themselves in the “earnings” department. It just doesn’t stop there, now look at the sire’s in this pedigree with Indeed 104H, who makes some super females and then there is Mulberry 26P who needs no introduction. This heifer calf is deep and wide and will make someone a tremendous cow. The Fischer’s have a special interest in this gal and to get her was a bit of a challenge. The Mahogany cowline started with the Fischer’s, as Esther’s Dad raised the Mahogany 508 cow who sold to OHR in the 1995 MT Select Red Angus Female Sale in Columbus, MT. Grab this one, before they change their mind!!
17Flat Iron Red Angus16FLATIRON PRINCESS 642Here is a heifer with “the look” as well as the numbers. Her dam has been moved into our donor program and will go on to make amazing calves just like this one down the road. 642 numbers up very well, ranking in the top 9% Herdbuilder, 7% Gridmaster, 2% REA, 9% MARB, 16% WW, 21% YW and 22% BW. Don’t let this great opportunity slip through your fingers.
18Flat Iron Red Angus17FLATIRON DIPPITY DO 630This is a stylish, long bodied, and deep cherry red female that is free moving. She has a stacked pedigree that is known to make excellent cows. She is sired by Fritz Justice who is well known for his ability to pass on growth and maternal traits as well as calving ease to his progeny. Her dam is a Epic 397K daughter from the Dippity Do cow family. With 8 traits ranking in the top 25% of the breed and ranking in the top 1% for both WW and YW and 12% for MILK the work is all done here.
19Green Mountain Red Angus18GMRA LENA 666GMRA Lena 666 has the foundation to make an outstanding replacement in anyone’s herd. This super feminine Trilogy daughter has taken a 64# birthweight all the way to an impressive weaning ratio. Her dam boasts an MPPA of 104.1 and has a long record of solid production at GMRA. Look for this calf to follow in her momma’s footsteps, with plenty of length combined with depth and capacity. Lena 666 comes to you with an EPD profile that places 9 of her EPD’s in the top 1/3rd of the breed or higher.
20Green Mountain Red Angus19GMRA MESA MAID 504One glance at this impressive bred heifer and you know she is all about performance. She has the look we have come to associate with the Trilogy daughters – great depth and capacity with tons of length and a great muscle pattern. She started with a nice low 73# birthweight and turned in the #1 WR and the #3 YR in the 2015 class. She comes from a long line of performance minded females. The 3 immediate generations show MPPA’s all over 101, with her dam posting an impressive 110.4. Now take a look at the calf on board. She is ultra-sounded safe to the new Genex sire co-owned with GMRA, HXC Declaration 5504C, with a bull calf due 1/14/17. The projected calf EPD’s are impressive and place GM, WW, YW, Marb, CW and REA all in the top 2% of the breed. You might just be purchasing a new herd sire along with this fantastic female!
21Jansma Red Angus20MJA OPHELIAIf you are looking to put some growth and maternal into your cowherd make sure to look this heifer up on sale day. Her sire comes from the Laubach herd and is a packer son out of a Green Mountain bred cow. her dam is a Ranch King daughter that is also heavily influenced by the Green Mountain program. Ophelia will make a cow that goes out and gets the job done year after year without a lot of extra input. She is a cowmans kind of heifer to be sure!
22Klompien Red Angus / C-T Red Angus21Selling 1 Package of 3 EmbryosExpect great things from this mating!!! The well-known, highly-proven Redemption mated to GMRA Angie Rose 944 (MPPA:116.3). This powerful mama cow is rocking the breed; posting progeny weaning ratios of 119 and yearling ratios of 111. That’s COW POWER at its best. Her first calf was C-T DKK Duke 1100, selling to Rust Mountain in 2012. Angie Rose 944 keeps proving herself worthy of her donor status year after year.
23Klompien Red Angus22DKK DAZZLE 6007Her name says it ALL – she is sure to “Dazzle” cattlemen and cattlewomen from across the country. What was Dave thinking when he agreed to consign this beauty? With all this power and performance, length, depth, muscle expression – she could go any direction: the show ring, the donor pen, or a highly productive mama cow in your pasture. Her great attitude, and excellent feet most definitely add to her desirability. Reserving 1 flush at buyer’s convenience and seller’s expense.
24Klompien Red Angus23Selling 1 Package of 3 EmbryosThe great Redemption sire needs no introduction, but let me introduce you to DKK Starlette 9047 – an easy fleshing, good footed, long-bodied, high capacity, dark red, fancy mama cow who has earned a 106.2 MPPA. All four of Starlette’s natural heifers have been retained in our herd. Her progeny summary reads as follows: birth ratio: 97 on 5, weaning ratio: 108 on 5, yearling ratio: 107 on 5. This mama cow consistently brings home the low-birth, high performance calves that excel in phenotype, feet, udders and disposition. Expect no less from this mating. Added to this, when you check out the EPDs, you will find a 10 HPG and 14 Stay along with excellent carcass numbers.
25Laubach Red Angus24LAUBACH DORY 6046Marvin has done an excellent job building from the Laubach programs exhisting cow herd, every year it gets tougher to select specific animals for this sale and this heifer is certainly no exception. Dory 6046 is from the first calf crop that was produced for the Laubach herd from the Trotters Stronghold bull. This is a sire group that will influence their program for years to come by producing exceptional calves that have excellent growth. 6046’s dam is from the highly coveted Nexa cow family that just flat out get the job done! This one packs a punch and she will catch your eye!
26Laubach Red Angus25LAUBACH HEIRESS 5011I studied long and hard before I selected Heiress 5011. She is sired by the Andras New Direction bull and in all of my travels, she may be the best one I have seen to this point. Her dam is a first calf heifer that will be a foundation cow in the Laubach program. She stacks the genetics of Cherokee Lance, LCC Jiba, Bieber Romero and the Heiress cow family. Zooming from a 0.7 BW EPD to a 74WW and 115 YW and a 25 MILK EPD, you can expect growth and maternal traits to be built into this extra special young female just as you would expect from the reputation Laubach program. She sells AI bred to Loosli Right On with a heifer calf due January 18th. This one will catch the eyes of many good cattlemen.
27Lost Creek Red Angus26LOST CRK GLACIER MISS 6062Alyssa was pretty patient with me as we looked over the Lost Creek cowherd. I finally settled on this exceptional February heifer calf, Miss 6062. She stacks the pedigree from top to bottom with a “who’s who” in the Red Angus breed with Make Mimi, Feddes Blockana, Chateau 744 not once but twice and the Fayet cow family from the Glacier program. She is deep ribbed, soft made, wide based and has that really good maternal look about her. Make no mistake about it, this young female will have a positive affect on the new owners herd that will have far reaching implications.
28Milk Creek Reds27MLK CRK LAKOTA 607It seems that every year as we select cattle in the Milk Creek herd that I am drawn to the Lakota cow family. MLK CRK Lakota 607 is a heifer calf that was pretty easy for me to fall in love with. Her sire is Bieber Hughes and her dam is a YY Red Knight 640F daughter from the Lakota cow family. It is no secret that I really like this combination of Red Knight and the Lakota’s, the addition of Hughes will add a little punch to the mix as well. 607 ranks in the top 1% of the breed for Stay and 5% for HerdBuilder EPD’s respectively. Cow power at it’s finest represented here. Cowboys come a runnin’!
29Milk Creek Reds28MLK CRK THUNDER 511This year as we toured the Milk Creek herd we were met with some extreme drought conditions, much to my surprise I found the cow herd to be in very good shape. Certainly a tribute to their doability and ability to perform in extreme conditions. Thunder 511 is a daughter of the Fusion bull that has worked so well in the Milk Creek program. Her dam is a graduate of the N.I.L.E. sale coming from the Heart River herd in 2007 on her way to becoming a donor cow. 9127 the sire that 511 is bred to has daughters in our herd as well as Sandbur Ridge and Birnie herds We are the only breeder with daughters out of the dam of 511. HRR Thunder 751 and 9127 have both produced beautiful udders and feet. She also posts an MPPA of 111. She is bred AI safe to Milk Creek Express 9127 with a bull calf due in mid February. 511 could follow in her mothers footsteps to be a donor for the lucky new owners.
30Owings Cattle Company29AO NAHAL 1610Nahal is extremely eye appealing with the extra extention of her front end but still not giving up the natural muscling. Nahal also carries that extra depth of body. The Dam of Nahal has been an extremely good cow for us and has a beautiful udder. Here is a real chance to gather up an Evolution daughter out of a super cow family.
31Owings Cattle Company30OWNG ANNABELLE 1513Annabelle1513 is our best Fat Tony bred heifer. Her mother Clene 6503 is an own daughter of Glacier Logan 210 and is ten years old and she remains to have the youthful look of a two year old. Clene 6503 has produced several herd sires and a Champion calving ease bull at Red Bluff Bull Sale. If you want a female that will have longevity and the potential to produce top herd sires check out Annabelle.
32Owings Cattle Company31OWNG STELLA 1518OWNG Stella is one Bred heifer that we hate to part with. Her sire OWNG Wide Open was Reserve Sr. Champion Bull at the 2015 National Red Angus show in Billings. Her Mother S036 is a Granddaughter of breed legend LMAN King Rob through the S036 cow who came through the Montvue program. Stella’s pedigree offers a limitless list of possibilities for future breeding oportunities.
33Raisland Red Angus32RAISLAND REBELLA 611-225Wow! Check out the donor potential in this heifer calf! With 12 EPD traits ranking in the top 25% of the breed and ranking in the top 1% for HerdBuilder, 5% Gridmaster, 17% BW, 13% WW, 10% for both YW and Milk 14% HPG, 13% CEM, 1% Stay and 13% MARB this heifer covers the bases! She is sired by Tyson 3025A and her dam is a picture perfect Mulberry daughter from the same cow family that produced Major League and Grand Canyon. Opportunity is not just knocking, it’s beating the door down here!
34Redland Red Angus33RED SKYLARK 6115Here’s a pretty cool pedigree to study. 6115 is sired by the now deceased Skyways 124A bull who is a 111X son and from the Foxy cow family. I tried to buy the Skyways bull out of the stalls as a just weaned calf at a past NILE show but couldn’t get it done.Sadly he was lost way too early in his career and 6115 is one of the few daughters in existence. 6115’s dam is a direct daughter of breed legend Rambo 502! It was a difficult decision for the Redlands to let us have this smoking good March heifer calf. Mark this one in your catalog and be ready for some true cow power packaged in a great young female.
35Ressler Land & Cattle34RLC KINGS LASS 168DKings Lass 168D exhibits that extra bone, muscle, and rib shape in an exquisite package. She is a big topped, square hipped, and structurally correct heifer with good feet. Her sire Right Turn 14Y was Reserve Champion Bull at the NILE and Reno as a calf in 2012. A maternal half sister was Reserve Intermediate Champion at the 2014 NILE. As an added attraction her mother boasts a 107.2 MPPA.
36Rock Creek Red Angus35RCRA LACEY 27Dhave followed the Rock Creek program for somewhere near 30 years, always impressed by the cattle that they have bred and brought out into the public. The selection of Lacey 27D was a huge accomplishment for us and frankly I didn’t think that Charlie and Linda would let me have her. She is simply stunning in real life and her pedigree is nothing less either. She is sired by the calving ease bull Magnum 195, the “go to” bull that they use heavily. Her dam is a foundation cow that has left her legacy in the breed by producing four daughters that have been retained in the Rock Creek herd with an average MPPA of 102.6, as well as being the maternal grand dam to walking herd bulls RCRA Razor 15Z and RCRA You Think?33A. Her daughter Lacy 3Z was the 2012 Res. Champion at the NILE and the Red Western Classic. 3Z has been in a donor program with Blairs.Ag and Rock Creek, producing eighty one embryos to date. This may very well be a once in a lifetime opportunity that should not be taken lightly. Cowboys come prepared to buy a future donor prospect that has all of the stars aligned from phenotype to performance!
37Shepard Red Angus36SGJ TONY 750SGJ Tony 750 is a real treasure. Her Dam’s sire is Brown Vacation H7106, one of the good ones! Tony’s dam has 2 GMRA Estonia cows, an outstanding cow family. Tony 750 ranks in the top 8% Herdbuilder, 19% Gridmaster, 11% WW, 8% YW, 21% MILK, 6% STAY and 8% REA. Her pedigree is very friendly to many of todays top sires. Buy with confidence!
38Shepard Red Angus37SGJ MISS LASS 693Miss Lass is a super bred heifer out of Beckton Epic R397K. His record keeps getting better each year. He was 7th in recordings of registration in 2016. Her dam is an excellent mama in the Shepherd herd and consistantly brings a top calf to the weaning pen every year. The Epic daughters are in high demand and as more of them come into production it is obvious why they are. Don’t miss this chance to add a realy nice Epic daughter to your hers.
39Sun River Red Angus38SUNR JIBA 668So so feminine—this heifer’s front end is super clean and she carries her muscle through her back quarters. This female will grow up to be a very classy cow that will stand out in your herd! She has excellent carcass numbers with a Marbling EPD of 0.85 and a Ribeye of 0.45; her yearling is 101 and weaning a 63. This young lady is stacked with EPDs! SUNR Jiba 668 is an absolute sweetheart and would make a great breeding project!
40Sun River Red Angus39SUNR MATTIE 616Flashy! If you are looking for a powerhouse that is super stylish – look at SUNR Mattie 616! Bill took this heifer straight from the top of his replacement heifers to sell here at the NILE. She is dark red, long spined, clean fronted with muscle too spare…. I cannot say enough about the phenotype of this heifer. She has an excellent disposition and would be a great junior project! Mattie also has strong numbers to back her—growth, maternal, and carcass!
41Sutherlin Farms40SUTH REDEEMING OSCE 6054A deep ribbed, robust strong topped Redemption daughter that has superior base width and a thick hip combining style & substance. She offers a mult-trait balanced EPD profile, ranking in the top 9% for both the HerdBuilder and the GridMaster indexes. The dam of 6054 is a cow that offers a ton of length and extension. She continues to prove her longevity and strength in the herd at 10 years of age and posts a weaning ratio of 8 at 102 and yearling ratio of 6 at 106. A paternal brother was the $16,000 top selling bull in the 2015 Sutherlin Red Angus sale selling to TJ Tash Red Angus in southwestern Montana as herd bull. This lineage is bred for real world no excuse cattle production.
42Three Way Ranch413W SOPHIA’S LITTLE FOOTThis young heifer comes to us from a young lady who is building her program and it is a testament to her to let us have a female that I know she would have loved to keep as an integral part of her herd. She is sired by the 5L Zodiac bull from the reputation 5L herd. Her dam originated in the J5 herd and is a daughter of the TJS Epic King X044. She is bred to be very maternal with extra calving ease built into her. Don’t miss the 0.43 REA and -2.6 BW EPD. This is a chance to help a young member sustain her herd and get a super young female all at the same time.
43Green Mountain Red AngusD1GMRA Stetson 2240Stetson was the high selling bull in the 2013 Green Mountain Red Angus bull sale. He is incredibly solid with outstanding phenotype and personal performance rounded out with a solid set of EPDs. The Stetson calves on the ground at GMRA have tons of length and eye appeal. His calves come easy and are backed up with a performance minded EPD profile, with a HB in the top 5% and a GM in the top 22%. The Stetson sons in the 2016 GMRA bull sale were one of the top averaging sire groups. The 2016 Stetson bull calves at GMRA turned in the 2nd highest average weaning ratio of all sire groups.
44Milk Creek RedsD2RIDGE LEGEND 2069We have used him on heifers for the last 3 years and has now moved to cows. He has excellent feed and legs. The first daughters in production have great udders!
45Laubach Red AngusD3BAR M JUMBO 5152He was our pick of the Barenthsen-Bullinger sale in 2015. He has excellent growth and percentiles. He is one of our top herd sires and a great disposition. You will see him at the NILE!
46Feddes Red AngusD4Feddes Silver Bow B226Silver Bow was our high selling bull in 2015. Balances all traits extremely well-calving ease, growth, maternal and carcass. First calf crop is looking great!
47Milk Creek RedsD5MLK CRK ADVOCATE 4304Up and coming herd sire for Milk Creek Reds. We used him on heifers and cows. Weaning data indicates his progney are right at the top for performance.
48Christensen Red AngusD6L83 CALVINKLINE 97C1
49Green Mountain Red AngusD7HXC DECLARATION 5504CDeclaration is a complete package, from pedigree to phenotype to EPDs. Declaration has a nice broad top with tons of depth and muscling on down through the rear quarter, with a solid leg structure. His performance is all there, with a 114 WR, 117 YR, 138 IMF ratio, and 108 REA ratio. His EPD package is solid with 10 of his EPDs in the top 30% of the breed or higher, including a WW, YW, Marb, CW and REA all in the top 1%. His HB is in the top 24% and his GM is in the top 1%.
52Graystone Cattle CompanyD10RRA CONQUEST 124 495The purchase of “495” ended a 3 year search for a herd bull that we feel will greatly influence not only our herd but the breed as a whole. His first calf crop has not disappouinted us.
53Bullis Creek RanchD11CSPF CASH MONEY 11CA top son by Badlands Opportunity 53Y out of a black red gene carrier dam who goes back to CA Future Direction and out of a Mulberry Dam. Calf Champion at the 2015 Iowa State Fair and 3rd in Class at the NAILE in Louisville Kentucky.
54Laubach Red AngusD12GMRA OUT WEST 4251He was our pick of the Green Mountain Red Angus Sale in 2014. His first calf crop has not disappointed us. There is calving ease with exceptional growth. He is becoming one of our top herd bulls.
55Angelo Cattle CompanyD13ANGELO TOAST 10111
56GenexD14Any Red Angus Bull With the execption of short supply - no special orders.
57Select SiresD15Any Available Bull!1
58Accelerated GeneticsD16Any Sire Depending on Availability

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1RanchVideoLot #Stock InfoDescriptionImage
2Gartner - Denowh Angus Ranch1Pick of the Open HeifersThe buyer of the “Pick of Gartner~Denowh heifers” will have the opportunity to make a top 5 selection and then Gartner~Denowh Angus Ranch will 50K those for the buyer to make final selection. Heifers will be ready to be looked through after the NILE sale and must be picked by January 15, 2017.
3BASIN Angus Ranch2Pick of the Basin Bred HeifersMake your selection from the future of the Basin Angus program. Find the heifer that will join the ranks of the elite donors produced in this herd.
4Arntzen Angus Ranch3A A R PRINCESS 6724• This broody beaut has been a standout since day one. Princess 6724 came light with a 79 lb. birthweight while being one of our top performing heifers with a weaning ratio of 115. Phenotypically she is even more impressive. She is very feminine fronted with great depth of rib and really carries her thickness throughout. We are very excited about the potential in this young prospect! • Her dam, Princess 0914, was chosen as a donor at Arntzen Angus because of her strong maternal characteristics and traditional Angus style. She exhibits a very pretty, angular front with good udder quality. She is extremely deep ribbed, long bodied, and has great feet and legs. Along with this, she has a disposition that is second to none. She has produced very light calves who have performed well. Her four calves have an average birth weight of 69 lbs. while recording WRs and YRs 4 @ 104 and 4 @ 104 respectively. Her 2013 bull calf was selected as a herd sire by Jim and Jamie Kinsey of West Virginia for $11,500. • Sitz Reinvested 636A is co-owned with Gartner-Denowh Angus and Sitz Angus. Reinvested joined the Genex line up alongside his maternal brother Sitz Investment and has seen heavy use this spring. He offers an extremely maternal pedigree combining Pathfinder sires of Thunder, Upward, and 1407. His offspring have come light with good growth. Our first bull crop was the top sire group in the 2015 Arntzen Angus bull sale averaging $9,250 on 27 head. His daughters have beautiful heads with lots of length and are moderately framed.
5Arntzen Angus Ranch4A A R CYNTHIA 5059• A A R Cynthia 5059 is our top pick out of a great set of Outside heifers. She has an individual performance of WR 108 and YR 110. • A half-sister to the record selling bull H A Cowboy Up who sold for $350,000 to Express Ranches and Wilks Brothers. Like most Outside progeny she has exceptional thickness and natural fleshing ability. She is clean fronted and very sound on her feet. • Her dam Cynthia 1081 is a Franklin bred female with average nursing ratio of 2 @ 105. She is very deep ribbed, sound and has a beautiful square udder with small teats. She has an Outside bull calf at her side that is already a true standout. • She is AI bred to the up and coming Genex sire Baldridge Breakthrough A091. Breakthrough is a calving ease sire with explosive growth.
6Stevenson Angus5STEVENSON PRIDE 6060• Dam is a maternal sister to featured ORIgen/ABS herd bulls Stevenson Rockmount RX933, Stevenson CE Deluxe 1914 and Stevenson Hero I216U. Rockmount has been a Top Ten semen sale bull for ABS the last two years. • A paternal brother Stevenson Templeton 3308 who topped our Fall 2014 sale at $28,000 to VinMar Angus of NE. Initial progeny are very impressive, contemporary leading with several making VinMar's 2017 NWSS Carload. • Her donor dam ranks in the top 4% for CED, top 3% for BW EPD, top 10% for WW EPD, top 15% for YW EPD, top 10% for CW, top 10% for MARB EPD, top 5% for RE EPD, top 2% for $W, top 10% for $F, 15% for $G, top 2% for $B. She records 4 NR 105 and 4 YR 102. • Her famous grandam produced many herd bulls. She recorded 4 NR 103 and 4 YR 111. • Her sire REBEL offers a fresh, new age pedigree considered an outcross to many of today's popular bloodlines. His first producing daughters are doing an excellent job with great feet and structure, beautiful udder and added body length.
7Foran Angus6TEF PRINCESS LEAH 615• 615 has the length and eye appeal that her sire, HA Outside 3008, has proven to build in his offspring. HA Outside 3008 was top selling bull out of the 2014 Hinman Angus sale. There is a very short supply of semen on him. 615’s brother, HA Cowboy Up, was the record selling bull in the Hinman Angus bull sale this past spring at $350,000. Her Dam, Princess Leah 001, posted WW ratio of 4 @ 99, YW ratio 4 @ 99, with Grandam ratios WW 5 @ 101 and YW 4 @ 102. This high maternal female has proven production records and the Grandam progeny history has been great. TEF Princess Jet 807 raised the second high selling bull in 2015 Arntzen Angus sale. TEF Justice 507 was the high selling bull in 2006 Arntzen Angus sale going to Harrison Land and Livestock.
8Birdtail Ranch Angus7BTR AMELIA 610• BW 71 lbs., 205 wt. 823 lbs., WWR 103 with 48 contemporaries. • Dam’s Production: 1 NR 103. • Grandam’s Production: 8 BWR 100, 8 NR 99. She posts 3 RE 104. • Connealy Countdown is the $55,000 4th high selling bull in the 2014 Connealy Angus sale in Nebraska selected by Vermilion Ranch. • Countdown is the go to heifer bull at Vermilion posting CED +11, BW -.4. His calves are vigorous at birth and are attractive with tremendous eye appeal. • The maternal grandsire, JD Brilliance 12Y is the $23,000 top selling bull in the 2012 Treasure Test Bull Sale bred by John Dalbey, Corvallis, MT. This Brilliance son sired the $6,000 top selling heifer in the 2013 Rocky Mountain Angus sale in his first calf crop. • The foundation 3rd dam is an own daughter of WRA Treasure DI, another high indexing Treasure Test bull and Pathfinder sire.
9Birdtail Ranch Angus8BTR MINA PAYCHECK 6171• BW 69 lbs., BWR 96, 205 wt. 892 lbs., WWR 107 with 26 contemporaries. WDA 4.71 • Dam’s Production: 6 BWR 99, 7 NR 109. • A maternal sister by SAV Harvestor sold for $5,000 in the 2014 NILE to Haven Meged, Miles City, MT. • Her maternal full sister was selected by Kelsey Vejraska, Omak, WA. • This is likely the heaviest 205 weight for a heifer at 892 lbs. in the 40 plus years in the history of the NILE Angus female sale. The dam bred in the Lost Lake Ranch herd has produced 7 claves with an average 205 wt. of 828 lbs. with a low on her first calf at 732 lbs. to a 959 adj. wt. bull calf on her 2nd calf. That would qualify as a “bankers” type cow. • Her sire, BCC Windy 66A was bred in the Barragree herd at Absarokee, MT, sired by the Accelerated Genetics sire, Apex Windy 078, combines growth (+60) and superior phenotype.
10Birdtail Ranch Angus9BTR KINOCHTRY BEAUTY 639• BW 70 lbs., BWR 96, 205 wt. 821 lbs., WWR 102 with 48 contemporaries. • Dam’s Production: 5 NR 100, 4 YR 99. She posts 4 IMF 107, RE 101. • Grandam’s Production: 10 BWR 99, 10 NR 103, 9 YR 103. She posts 9 IMF 101, RE 101. • The foundation 3rd dam is sired by GV Power Drive 7369. • Birdtail heifers from the Kinochtry Beauty cow family have sold in the 2015 NILE for $7,500 to Clay Gale, Hobson, MT and for $6,500 in the 2013 NILE to Wiwa Creek Angus, Rush Lake, Sask., Canada. • Connealy Countdown is the Vermilion Ranch Final Solution son that is flawless in his kind and structure. He is a thick made, deep ribbed bull that has tremendous eye appeal.
11Clear Creek Angus, LLC10CLEAR CREEK HYALITE 656• BW: 78 lbs., 205 wt.: 645 lbs., WR 100 • Hyalite 656 has excellent length of body with a good square hip. She is deep bodied with a good clean front end. 656 should have longevity bred into her and most importantly should make an excellent cow down the road. • 656 stems from a 13 year old cow we purchased from Ox Bow Ranch several years ago. The dam to 656 boasts 12 calves at 104 weaning ratio and 9 calves with a yearling ratio of 103. The Hyalite 309 cow is a moderate framed easy keeper with a perfect high tight udder at 13 years of age. She bred back early once again and will be retained for another season. • AAR Ten X 9903 the sire to 656 is one of the most proven Ten X sons in the breed. His EPD profile ranks at the top of the breed in nearly every category. 9903 has 32 daughters in production with an average NR of 102. His sons have consistently topped our spring sales for the past several years.
123C Cattle LLC113C AMELIA DAWN 1608• BW 71 lbs. • Out of a 2-year old daughter of the $210,000 Connealy Consensus 7229 with a maternal heritage stacking high performance & high accuracy genetics in the sire stack. • Grandam’s production: 3 NR 100. She posts 1 IMF 114. • Posts excellent genomic test scores for WW & YW in the top 2 & 5% of the tested population for growth. • Musgrave Aviator is the very popular ORIgen featured calving ease and true beef phenotype sire that is also homozygous for the leptin gene that improves feed efficiency, increases marbling and decreases days on feed in the feedlot. Research also proves his daughters will wean heavier calves. • This Aviator is built in the prototype of her sire: medium framed, full bodied with a very thick rump and hip. This is the genetic model that will be sustainable in real world production for the long haul.
13Genetic Connection 3C Cattle LLC12GC 3C MS BITTERROOT 1611• BW 85 lbs. • Dams production: 1 BWR 99, 1 NR 100 • A maternal brother by Connealy Confidence 0100 sold to George Ruffatto & Sons, Stevensville, MT. • Grandam’s Production: 7 BWR 97, 7 NR 100. She posts 4 RE 104. • Both the sire and maternal grandsire, Timeless are top performance bulls in the Accelerated Genetics A.I. Lineup. • The foundation 3rd dam is sired by N Bar Emulation EXT & Tehama Bando 155 X QAS Traveler 23-4. • Sitz Sensation 693A was the $35,000 selection by Accelerated Genetics in the 2014 Sitz Angus Bull Sale. He offers a BW -3.1 to YW of 111 spread with 17 CED. Sensation recorded a birth weight ratio of 92 and weaning & yearling ratios of 116 and 114. He went on to record %IMF and REA ratios of 116 & 117. • You’ll really like the feminine, stylish ultra broody maternal profile of this complete, straight lined Sitz Sensation daughter.
14Circle L Angus13CIRCLE L LADY 79D• Individual Performance: BW 77 lbs. • 8/28/16 weight 745 lbs. • Selected out of the very top of the replacement heifers. • 79D is a powerful female that has a tremendous brood cow look. She is very docile with a strong EPD profile and a pedigree that would be an outcross to several of today's sires. 79D is one of the most impressive females that Circle L Angus has ever offered for sale. • The powerful and productive donor dam is a daughter of the $48,000 Lot 1 high selling cow, Sinclair Lady 5ET1, in the 2008 Circle L Angus Female Sale. 5ET1 is currently a donor for Sitz Angus, JR Ranch, and Byrd Cattle Co. programs. • Dam’s production: BW 2 @ 94, WW 2 @ 121, YW 2 @ 117. IMF 9 @ 109, REA 9 @ 103, Fat 9 @ 96. • The sire, Active Duty 010, was extremely popular in 2015 and sired many top selling individuals across the nation. • Seller reserves the right to one successful flush.
15Hilltop Angus Ranch14HILLTOP BLACKBIRD GP 699• 699 is a moderate framed, deep bodied, big topped and very stout heifer. She has a good front and is very correct on her feet and legs. • The Dam 09 is a good uddered and feminine Pathfinder cow with 4@110 nursing ratio. Her 2015 bull calf was a $14,500 selection of Nissen Angus, Chinook MT. The Blackbird cow family at Hilltop Traces back to the famous Cedar Hills Blackbird 2011 who is truly one of the breeds great matrons. • The sire, Prairie Pride Premium 407, was the top selling bull in the 2014 Prairie Pride sale. Recently Genex has purchased a semen interest in Premium. Premium is phenotypically flawless and very eye appealing. Premium is long, clean, thick and athletic.
16Flesch Angus15FF TRIM LASS D17• D17’s mother is a first calf heifer, D17’s grandmother has 6@103 weaning and 3@108 YR. A full sister to D17’s mother was selected by Apex Angus as the top selling heifer in our 2014 sale and another half brother was selected by Fleming Stock Farms in Alberta. D17 might be the best show heifer prospect we have ever offered through this sale, long fronted with excellent rib shape and very sound.
17Flesch Angus16FF WINONA D95• D95 is a big powerful heifer out of the high EPD Rampage, her mother has 4@100 and 3@101 YR; 756 lbs. 205 day weight, with an EPD profile that will fit into anyones herd.
18Green Mountain Angus Ranch17GMAR RAMPAGE D041• BW: 72 lbs., Adj. 205 wt.: 778 lbs. • Out of a 2-year-old dam that posted an individual weaning weight ratio of 123 with 268 contemporaries in the Green Mountain Performance program. • Grandam’s Production: 1 NR 123. • Foundation 3rd dam is sired by Rito 1I2 of 2536 Rito 6I6. • From a top performance cow family. Motive dam posts WW +62 and YW +106 while the Upward Grandam records WW +60 and YW +106. • Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 is the high performance ABS Global featured sire that is the number one bull in the breed for $B. His progeny are dominating both the non-parent $B lists and the early fall 2016 sale season. • This Rampage daughter ranks in the Top 1% for WW, YW, RADG, CW, $W, $F, and $B plus Top 2% for RE EPDs among non-parent females. Even better yet is her capacious, long bodied, attractive profile with the complete package credentials to make a foundation donor for future genetic progress.
19HC Cattle18JC DIXIE ERICA 9D• What a great cow prospect here. She has the style and flat out eye appeal to be a great one. • Her sire, Capitalist is the “King of Cowmakers” with daughters that have perfect udder quality and raise heavy calves with calving ease, muscle and performance. The dam of Lot 18, Coleman Dixie Erica 8273 has produced calves in many different environments and sire groups. None were disappointing, and ratioing at the top through many ET programs. Her natural calves produced BW 4@98, WW 4 @ 103, YW 4@106, before she become a donor cow and she can produce!! Her latest embryos sold in BHSS for $2,200. Those embryos produced two bull calves in the herd of Joseph Angus, Winner, SD, that topped the 2016 weaning weights of the entire spring AI bull calves. She just recently had 8 embryos that sold for $1,300 each, topping the 2016 SD Elite Angus Female sale. A great chance to own a future herd donor cow!!
20Gale Angus & Simmental19CMG MISS JOYCE D594• This female is sired by the great Baldridge Waylon W34 who boasts an impressive set of EPDs as well as $W, $F, and $B at 184.96. W34 sires cattle that are attractive made, huge ribbed, and heavily muscled with excellent carcass qualities. • Waylon sons have been the high selling sire group at the record setting Baldridge Bros bull sale the last two years. With many of his sons now working in bull studs, Waylon semen is in high demand. • D594 offers a blended pedigree of Waylon and Vermillion Payweight which should equal great success. • D594 is a deep ribbed, soft made, female that once her show career is over will make a top notch female in your herd. • Buy with confidence as these Waylon females don’t get offered for sale often. She is extremely gentle and we would recommend for a young showman!!!!!!
21Gale Angus & Simmental20CMG CARLA BLACKBIRD D116• D116 is sired by the outcross sire Vision Unanimous 1418 that was selected by Peak Dot Angus of Canada as a herd sire, is siring long spined big bodied cattle with plenty of rear quarter. • At 10 years of age her dam S116 is extremely sound with a near perfect udder and is one of the easiest fleshing females on the ranch at Hobson, MT • D116 is an extremely deep sided, thick made show heifer prospect that once her show career is over will make her way to one of those front pasture kind of Power Cows. With her outcross pedigree the matings for this female are almost endless.
22Hinman Angus21HA BLACKBIRD 5310• Hinman Angus is offering an elite bred heifer that is bred to the $350,000 bull, HA Cowboy Up 5405. She comes from a strong cow family that has past and future donor credentials. • Posted individual performance: 205 wt. 705 lbs., 365 wt. 955 lbs., Adj. %IMF 5.33, Adj. RE 10.0 (ET). • Dam’s Production: 7 BWR 101, 7 NR 104, 6 YR 105. She has produced 12 sons that have averaged $10,875 at Hinman Angus sales, plus a Connealy Consensus 7229 son that is being used in the HA program. • Maternal brothers to HA Blackbird 5310 include: – HA Basic 7355, son of HA Power Alliance 1025, is a $49,000 Pathfinder Sire featured at buyers: Terry Little & Son, MO; Bill Austin, ND; Paul Boylan, MT; Ken Bodner, MT. – HA Top Flight 2314, sired by Apex Windy 078, was the second highest bull in the 2013 Hinman sale, going for $19,000 to Paul Boylan, MT; Ken Bodner, MT; S & V, NE. – HA Bismarck 1625, son of SAV Bismarck 5682, sold to Marv Cross, MT & Levi Messerly, MT for $12,000 in the 2012 sale. • Seven maternal sisters are working in the Hinman herd. One of them, sired by SAV Net Worth 4200, produced the second high selling bull in the 2016 sale. HA Double 07 5007 went to KG Ranch, MT for $34,000. • Donor dam, 4299, is a 12 year old daughter of the ABS Global cowmaker, HA Image Maker 0415; she posts CED +16 and BW -2.3. • AI bred on 5-5-16 and Ultrasound examined safe to HA Cowboy Up 5405; estimated due date is 2-9-17 (not sexed). Cowboy Up is the $350,000 record selling bull at Hinman Angus, and is the highest selling bull to date in the state of Montana. He offers more growth performance in a wide topped, deep sided, long bodied, and docile package as you will ever find.
23Idland Cattle Company22ICC LADY PAYWEIGHT 428-6302• BW: 78 lbs. • Co-owned by Idland Cattle Co., Gary Wall, Stevenson’s Diamond Dot and Reece Idland. Sells in her entirety as a NILE feature and to split the proceeds from the partnership. • Donor dam was a $50,000 selection from Riley Bros. in the 2015 National Western Foundation Female out of the first calf crop by the $340,000 EXAR Denver 2002B. She is a maternal sister to the $37,000 ABS Global featured sire, RB World Wide 167-31. The dam posts WW +76, YW +127 with genomic scores of top 1 & 2 for $W, $F, & $B among current dams. • Grandam’s Production: 1 BWR 92, 1 NR 123, 1 YR 122. She is the $300,000 valued donor for Riley Bros. and Powell Farms, TN programs taht is a full sister to RB Tour of Duty 177. • Great Grandam’s Production: 4 BWR 96, 4 NR 110, 1 YR 109 • Among non-parent 1682 daughters with genomic data this NILE feature ranks number 4 for $W & $B, fifth for $F, 8th for WW & YW EPDs, 17th for CW, 15th for RE & 27th for Marb on the top 100 list. In the entire non-parent Angus female population she is in the top 1% for WW, 2% YW, 1% for milk and CW plus the top 1% for $W, $F, & $B. • Offers a deep bodied, soft made ribcage like her extremely popular sire, Basin Payweight 1682. On her registration paper she has 15 traits or $Values in the top 15% of the breed to demonstrate multi-trait excellence. A real Montana foundation building block for the future!
24Idland Cattle Company23ICC EVERGREEN 6609-6348• BW: 70 lbs. • Dam’s Production: 5 NR 108, 2 YR 105 • Grandam’s Production: 4 NR 103. She posts 1 IMF 117. • Foundation 3rd dam, GT Evergreen 322 is a maternal sister to the famous herd bull producing matron, GT Miss Traveler 58 bred by Dr. John Andersen in Wisconsin. • JVC Cavalry V3326 is the $22,000 top selling bull in the 2014 Jocko Valley Bull Sale and is featured in the ORIgen A.I. lineup. He has one of the top multi-trait EPD profiles in the breed combining calving ease, performance and carcass excellence plus excellent genomic data. • A maternal brother by Connealy Capitalist 028 sold for $6,500 in the 2016 ICC bull sale. Another maternal brother by SDR Chief Justice 662 sold for $5,250 in the 2013 Idland sale. • A great show heifer prospect with style, femininity, strong top, muscle and eye appeal.
25Idland Cattle Company24Pick of Heifer PregnancyPick of Heifer Pregnancy
26Idland Cattle Company24APregnancy 24A• Due: 1-1-2017 • A full sibling to Basin Excitement, the deceased Genex and Hoover Dam herdsire. • Dam’s Production: 1 BWR 98, 1 NR 119, 1 YR 115. She posts 1 IMF 115, RE 111. • A maternal sister heifer pregnancy sold for $7,000 in the 2015 NILE to Ling Heritage Angus, Crown Point, IN sired by RB Tour of Duty 177. • Basin Lady S532 AK is now a featured donor dam at Idland Cattle Co. after her purchase from the past Basin cooperator herd, A&K Farms, Elwood, NE at 8 years of age. She is a low birth weight Payweight daughter at BW -.5. • The full brother, Basin Excitement posts: CED +12, BW -.2, WW +70, YW +123. He was the $25,000 top selling bull in the 2009 Basin Angus Sale. His paternal grandam, Basin Primrose Lady 5287 was featured at Wilde Angus, MN.
27Idland Cattle Company24BPregnancy 24B• Due: 2-20-17 • A maternal sister to Basin Excitement out of the same dam as Lot 24A. • Donor dam is stylish, femine and correct and will generate the performance that Excitement has transmitted across the country. He sired the $160,000 Mohnen Impressive, plus high dollar sons that Hoover Angus in Iowa and Bush Angus in South Dakota have sold. • Musgrave Aviator is the popular ORIgen and Idland Cattle Co. herd sire. He is the commercial man’s favorite as the stud for his calving ease, rib, thickness and docility. • Aviator was the $77,000 top selling bull in the 2013 Musgrave sale in Illinois. Recently 2/3 interest sold for $125,000 to ICC and partners. He is setting the industry standard for calving ease, muscle and phenotype.
28Idland Cattle Company24C4 FROZEN EMBRYOS (GRADE 1 & 2)• Same mating as Lot 24B. Stored at: Sleeping Giant Genetics, Livingston, MT
29KG Ranch25KG BLACKCAP 5015• Really nice bred heifer out of the heart of the KG replacement heifers. Great EPD spread from birth to yearling ranking in the top 20% and 10% respectively. 5015 also posts strong $W and $F ranking both inside the top 15%. • Dam posts 1WR @ 104. • Sire, KG Solution, is one of the most popular calving ease sires in the Genex lineup. Solution's EPD profile posts excellent calving, growth and carcass. Solution's young daughters are making beautiful, productive females. • MGS, Connealy Contrast, has been a corner stone of the KG program. Daughters are feminine with excellent udders. • 5015 is A.I. bred to KG High Regard. to calve 2-9-17. High Regard is a former sale topper at the annual KG bull sale. Purchased by Hinman Angus and has been used heavily in their program and produced the second high selling bull in their 2016 record setting sale. High Regard also sired a featured group at Green Mountain Angus in their 2015 sale that saw great acceptance from their customers. High Regard will be featured at the KG sale this December.
30Lost Lake Ranch26ID BLACKBIRD C25 LLR• ID Blackbird C25 LLR (18442488) meets the phenotypic criteria for a brood cow. That is, she has eye appeal and appears to be sound. In terms of eye appeal, she is thick, long, with deep ribs and straight lines, yet appears nicely feminine. Her legs and feet are sound. This soundness is especially passed on from her nationally known sire, Koupals B&B Identity (who himself was the top seller at Koupals 2011 Bull Sale at nearly $60,000). Pedigree quality runs deep here, with six Pathfinders in the pedigree, including individuals on both sides of the line-up. This heifer’s individual performance is as nicely balanced as her EPDs. She has a birth weight of 71 lbs. and a birth EPD of+0.4. Yet she had an adjusted yearling weight of 987 lbs. a YR of 107, and a yearling EPD of +101. This balances with a milk EPD of +30. • The heifer was AI’d to Three Trees Xceptional B0048 (17857971) on 4/16/16 then pasture exposed to OCC Ultimate Answer 520 (18228919).
31Leachman Angus Ranch27LEACHMAN BLACKCAP 6059• BW: 86 lbs., Act. WW on 8-16-16: 645 lbs., WWR 100 (1 Contemporary) • Dam’s Production: 2 NR 102, 2 YR 101. • Grandam’s Production: 6 BWR 99, 6 NR 103, 6 YR 104. She posts 2 IMF 130, RE 108, Rib Fat 79. • Foundation 3rd dam is sired by Summitcrest High Prime 0H29. • Connealy Courage 25L is the calving ease Select Sires feature by Confidence and is maternal brother to Connealy Impresson. Courage is a positive (+.12) Scrotal EPD Confidence son with more power and performance with the same attractive pattern of his sire. • Dam is double bred to the Leachman Blackcap cow fammily that traces back to the dam of Leachman Conveyor. The dam of Franklin 9521 is a very influential donor in the herd who was featured flush cow n a past Montana Supreme Sale where her 878 daughter sold to Sioux Pass Angus, Lodge Grass, MT. • This Courage daughter is long bodied, big hipped, moderate framed and very deep ribbed with calving ease credentials.
32McFadgen Angus28MCFADGEN MISS LADY 612• This beautiful February show heifer prospect is out of Gambles Safe Bet, who was the 2012 ROV Reserve Show Bull of the Year. • Safe Bet also has EPDs that are impressive: WW top 15%, DMI top 20%, $W top 20% & $B top 15% of the Angus breed. • The dam of this heifer is McFadgens Miss Lady 412, who was sired by Exar Upshot 0562B. • The grandam is a 5 yr. old Mytty In Focus daughter who has raised 3 extremely nice AI heifers. The photo shows her size and great udder.
33LB Farms29Pick of Heifer Calves
34LB Farms29ALB LUCY 641• A powerfully made heifer out of the Mytty herd sire SAV High Ground. This attractive heifer stems from the famous OCC Lucy Cow family, known for their phenotype and class. This cow family has been a staple at the NILE sale for years. Add in a shot of Hoover Dam for Docility and this is a no miss kind of heifer that can do it all! • If this heifer is chosen, LB Farms retains the rights to one flush at the owner convenience and LB Farms expense.
35LB Farms29BLB MAJESTY IDEAL 648• Another great daughter of SAV High Ground to choose from, again stemming from a phenomenal cow family. This heifer's dam is a favorite at LB Farms producing powerful calves year after year, no matter what we cross her with. Take your pick and get in on the ground floor of an exciting new sire!!
36LK Bar Angus Ranch30KREIN KELSEE RYNAE 634• “Power Tool” is a curve bender sire. He brings added maternal value and carcass merit. He leads the breed in calving ease, growth, docility, fertility, and marbling. • The foundation 3rd dam is an own daughter of Rito 2RT2 of OB5 RR Traveler. • Maternal Grandsire, “Sitz Alliance 6595”, is one of the breed’s all-time great cow makers whose high scrotal sons have been very popular in ranch country. • The little things done right become the important big picture here. Start with an attractive, well balanced heifer sired by one of the top bulls in the breed, add lots of muscle and big body highlighted by the absence of phenotype distractions like white and navel and top it off with a moderate frame package that fits western range conditions. • This heifer’s Zoetis i50K percentile rank is in the top 4% for scrotal, 8% for docility, and 1% for milk.
37LK Bar Angus Ranch31KREIN BLACKBIRD 609• Dam’s sire “Sitz Dash” is a son of “Sitz Upward 307” that offers more calving ease as well as being moderate framed, deep sided, easy moving and does not sacrifice growth. He combines “Emblazon” and the “Everelda Entense” cow family on the bottom side of his pedigree. • “Black Granite” is one of the hottest bulls in the breed. His phenotype is excellent and produces calves that are wide topped with extra thickness. • Dam has solid feet and a near-perfect udder. She is docile, easy fleshing, and correct. • We have retained a full brother to this heifer to use in our herd.
38Malek Angus Ranch32M A R BLACKCAP 1512• Individual Performance: BW 96 lbs., 205 wt. 687 lbs., WWR 105 with 29 contemporaries. Scan data: Adj. % IMF 5.72, Ratio 112, Adj. RE 10.5, Ratio 105, Adj. Rib Fat .19, Adj. Scan weight: 965 lbs., Ratio 115 with 17 scan contemporaries. • Dam’s Production: 1 NR 105. She posts 1 IMF 112, RE 105. • A maternal brother by SydGen Fate 2800 will be featured in the 2017 Malek Angus bull sale. • Retail Product grandam is featured at Werner Angus, Cordova, IL. • Foundation 3rd dam is sired by Leachman Right Time while the Pathfinder 4th dam is the famous donor, GAR Scotch Cap 867. • Scrotal EPD: +1.37. Ranks in the top 10% for WW, 20% for Mb. EPD & top 4% for $W among non-parent females. • Her sire, RB Riley 890-2181 is featured at ORIgen and is a son of the $170,000 Herbster donor, RB Lady Standard 305-890. Riley is a full brother to the ABS Global sire, American Made and the high indexing bull at the 2013 Midland Test. • A.I. bred on 4-6-16 to RB Active Duty 010. Ultrasound examined safe to Active Duty and estimated due 1-13-17.
39Malek Angus Ranch33M A R LUCY 1623• BW: 70 lbs. • Dam’s Production: 2 NR 108, 2 YR 107. She posts 7 RE 105. • This E.T. heifer is the result of mating the calving ease, low birth weight and high growth sire, Fate 2800 with a dam combining Basin Lucy 178E, the Angus breed’s longtime leading dam for growth, with Predestined, one of the breed’s most dominant and preeminent sires for end product merit. • Full brothers sold for $10,500 and $8,000 in the 2016 Malek Angus bull sale. A maternal brother by Connealy Capitalist 028 sold for $9,000 in the 2015 Malek sale. • SydGen Fate 2800 is the $113,000 record selling bull ever at Sydenstricker Genetics co-owned by Malek Angus and featured at ORIgen. He sired the $21,000 top selling bull in the 2016 Malek sale with 10 sons averaging $8,850. Fate is the kind of “no holes” bull that can make a lasting contribution to the breed with EPD strength and balance plus superior fertility (+2.51).
40Malek Angus Ranch34MAR ERICA RITO 1402• Sells open and ready to flush. • Ranks in the top 1% for WW, YW, CW, $F and $B among current dams. • Raised a 12-26-15 heifer calf sired by RB Tour of Duty 177 that is being retained at Malek Angus. This powerful Tour of Duty daughter is already genomically tested with 1% scores for WW< YW and CW, top 3% for Docility, 5% for milk, 8% for RE and Fat and Top 6% for Tenderness. She posts: BW +2.7, WW +73, & YW +129. • Individual performance: BW 86 lbs., 205 wt. 707 lbs., 365 wt. 893 lbs., Adj. % IMF 5.50, Adj. RE 12.3, Ratio 115, Adj. Rib FGat .17, Ratio 77. • Five flush brothers were the lots 1-5 bulls in the 2015 Malek bull sale and averaged $8,300 including the $11,500 second high selling bull seleced by Schelske Angus, Virgil, SD. Another flush brother sold to Riverbend Ranch, Idaho Falls, ID. • Maternal Tabulation blends the growth and maternal sire S Chisum 6175 with one of the most proven and prolific daughters of Rito 1I2 that posts 7 NR 107, 5 YR 106 bred in the Blevins Angus Ranch, Ronan, MT.
41Kel McC Angus35KEL MCC ERICA 1302 513• Individual Performance: BW 83 lbs., 205 wt. 722 lbs., WWR 106 with 38 contemporaries. • Dam’s Production: 2 NR 108, 1 YR 100. She posts 1 IMF 114. • Grandam’s Production: 5 BWR 99, 5 NR 105, 3 YR 107. Pathfinder. She posts 2 IMF 113, RE 110. • The foundation 3rd dam is sired by Woodhill Foresight. • Her sire, AAR Ten X 3001 was selected by Kel McC and Whistling Winds Angus in the 2014 Arntzen bull sale. His Pathfinder dam is a graduate of the 2011 NILE, bred by C.K. Allen’s Woodland Farms herd at Hinsdale, MT. • A.I. bred on 5-25-16 to AAR Dash 1802. Pasture exposed from 6-1-16 to 7-31-16 to Brooks Full Power 426. Ultrasound examined safe to AAR Dash 1802 and estimated due 3-3-17.
42MLK Angus36MLK RIMFIRE JET 627• MLK Rimfire Jet 627 is out of the Sitz Barbaramere Jet Family. 627 is a moderate framed heifer sired by Sitz Rainmaker 11127. Rainmaker produces moderate birth weight calves and is in the top 5% in WW, YW, scrotal, docility and milk coupled with outstanding maternal genetics. 627 was fresh off summer pasture in middle August and did not have any creep feeding prior to that. 627 would be a great addition to any cattle herd.
43MLK Angus37MLK EISA GAME ON 625• MLK Eisa Game On 625 is sired by Connealy Black Granite, a low birthweight bull owned by Hilltop Angus in Denton. This heifer also has a lot of Sitz Lineage and her dam was sired by GDAR Game Day 449. Dam has had 3 calves with a weaning ratio of 106 and birth ratios of 98.
44Mikkelsen Angus38KM MISS JANET D14• BW 78 lbs., BWR 97, 205 wt. 706 lbs., WWR 101 with 4 contemporaries. WDA: 3.37 • Dam’s Production: 2 BWR 98, 2 NR 106. • A maternal sister by OCC Ultimate Answer 118 is retained in the herd. • The maternal grandsire, BHC Net Worth 0100 was bred in Jeff and Jamie Woods’ herd while the grandam is sired by the high marbling and performance sire, Vermillion Yellowstone. The foundation 3rd dam is sired by the Gollaher bred MRG 604G of Partner used in the Stevenson Angus Ranch herd and traces back to GT Maximum and GDAR Rainmaker 340 on the bottom side of his pedigree. • HF Rebel 53Y is the $95,000 top selling bull in the 2012 Hamilton Farms sale in Canada selected by Stevenson Angus Ranch, Green Angus and TC Ranch. • Rebel has unmatched length of top, body dimension and muscle shape. They are making great cows.
45Mikkelsen Angus39KM LASS D33• BW 80 lbs., BWR 98, 205 wt. 680 lbs., WWR 97 with 4 contemporaries. WDA: 3.32 • Dam’s Production: 7 NR 106. She posts 1 RE 102. • The maternal grandsire, S138 bred in the Stevenson Angus Ranch herd combines the semen sales leader, On Target x Basin Max 602C x Basin Rainmaker 654X. • The grandam was bred in the Doug Linhart herd at Hobson, MT while the foundation 3rd dam is sired by N Bar Modecation 3827. • HF Rebel 53Y was the top selling bull at the 2012 Hamilton Farms sale in Canada and is one of the most powerful Tigher sons. He is unmatched for uniqueness of pedigree, data and kind featured at ORIgen, Stevenson Angus, TC Ranch, Green Angus and Hamilton Farms. • An attractive, balanced complete show heifer prospect combining style and substance.
46Orchard Cattle Co.40TF LUCY D02• BW: 72 lbs., BWR 98, 205 wt. 672 lbs., WWR 96 with 4 contemporaries. WDA: 2.90 • Dam’s Production: 1 BWR 98, 1 NR 96. • Dam posted individual WWR 110 and was selected as the Lot 439 featured bred heifer in the 2015 Stevenson’s Diamond Dot fall sale. • Grandam’s Production: 3 NR 105. • Great Grandam’s Production: 3 NR 109, 2 YR 111. She posts 72 IMF 104, RE 100. She is an own daughter of Basin Max 602C • 4th Dam records 5 NR 113, 5 YR 113. • Ranks in the top 2% for WW, top 1% for YW, 2% for Scrotal (+1.99), top 4% for CW and $W plus top 1% for $F and top 2% for $B among non-parent females. • JVC Cavalry V3326 was the $22,000 top selling bull in the 2014 Jocko Valley bull sale. He offers a spectacular EPD profile with outstanding phenotype and eye appeal. He is going to be heard from in the future and ORIgen promotes him as their “secret weapon” sire.
47TSR Ranch41HF BLACKBIRD 5027• 5027 is bred to Connealy Thunder, estimated calving date is February 15th. • Her sire, Connealy Capitalist, has a proven track record of making great females and this is no exception. This outstanding bred heifer has been in cattle show competition and has a proven track record herself. With her excellent rib shape and body composition she will be a very fine addition to any Angus herd. Has the makings to be a great Angus female producer!
48Montana Ranch LLC42MONTANA RITA 6001• Combining industry leading genetics for growth, muscle and calving ease, this attractive and high performance heifer blends the breed’s Number One $Beef sire, Rampage, with an outstanding first calf dam sired by the popular growth sire, Weigh Up K360. • Rita 6001 descends from Objective 2345, whose progeny includes the breed’s longtime leading, proven sire for Marbling and Calving Ease, GAR Progress; Rita 0274, the dam of the multi-trait sire, All In, at Select Sires; and Rita 0308, whose son, VAR Discovery 2240, is one of the most widely used sires in the Accelerated Genetics lineup. • Her dam is a full sister-in-blood to the $90,000 top-selling bull of the 2015 Deer Valley sale and new member of the Select Sires roster, Deer Valley Old Hickory. • Among all non-parent females, Rita 6001 balances a Yearling Weight EPD, Calving Ease Maternal EPD and Ribeye EPD in the Top 1% of the population with a Calving Ease Direct EPD and $Beef in the Top 2%, while also ranking in the Top 3% for Weaning Weight EPD and $Weaning, and the Top 10% for Carcass Weight EPD.
49Reisig Cattle43REISIG BARBARAMERE JET 6001• This beautiful, late February heifer calf is one that will catch your eye. She is a sound-structured, long-bodied, deep-bellied female with a tremendous amount of quality. • She is a direct daughter of the Genex/CRI AI sire, PVF Insight 0129, back to the ever popular Connealy Onward. Her dam comes from the same family as Sitz Alliance 6595 and the famous Barbaramere Jet family. • This female ranks in the Top 3% of the breed for Milk EPD and in the Top 4% of the breed for $YG coupled with ranking in the Top 10% for $W. She is a high maternal female that will add value to any seedstock program. Here is one you won’t want to miss.
50Pine Coulee Angus44PINE COULEE BLACK ROSE 86C• 86C is a stout made heifer with a great disposition. She is clean fronted and has a small feminine head. She travels well on sound feet and legs. There is a lot to like about this female. She has a great future ahead of her. • Her dam is a first calf heifer sired by Chisum 6175 and Net Worth 4200. There is loads of performance built into this pedigree. • Her service sire, Brooking Bank Note 4040, is a deep bodied, stout son of Coneally Earnan 076E. He sold for $125,000 and is currently listed at Origen. • Bred to Brooking Bank Note 4040 (18069951) – Due 2/1/17 with a bull calf.
51Pine Coulee Angus45PINE COULEE ANITA D45• D45 is a very stylish heifer calf. Deep bodied with a smooth head and neck. • Her dam is a first calf heifer with a bright future in our herd. • Her sire, Coleman Knight 209, is making a name for himself in the Angus breed for his ability to produce calves with quiet dispositions, sound feet and legs, and are easy fleshing. His progeny will be sought after for many years to come.
52Olson Cattle Company46OCC ERICA 544• Individual Performance: 265 wt. 970 lbs., YWR 104 with 21 contemporaries. • Dam’s Production: 4 BWR 92, 4 NR 105, 4 YR 104. She posts 3 RE 109. • Ranks in the top 10% for WW & YW EPDs, top 2% for Milk, top 3% for CW and top 2% for $W among non-parent females. • Maternal lineage traces to Pathfinder Accelerated Genetic AI sires WAR Alliance and RR Scotch Cap 9440 while the foundation 3rd dam is sired by California Traveler. • Her sire, OCC Ultimate Answer 118 is a maternal brother to several lots in the 2016 NILE and past sales. He is a fault-free, problem free bull that sires low birth weight cattle with explosive early growth, tremendous scrotal circumference and gainability. He sired the top selling bred heifer in the 2014 NILE. Ultimate Answer worked in the Basin Angus pastures in 2016. • A.I. bred on 5-2-16 to DL Sonic 484. Ultrasound examined safe to Sonic and estimated due 2-6-17. No cleanup bull used.
53Olson Cattle Company47OCC MONTANA DREAM 697• BW: 68 lbs. • A full sister in blood to the $9,500 selection of Basin Angus, Joliet, MT in the 2015 NILE. She compiled a strong show record for Nicole Stevenson and was named the Grand Champion Female at the 2016 Huntley Eagles Jackpot Show at Hardin, MT. • A full sister to the dam by OCC Ultimate Answer 118 was the leadoff and $10,500 bred heifer in the 2014 NILE selected by Silveira Bros., Firebaugh, CA. • Grandam’s Production: 3 BWR 96, 3 NR 103, 3 YR 106. • The dam is double bred to the Renowned Montana Dream cow family pioneered in the Olson breeding program. The foundation 3rd dam is sired by the outcross growth bull, Big Elban of Graham 38425 that has a rich history in Olson past NILE high selling lots. He added power, volume & thickness to his progeny. • Ranks in the top 1% for WW, Scrotal (+2.41), CW & $W plus the top 2% for YW & $B among non-parent females. • Her sire, Basin Payweight 1682 is in high demand/low supply at ORIgen and ABS. He is a breed changer for muscle, body mass and fleshing ability.
54Olson Cattle Company48Choice of Flush Sisters• Selling Choice of Flush sisters. • Dam’s Production: 5 BWR 96, 5 NR 106, 5 YR 107. She posts 2 IMF 111, RE 103, Rib Fat 100, Rump Fat 97. • Both ET heifers are maternal sisters to the $14,000 leadoff bred heifer in the 2015 NILE by Connealy Final Product selected by Bill Weller, Kadoka, SD and the ORIgen featured sire, OCC Ultimate Answer 118. • Grandam’s Production: 4 NR 102, 3 YR 103. • Other maternal brothers by Soo Line Alternative 9127 and Ten X have been used as natural service sires in the Olson herd. • Musgrave Big Sky was the $145,000 choice of Bobcat Angus at the 2014 Musgrave sale in Illinois. He is one of th emost impressive bulls in the breed with muscle, growth, stoutness and phenotype.
55Olson Cattle Company48AOCC MONTANA DREAM 625
56Olson Cattle Company48BOCC MONTANA DREAM 635
57Never Sweat Ranch49N S R LAKE DYNA 656• BW 66, BWR 100, 205 wt. 723, WWR 100 (1 contemporary) • Dam’s Production: 1 BWR 100, 1 NR 100 • Dam posted BWR 96, WWR 104, YWR 108 in the Never Sweat Ranch performance program. • Grandam’s Production: 8 BWR 95, 9 NR 103, 6 YR 105. She posts 6 IMF 103, RE 101. • 656 shows a very long, clean front. • A full brother to the dam posted the heaviest 205 wt. in the Never Sweat bulls in the 2016 Bitterroot Performance Bull Sale. He was also the top RF1 bull at - 1.09 selling for $4,500 to Vannoy Cattle Co., Greenough, MT. • Foundation 3rd dam is sired by GDAR Oscar 711 from the Park Lake cow family developed by Trexler Angus. • Connealy Confidence is the Select Sires calving ease specialist (CED +20 and BW -3.2) that sires femine, big middled, square hipped daughters with super udders. His big ribeye EPD (+1.26) is not often associated with low birthweight bulls.
58Skinner Ranch Seedstock50SRS PRIDE 6201D• BW: 93 lbs., 205 wt.: 716 lbs., 205 day Ratio:113 out of 67 contemporaries. • This is a very long-sided, deep, broody heifer with a lot of width down her top. She is an extremely eye-catching heifer. This heifer is not just fancy in her design, she is also loaded with performance. She has an excellent disposition and will excel in either the show ring or your front pasture. • This heifer is the natural calf out of a donor in Skinner’s program. She is a long, broody Yellowstone daughter that is extremely thick and easy fleshing. Additionally, this cow maintains a phenomenal udder at 11 years of age. • A maternal brother was retained in Skinner’s herd as a heifer bull in 2016 due to his incredible phenotype and performance. • Dam’s Production: BR 9@103; WR 9@104; YR 7@105 • The sire was the sale highlight in Skinner’s 2015 sale, topping the sale at $18,500 to Lunds B Bar Angus. SRS Balance 0609B was deep, extremely thick, long and balanced. He exhibited extreme performance and had an excellent disposition. Balance collected over 200 units of semen on his first jump at under 12 months of age. His first set of calves are exceeding Skinner’s expectations and showing phenomenal performance with excellent dispositions.
59Skinner Ranch Seedstock51SRS KATHY 5210C• An extremely fancy heifer out of Skinner’s embryo program. Besides her mother, this heifer has two maternal sisters that are already working as donors in the Skinner program due to their incredible phenotype coupled with a huge spread from birth to weaning. • The dam is a donor female at Skinner Ranch and is still in production at 13 years of age. She is extremely long and broody, in a thick, moderate-framed package. She is excellent footed with a great udder. • Dam’s Production: BR 10@90; WR 10@109; YR 9@107 • Three maternal sisters are averaging BR 13@98; WR 13@109; YR 11@102 • This heifer is destined to be a future donor. • She is AI’ed to SRS Clear Cut 0982C for a February 15th calf. Clear Cut is a Black Granite son that has an impressive EPD profile with light BW, big calving ease and strong performance. He is an extremely attractive, well-balanced bull out of a powerhouse donor cow. • The now deceased sire was the top selling bull at Midland in 2011 for $55,000, his dam is the well-known Mytty Countess 906 that has made an invaluable impact on the Angus breed • Tombstone calves have been extremely popular for their performance and thickness in a moderate birthweight and ideal framed package. • Tombstones were extremely popular at Skinner’s tour stop in 2012 and have topped the sales they have been in every year.
60Stevenson Diamond Dot52DIAMOND BELLE NELLIE 91C3• Full brothers to Bred heifer were used in natural service and will lead off the two year old division of the upcoming November 28th Stevenson’s Diamond Dot Sale. • Heifer’s DNA ranks her in top 11% for CED, 14% for BW, and top 34% for WW • Dam is also the dam of HARB Icon, one of the top Final Answer sons anywhere. He was purchased by Stevenson’s Diamond Dot and Hart Farms as the $18,000 third high selling bull in the 2010 Midland Bull Test Sale and he went on to sire the $25,000 high selling bull at the 2013 Midland Sale. • Dam also had an incredible and historic 2015 Stevenson’s Diamond Dot Sale lead by flush brothers sired by Diamond In The Rough topped the fall bull division with Diamond In the Rough 797B selling for $35,000 to Jensen Angus of Boulder, WY and Diamond In The Rough 83B5 selling to Steed Angus of Plymouth, UT for $22,500. Also selling were full brothers to ICON, Diamond Final Answer 12B2 to Ure Ranches of Kamas, Utah for $9,500 and Diamond Final Answer 02B2 for $10,500 to Currant Creek of Roundup, Montana. In addition this donor dam’s natural calf that weaned off at 875 lbs., Diamond Capitalist 702C, and full brother to Diamond Bellie Nellie 91C3 sold for $10,000 to Bob Moran, Farview Farms, Fisher, WV. • In the 2014 Stevenson’s Diamond Dot sale, full brothers sold for $10,000 and $11,000 both going to Walt Lunsford Farm in Ohio. • Dam’s production is 5 NR 112 and 4 YW 108 • This broody bred heifer is confirmed carrying a heifer calf and due January 25, 2017. Confirmed bred to Diamond In The Rough who is the standout sire that in the 2015 Diamond Dot Sale 23 sons averaged and incredible $11,163. He is also the sire of Still In The Rough the $90,000 1/3 interest bull that sold to 40 Mile Colony in the 2013 Stevenson’s Diamond Dot Sale.
61Stevenson Diamond Dot53HEIFER PREGNANCY• Heifer pregnancy due February 19, 2017 • 0824 cow x Cowboy up. • Dam is moderate framed Trojan Erica cow. • Dam of the $35,000 Lot 1 bull of the 2015 Stevenson’s Diamond Dot Sale, DDOT Black Diamond 0C94 that sold to Spear U Angus, Wall, SD and Joseph Angus, Winner, SD. Black Diamond was one of the deepest made bulls to sell anywhere. He recorded a 935 actual weaning weight and went on after he sold to record a 161 IMF ratio and 118 REA ratio. • Dam is also the dam of Diamond NBC 0Z94 that was the $17,000, 2nd high selling bull in the 2013 Stevenson’s Diamond Dot Sale and is doing an outstanding job for Lost River Cattle Company of Orleans, IL • Dam’s production is 4 NR 111 and 2 YR 108. She also 361 day calving interval on five calves before she entered the donor program. Also her maternal grandma sired by the foundation sire Diamond Rainmaker 154E served as a donor with a production record of 7 NR 103 and had a huge impact on the Diamond Dot program.
62Rich Angus54RICH RUBY 0525• BW: 94 lbs., BR 107, NR 104, YR 100 • Dam’s Production: 3 BR 100, 3 NR 102, 2 YR 103. • Top 10% for WW+61, Top 4% for Doc +28, Top 3% for CW +58, Top 4% for RE +1.01, Top 2% for $B +159.73. • A.I.’d 4-29-16 to Active Duty, vet examined safe with a bull calf.
63Rich Angus55RICH ERICA 7915• BW: 81 lbs., BR 92, NR 101, YR 102 • Dam’s Production: 6 BR 95, 6 NR 100, 5 YR 98. • Top 5% for CW +55, Top 5% for $B +149.02. • A.I.’d 4-28-16 to DL Sonic, vet examined safe with a bull calf.
64Timber Line Ranch56TLR MILLY 6-39• BW: 70 lbs. • 205 Wt.: 688 lbs. • Dam’s Production: 2 NR 104, 1 YR 102. • A maternal brother by Apex Windy 078 sold to Bill Butter, Hilger, MT. • A maternal sister is retained in the herd by the Flesch bred SAV Final Answer 0035 son, FF Correct Z58. • Timberline Windbreak 32 is sired by AAR Really Windy 1205 while the foundation 3rd dam is sired by TLR Top Dawg George 81 (ABS Test Station Sire – Vance Top Dawg). • KG High Regard 2073 was the $70,000 top selling bull in the 2013 KG Ranch sale selected by Hinman Angus, Malta, MT. He is siring bulls and heifers with that stylish form along with true calving ease and big ribeye area. He sired the $34,000 2nd high selling bull in the 2016 Hinman Sale. His daughters have a very femine look in a high volume package. • A paternal sister by High Regard sold in the 2015 NILE to Carson Stevenson, Hobson, MT, for $4,500. • This High Regard daughter has been DNA tested with the I50K test improving the accuracy of her EPDs.
65Timber Line Ranch57TLR HINDSIGHT 676• Registered Angus Steer • Out of a fancy, show type dam that has generated several high placing heifers for Cate & Krista Callantine. She was specifically mated to PVF Insight 012 to produce another show heifer, but had a bull calf this year. This steer is just the right age to compete anywhere in the Registered Angus Steer classes and bring home some serious cash and belt buckles. • Just right for the Montana Registered Angus Steer Series in 2017. This program offered $4,000 in cash and prizes in 2016. There are 5 shows, plus the carcass year end awards, to compete for some really big money here in Montana. Past Registered Angus Steers in previous NILE sales have also won Breed Champion honors at major midwest state fairs. • PVF Insight 0129 has no peer for the combinations of performance and phenotype. His progeny wins all across the country and here in Montana. Two Insight daughters brought $11,000 and $8,000 in the 2015 NILE.
66Top Notch Angus58TOP NOTCH BARBARA 613• BW 84 lbs., BWR 100, 205 wt. 702 lbs., WWR 107 with 61 contemporaries. • Dam’s Production: 2 NR 111. She posts 2 IMF 107, RE 105. • Dam also raised twin bulls in 2015 that brought in 1,422 lbs. of weaning. A maternal brother by GDAR CJD Alliance 0714 sold to Gasvoda Brothers, Big Sandy, MT. • Her calving ease Final Answer dam was bred in the Ox Bow Ranch program at Wolf Creek, MT. The foundation 3rd dam is sired by Hero 6267 of RR 2418. • WMR Infinity 141 was the lead off and high selling bull at the 2012 Wheeler Mountain Ranch bull sale featured in the Accelerated Genetics A.I. lineup. Infinity offers double-digit CED +14, BW +.2, WW +79, YW +128. His first daughters in production are moderate framed, deep ribbed, nice uddered with a great disposition.
67Top Notch Angus59TOP NOTCH SWEETHEART 622• BW 88 lbs., 205 wt. 702 lbs., WWR 107 with 61 contemporaries. • Dam’s Production: 6 NR 109, 4 YR 107 – Pathfinder. She posts 4 IMF 107, 4 RE 106 and is being flushed this year at Top Notch Angus. • A maternal sister by SAV Thunderbird 9061 has been retained while a maternal sister by NA Charge On 902 sold to Armstrong Farms, Saxonburg, PA. Maternal brothers have sold to Louie Petre Ranch, Turner, MT and Bob & Carol Munson, Chinook, MT. • GMCA Ext 7726 is a sub-zero BW -1.7 EXT son selected at Midland from Gardner Muddy Creek Farms, Buffalo, WY while the Pathfinder 3rd dam was bred in the Walling Angus herd at Winifred, MT sired by Shoshone PP 7105 x QLC Target. • Her sire was selected as one of the high selling bulls in a recent Shipwheel production sale and is co-owned with Rick & Brenda Darlington, Big Sandy, MT. This far and wide son posts BW 1.4 to YW +102 spread and offers outcross genetics that is also double bred to Apex Focus 063. • A great show heifer prospect from a proven cow family.
68J L Farm60JLF VIXON 6062• Weight as of 08/27/2016 – 555 lbs. • This heifer calf won the Junior Heifer Calf Division in the Junior Show at Montana Fair and also was Reserve in the Junior Heifer Calf Division in the Open Show at Montana Fair.
69J L Farm61JLF ELAINE 6163• Weight as of 08/27/2016 – 580 lbs. • This heifer calf was Reserve in the Junior Heifer Calf Division in the Junior Show at Montana Fair.
70Vermilion Ranch62VERMILION BARBARA 5058• BW: 74 lbs., WW: 706 lbs./107, YW: 919 lbs./103 • Dam’s Production: WW 1@107, YW 1@103 • Vermilion Ranch has consigned to every NILE Angus Sale from the very beginning. They once again are consigning an outstanding bred heifer. She is a daughter of Connealy Countdown with trememndous eye appeal and performance. A deep sided, long, thick made heifer and feminine in her make-up. She will make a top brood cow. • Countdown is fast becoming recognized for his calving ease and has been used in many pure-bred and commercial herds across the country. 100 sons sold in the Vermilion Spring Sale and averaged over $7,100.00. • She is AI bred on May 2nd to the popular young Vermilion sire, Sitz Conformation 689A, high selling bull at the Sitz Sale in the fall of 2014, carrying a bull calf.
71Warner, Kevin63WARNER’S COUNTESS 502• Warner’s Countess 502 is a continuation of the great Mytty Countess cowline. 502’s greatgrandam is the superb Mytty Countess 906, dam of the famous Mytty In Focus bull. • Her sire is McFadgen’s Big Impression, son of great sire of show cattle Dameron’s First Impression. • 502 won the Open Angus show at this year’s Ravalli County Fair. • She is AI bred for February 2017 with a heifer calf out of SAV BISMARCK 5682.
72BAR 20 Genetics64Pick of Flush Sisters• Selling choice of these flush sisters and reserving the right to one flush. • These females combine the production and functionality of a SAV donor and the elite look of Gambles Safe Bet. Safe Bet needs no introduction as a show sire. He has spent plenty at the back drop and sired countless champions. The donor, SAV Emblynette 8113, is one of Wood Angus’ top donors and is the dam of many of their high sellers. • This mating has already proven itself. Wood Capone 2300 (pictured), their full brother, was Junior Champion Bull of the 2014 NAILE and 2014 Atlantic National, Grand Champion Bull of the 2013 and 2014 North Carolina State Fair, Reserve Grand Champion Bull of the 2014 West Virginia State Fair, and Reserve Junior Champion Bull of the 2014 Tennessee State Fair.
73BAR 20 Genetics64ABAR20 EMBLYNETTE 606• Tattoo 606 is the performance sister. BW 85 lbs., WW 660 lbs. She has a tone shape and dimension. It's hard to make a female this powerful and still be as sound as she is. She’s very fluid on the go and strides with plenty of reach.
74BAR 20 Genetics64BBAR20 EMBLYNETTE 608• Tattoo 608 is the looker. BW 80 lbs., WW 645 lbs. This heifer has the hair, attitude, and look of show heifer. Neat in her lines, sound built, and still carries enough shape to be competitive.
75Spencer, Clint65SPENCER LEGACY Z572• BW 87lbs., Adj. Weaning 690 lbs. • AI bred to calve March 4th to Basin Payweight 1682. She was examined safe to AI by ultrasound. • Dam’s EPDs are: BW 3.2, WW 25, YW 51 • Sire is Baldridge Oscar: BW 6.7, WW 31, YW 48. • Basin Payweight 1682 EPD: BW .2, WW 71, YW 121. Estimated EPDs of calf: BW 2.5, WW 51, YW 85. • Her Dam’s ratios: WW 9 @ 104, YW 9 @ 99. • Dam, Spencer Sarah Z472: Rito 953 with VDAR legacy on the top side and EXT 473 with Rito 8E8 5H11 Traveler on the bottom side. EXT 473 females were know for there great udders and longevity. Crossed with the great Baldrige Oscar, this bred heifer has tremendous growth and length. Dam is still producing strong at 12 years old and has 3 Midland Bull Test graduates. This heifer may be the only known daughter of Baldridge Oscar in 2015 anywhere. With a lot of help choosing a sire to mate her with, I chose Basin Payweight 1682. This will add some depth of rib and downsize her with added muscle mass. It should be a unique calf in the making. Both sides of the pedigree have standing longevity and are the foundation of many herds across america. This heifer is a larger framed heifer with lots of length. If you remember how the Oscar daughters looked, you will be able to spot her in a crowd.
76Skinner Ranch Seedstock664 FROZEN EMBRYOS (STAGE 4 GRADE 1)• The dam is a phenomenal cow that has continuously put top daughters back in Skinner’s herd. Not only is this cow in Skinner’s embryo program, but so is one of her daughters, as was her dam. • If you are looking for genetics out of a solid, proven cow that is good uddered, good footed, and production oriented, don’t miss these embryos. • The cow’s production ratios are as follows: BWR 7@100, WWR 7@103, YWR 6@102. • The grandam of these embryos was a consistent and favorite donor at Skinner Ranch with over 40 direct progeny. Her production ratios are: BWR 8@101, WWR 8@107, YWR 7@107. • HA Cowboy Up 5404 is the $350,000 record selling bull ever in Montana after topping the 2016 Hinman Angus sale to Express Ranches and Wilks Ranch. He is wide based, long spined, and sound made with an outcross pedigree.
77HC Cattle674 FROZEN EMBRYOS (GRADE 1)• MW Black Nellie Rita 032 has an outstanding record for HC Cattle. She recorded WW ratio of 4@109, YW ratio 3@103. The past two years she raised two bull calves that sold for $12,000 and $14,500 respectively. • The sire of these embryos, HA Cowboy Up is the 2016 record setting bull from the Hinman Angus program. He ranks in the top 1% of the Angus breed in seven traits; WW, YW , RADG, CW, $W, $F, and $B. He is named the “Performance Power House Bull” with a 1.5 BW EPD to a $137 YW EPD.
78Stevenson Diamond Dot685 FROZEN EMBRYOS• 5 eggs by Capitalist daughter x Sonic. • Dam of these embryos was selected as a donor because of her excellent phenotype and her dam’s success. Her dam recorded 4 BR 92 and 4 NR 107. • Donor of these embryos is only daughter from flush. Her five full brothers were featured and displayed right at the front door at the Stevenson’s Diamond Dot Sale. They were used in natural service and were highlighted by Diamond Capitalist B011 that sold for $9,500 to Connelly Angus, Valier, MT and Diamond Capitalist B013 that sold for $10,000 to Currant Creek Angus, Roundup, MT. Both these sires have many calves being weaned at Diamond Dot and are definitely keeping up with AI calves. • The dam of this donor is now deceased and was thought to be the top cow to ever graze the pastures of the Diamond Dot. She was the high selling cow in the 2014 production sale selling for $32,000. She is the dam of Diamond In The Rough that has been the lead sire in recent Stevenson’s Diamond Dot sales. In 2015 his 23 sons averages $11,163 and included the $35,000 Diamond In the Rough 0C94 to Spear U Angus and Joseph Angus of South Dakota and the $35,000 Diamond In the Rough 797B that sold to Jensen Angus of Wyoming. Other sons of this Donor include Diamond Republic 2432 to Frank Angus, Hobson, MT and Diamond Vance 3695 to Green Mountain Angus, Ryegate, MT. Another son Diamond Denver 72B6 sold for $20,000 in 2015 Stevenson’s Diamond Dot sale to Jerry Duckworth for export to Canada. Also her embryos selling in 2014 NILE topped the sale, selling to Sydenstricker Genetics. • Sire of these embryos was DL Sonic 444, the record setting bull sold in the 2015 Lewis Brothers Angus Bull Sale in South Dakota. His calves come easy with a number of herds reporting top weaning weights this fall. Sonic features outstanding EPDs with a +15 CED backed by BW -1.4, WW 75, YW 130, $W top 1%, $F top 2% and $B top 5%. Sonic is owned with Ravellette Cattle Philip, SD and Grandview Angus, Rapid City, SD.
79Idland Cattle Company694 FROZEN EMBRYOS (GRADE 1 & 2)• Donor dam is a full sister to Mill Coulee Pay Raise and Mill Coulee Payweight 419, featured at ORIgen, plus the $50,000 top selling bull in the 2016 Idland sale, ICC Payloader. • Donor Dam posts BW -1.3, to YW +114 spread. • Grandam’s production: 3 BR 96, 3 NR 111, 3 YR 106 - Pathfinder. • Full brothers to the dam sold for $47,500, $21,000 and $10,000 in the 2015 Steveson’s Diamond Dot sale while two sisters have sold for a $24,000 valuation at Denver and in the 2015 Stars of Montana sale. • Musgrave Aviator is the slam dunk, calving ease Identity son featured at ORIgen. He is homozygous TT for the Leptin gene that improves feed efficiency, appetite, marbling and maternal strength. Aviator has over 300 progeny on record in 28 herds earning high accuracy EPDs along with great feet and a docile disposition. He is co-owned by Idland Cattle Co. and Reece Idland.
80MLK Angus704 FROZEN EMBRYOS (GRADE 1 & 2)• MLK Angus is selling 4 Frozen Embryos out of Sitz Everelda Entense 1721- Flush Date Feb. 12, 2014 and sired by N Bar Emulation EXT. This 15-year-old cow is going strong. Her dam, Everelda Entense 023, sold for $300,000 and has over $1 million in progeny sales. At 14 years of age, her grandam was sold for ½ interest in 1999 for $400,000 and had over $4 million in progeny sales. She is now mounted at the Angus Hall of Fame. N Bar Emulation EXT has been one of the most widely used sires in the Angus breed. This, coupled with the longevity of the Everelda Entense family is a great combination. If you are looking for great maternal heifers with excellent udders, good feet and back-to-basics breeding, this offering would be hard to beat! The embryos are stored at Reyher Embryonics in Belgrade. Seller guarantees 2 pregnancies if implanted by a certified embryologist.
81North Camp Angus714 FROZEN EMBRYOS• This lot combines the feminine, stout made, and picture perfect uddered anchor of the North Camp donor pen, North Camp Galaxie 0530, with the $350,000 rock star of the 2016 spring sale season, HA Cowboy Up 5405. When I saw Cowboy Up for the first time at ORIgen Bull Stud this spring, I knew we had to flush 0530 to him. His overwhelming power, depth of body, and unmistakable Angus breed character combined with the maternal strength, striking look, and power of North Camp Galaxie 0530, will result in nothing short of a home run, in my opinion. Opportunities to get in on the ground floor of something legendary don’t come along often. Here is your chance to purchase the best outcross genetics to be offered during the Fall 2016 sale season, don’t miss it! • 4 embryos/Package and a 2 pregnancy guarantee if put in by a certified embryologist.
82North Camp Angus723 FROZEN EMBRYOS• This lot combines the $350,000 stud, HA Cowboy Up, with a picture perfect Barstow Cash donor for North Camp, Malsons Phantasy 64A. Cowboy Up was the talk of the 2016 spring sale season, selling to a partnership of Express Ranches in Oklahoma and Wilkes Ranch in Texas. The dam of these embryos, Phantasy 64A, is a powerfully constructed donor that possesses a phenomenal udder, and striking look from the profile. She has defined herself as a great female in our program and has a bright future in our donor pen. • 3 embryos/Package and a 1 pregnancy guarantee if put in by a certified embryologist.
83Olson Cattle Company73A4 FROZEN EMBRYOS (GRADES 1 & 2)• Dam’s Production: 5 BWR 96, 5 NR 106, 5 YR 107. She posts 2 IMF 111, RE 103. • Maternal sisters by Musgrave Big Sky sell as the choice Lot 48 in the 2016 NILE. • A maternal sister by Connealy Final Product was the $14,000 leadoff lot in the 2015 NILE selected by Bill Weller, Kadoka, SD. • Another maternal brother, OCC Ultimate Answer 118 is featured at ORIgen, Olson Cattle Co. and Basin Angus. Another maternal sister by Laflins Cutting Edge 2075 sold as a $6,000 bred heifer in the 2011 NILE selected by Madden Angus, Armstrong, IA. • HA Cowboy Up 5404 is the $350,000 record selling bull ever in Montana after topping the 2016 Hinman Angus sale to Express Ranches and Wilks Ranch. He is wide based, long spined, and sound made with an outcross pedigree.
84Olson Cattle Company73BHEIFER CALF PREGANCYRegistered Angus Recipient Dam, Due 3-9-17. – Same mating as Lot 73A.
85Olson Cattle Company744 FROZEN EMBRYOS (GRADES 1 & 2)• Dam’s Production: 4 NR 107, 3 YR 104. She posts 3 IMF 104, RE 100, Rib Fat 90, Rump Fat 94. • Grandam’s Production: 7 BWR 93, 7 NR 112, 6 YR 105. • Stems form the same cow family that produced OCC Ultimate Answer 118 featured at ORIgen, Basin Angus, and Olson Cattle Co. • Donor dam is sired by the outcross growth bull, Big Elbon of Graham 38425 that made history at Sydenstricker Genetics in Missouri and at Olson Cattle Co. He added power, volume and thickness to his progeny. • DL Sonic 444 is sthe $38,000 high selling bull in the 2015 Lewis Bros. bull sale in western South Dakota selected by Stevenson Diamond Dot, Hobson, MT and Ravellette Cattle, Philip, SD featured in the ORIgen AI lineup. He offers a BW -1.0 to YW +125 spread. This deep ribed Solution son excels in every important economic area with extra length that cattlemn like.
86Pine Coulee Angus754 FROZEN EMBRYOS (GUARANTEED 2 PREGNANCIES)• Embryos sold in past NILE to Green Mountain Angus Ranch for $1,000 each. One of the calves from those embryos sold in their 2015 sale as lot 10 for $16,000. • Another son brought $14,500 as one of the top selling bulls in the Pine Coulee Bulls 2016 sale. Five sons in the 2015 Pine Coulee Bulls sale averaged $7,000 each. • The dam of these embryos caught on the 1st AI on her first 9 calves. She just weaned her 11th calf as a 13 year old, but looks closer to 6. Ratios: BW 10 at 91. WW 10 at 102, YW 8 at 105, IMF 23 at 104, RE 23 at 97
87Top Notch Angus764 FROZEN EMBRYOS (GRADE 1)• Dam’s Production: 5 BWR 96, 5 NR 108, 4 YR 105. She posts 6 IMF 119, RE 101. • Donor dam, Diamond Lucy 75U2, is the mother of the $12,000 top selling bull in the 2011 Nissen Angus Sale, NBC, featured in the ORIgen, Diamond Dot, Currant Creek and Idland Cattle Co. programs. This easy fleshing, calving ease Final Answer posts: CED +16, BW -2.0, WW +70, YW +116. • Grandam by Basin Max 602C is the longtime donor for Stevenson’s Diamond Dot from the high performance Lucy cow family and later sold to Pearson Cattle Co., MA. • The sire of these embryos, HA Cowboy Up 5405, is the $350,000 record selling bull ever in the state of Montana. Cowboy Up topped the 2016 Hinman Angus bull sale and was selected by Express Ranches and Wilks Ranch. Cowboy Up has been collected successfully at ORIgen and is extremely popular for his tremendous growth, thickness, and eye appeal. This thick topped HA Outside 3008 son offers outcross genetics with as much performance that is under control as there is anywhere in the breed.
88Gary Wall776 FROZEN EMBRYOS (GRADE 1 & 2)• The donor dam, HA Forever Lady 6525 is a past NILE graduate as a bred heifer in the 2007 sale purchased by the Sullivan Family in Iowa from Hinman Angus, Malta, MT. She is the dam of their foundation herdsire, SJS Program 0701 and has 5 daughters in production with an average nursing ratio of 107. • The maternal lineage is built with the cowman and cow herd in mind with great Montana cow families. Breeder Dave Hinman described HA Forever Lady 6525 as a maternal masterpiece. She traces 4 times to QAS Traveler 23- 4, 3 times to PBC 707 IM F0203 and Shoshone Vantage JB 23 and 2 times to PS Power Play and Rito 2100 GDAR in 7 generations. She has no GAR or SAV bloodlines. • Two of the most influential females in the pedigree of the $350,000 HA Cowboy Up 5405 are represented in 6525’s pedigree. The dam of Image Maker, HA Rito Blackcap 9038 produced over 200 progeny at Hinman’s is the great great Grandam of Cowboy Up. The maternal grandsire of Cowboy Up, HA Program 7328 is a maternal brother to HA Forever Lady 6525. 6525’s grandam, GDAR Forever Lady 9163 sold for $52,000 to Fair View Ranch in the 1999 Hinman Angus cow sale. She was the dam of the $14,000 top selling female of the 1995 NILE sale and is considered by many as the most impressive “6807” daughter ever. • Musgrave Aviator is the popular ORIgen featured sire. He is arguably one of the greatest phenotype calving ease bulls to surface in years.
89Malek Angus Ranch785 FROZEN EMBRYOS (GRADES 1 & 2) (GUARANTEED 2 PREGNANCIES)• Seller guarantees two confirmed pregnancies if the embryos are implanted by a certified technician. • Dam’s Production: 6 NR 101, 4 YR 100. She posts 38 RE 103. She has 53 head on record with 13 sires and is the most influential donor in the Malek Angus herd. • Dam produced MAR Double XL 320, the top selling bull selected by Montana Ranch in the 2014 Malek sale now featured at ST Genetics, Montana Ranch and Adams Angus Acres, ID. • A full sister to Double XL 320 was the dam of the $21,000 top selling bull in the 2016 Malek sale to Sandpoint Cattle Co., NE sired by Fate. • Four maternal brothers to these embryos sired by Capitalist averaged $8,188 in the 2015 Malek sale. • HA Cowboy Up 5405 is the $350,000 top selling bull at the 2016 Hinman Angus sale selected by Express Ranches and Wilks Ranch. He offers an outcross pedigree from a Pathfinder dam that posts 3 NR 119 and 3 YR 114. Cowboy Up is a breed changer from a growth performance and body mass standpoint.

Club Calf Catalog
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2B & K Livestock100
3B & K Livestock101 XFree MABAngusBlackSteer2/3/16
4B & K Livestock102 I AmBlackSteer2/20/16
5B & K Livestock103 XWalks AloneAngusBlackSteer2/27/16
6Casey Bradshaw104LHJR is offering a complete, solid charolais cross steer from that is built correctly from the ground up. He offers plenty of turn and shape from his shoulders back while still moving like a cat when pulled into motion. Creamy is a Interstate on a powerful charolais donor. CharolaisCreamSteer1/5/16
7Eaton Cattle Co.105Out I-67 and a Paddy O’Malley cow this sweet little steer is a sleeper, but patterned right with a big butt and top and tying it all together with freaky smooth front end. Delia 2913BlackSteer3/7/16
8Eaton Cattle Co.106Flashy red and white Man Among Boys steer. Super sound, big butt and top. Very gentle, perfect for a first time showmen. Among BoysEBR Puss in Boots 1035Red & WhiteSteer2/29/16
9Eaton Cattle Co.107This stylish MAB steer is very complete. Putting it all together in a free moving, sound package that will not compromise in bone, foot, or power. While maintaining a soft middle and a flesh look. Among BoysEBR Senoriea Be Blue 0920Red w/BlazeSteer2/26/16
10Gale Show Cattle108Here is one gentle dude...He has a pedigree that a lot of champions have I 80 Monopoly x Irish Whiskey .....He is soft made and will be the easy feeding kind Get him bought and enjoy your summer in front of the back drops Solid black in color Miss Whiskey 315BlackSteer4/2/16
11Gale Show Cattle109
12Gale Show Cattle110
13Gale Show Cattle111
14Gary Gillett112This Dakota Gold steer combines muscle, bone and growth potential in one package. He is extremely heavy muscled while still offering balance and eye appeal in the ring. GoldAngusSmokeSteer2/12/16
15Gillespie Show Cattle113Great show profile, very thick and well balanced. ThisBlackSteer3/15/16
16Gillespie Show Cattle114Nice profile, good balance, with chrome on the face CleanBlack BaldySteer3/18/16
17Gillespie Show Cattle115Steer with a lot of future it DoneBlackSteer3/20/16
18Gillespie Show Cattle116Super thick, beefy, very well put together't MeBlackSteer3/23/16
19Herring Angus117This calf is moderate and stout with all the flexibility you could ask for. He moves out very nicely, filling his track with ease and comfort, yet he still has plenty of muscle shape over his top and through his lower quarter with ample rib shape. He is sweet mannered and undoubtedly good haired as well. He will be good for a later county fair. Pictured is sire, Monopoly for attention.
20Herring Angus118This guy is just flat classy! He is extremely stylish made with all the power you would need. His neck ties high in his shoulder and gives him a killer show steer look! He is square made, heavy boned and moves soundly off all four corners. He has right amount of chrome to catch the judges eye and make sure them remember you. To top it off he is puppy dog gentle! Pictured is sire, Monopoly for attention. SonGCC DubaiBlack & WhiteSteer3/19/16
21Herring Angus119If color is your thing, this uniquely color patterned steer is for you! Oh, but wait color isn’t his only attribute! He is clean jointed, correct at the ground, plenty of mass and body with a big top and cool hip. Overall a very eye appealing steer! Very gentle as well! Pictured is sire, Monopoly for attention. SonYellow Jacket SonRed & WhiteSteer4/18/16
22Herring Angus120By far the greenest steer in our offering at the time of this writing but don’t discount him for that. Keep feeding, he is going to be a looker! He is very eye appealing with a long square hip and smooth shoulder all the while being long spined and correct in his overall design. He is big footed and boned and has plenty of middle rib shape to make a great fat steer. With a splash of chrome, he is sure to catch your eye. Pictured is sire, Unfinished Business for attention. BusinessCotton MouthBlack & WhiteSteer3/16/16
23SidBar Cattle121Functional is the word that comes to mind when you see this brockle faced steer. He is sound, deep ribbed, square hipped and smooth shouldered. The easy feeding kind. He is quiet mannered and good to be around with TONS of hair. Pictured is sire, Whizard for attention. JohnBlk Brockel FaceSteer3/31/16
24KMR Club Calves122This steer will be a powerhouse. His tremendous growth combined with the massive body that he has, will turn any judges head. He is nicely balanced with tremendous rib shape that comes into a tremendous hip and lower quarter. His sheer mass will be sure to turn heads and compete all day long. x SimmBlackSteer2/1/16
25KMR Club Calves123This moderate framed steer had been a head turner since the day he hit the ground. He is sharp fronted, big middled and massive when you get behind him. He had a huge hip that carries down deep into his quarter. This little guy has a definite look about him that will grab you. ThatAngus x SimmBlackSteer2/5/16
26KMR Club Calves124This is a sleeper steer. He is very nicely balanced and will have that look that will turn a judge’s head every time. He is pretty fronted, smooth made and simply attacks his feed pan. He is light in his picture above so be sure to look him up show day to see how he has come into his own and what a nice steer he will be. Another plus for him is that he is super gentle! x SimmBlackSteer2/4/16
27KMR Club Calves125A really nice steer that has the depth and dimension to be very competitive. He is nicely balanced, smooth made and structurally correct. He weaned hard so we were unable to get a good picture but he is gaining extremely well and will be hard to beat when he comes into NILE. Be sure to look him up! Sire picture for attention: Rodger That ThatAngus x SimmBlackSteer2/1/16
28M & M Livestock126This steer is simply a beast! He is big topped, big middle and big boned. He has the growth and performance coupled with just the right look that will get you to the winner’s circle numerous times. We ran out of daylight before we could get him pictured. Don’t miss him show day! Sire pictured for attention: Rebel Soul SoulAngus x SimmBlackSteer2/5/16
29M & M Livestock127This is easily our thickest made steer this year. He has a massive top and a huge hip. He carries down into his lower quarter with that tremendous thickness and prowls around on a huge foot. This is easily your carcass steer supreme! And to top it off he is a big kitten! A great prospect for the beginner showman! StallionAngus x SimmBlackSteer2/7/16
30Birdtail Ranch128Breed showman take notice of this guy…this Registered Angus Steer will compete! He is super nicely balanced, extremely thick topped and he carries tremendous thickness down into his lower quarter. He comes from a program that is known for performance and carcass. This little guy will be a head turner in the end for anyone. Sells with registration papers. Ultimate Answer 425BTR Queen 455BlackSteer2/23/16
31Krazy Kreft Club Calves129Full Brother was many times Champion in Wisconsin. Our calves were photographed 2 weeks after weaning and 7 days with halter Among BoysAngusBlackSteer4/2/16
32Krazy Kreft Club Calves130Tremendous steer with a great future ahead of him. Our calves were photographed 2 weeks after weaning and 7 days with halter
33Krazy Kreft Club Calves131Our calves were photographed 2 weeks after weaning and 7 days with halter
34Krazy Kreft Club Calves132Our calves were photographed 2 weeks after weaning and 7 days with halter
35Laramie Co. Comm College 1133 Among BoysMission StatementRedSteer3/1/16
36Laramie Co. Comm College 1134 SonSimmentalBlackSteer3/1/16
37Laramie Co. Comm College 1135PB Hereford steer able to be registered RockPB HerefordPB HerefordSteer3/1/16
38Laramie Co. Comm College 2136 WhiskeyBlackSteer3/1/16
39Laramie Co. Comm College 2137 OakBlackSteer3/1/16
40Laramie Co. Comm College 2138 PickBlackSteer3/1/16
41Mark Bullinger139 CrossBattle CryEye CandyHereford MarkedSteer2/15/16
42Mark Bullinger140 CrossBattle CryEye CandyBlackSteer2/21/16
43Mark Bullinger141 CrossBattle CryEye CandyBlackSteer2/21/16
44Matt Saur142 SonMaine XBlackSteer3/18/16
45Meagan Koster143This calf is a good one out of a first calf heifer, give him a little more time on feed and he’ll keep getting better. He has all the right pieces. YoursJesse James/ChopperBlackSteer3/30/16
46Meagan Koster144This guy is a showstopper. He’s been good from the day he was born and continues to get better. The amount of bone and muscle, mixed with his color will get everyone’s attention. Among BoysChopperBlack & WhiteSteer3/15/16
47Meagan Koster145This calf has plenty of hair, bone, body, and muscle, now all he needs is some time on feed. He’s going to be a good one. Among BoysWalks Alone/ShorthornRed & WhiteSteer3/28/16
48Miller Cattle146
49Miller Cattle147 DeedsSimm/MaineBlackSteer3/20/16
50NWC Livestock/Black Summit148COOL DUDE! Describes this one. Freaky fronted and stout enough. 4BSUM Miss 858Steer4/13/16
51NWC Livestock/Black Summit149A big, stout baldie. Should be easy feeding. Out of a great simi cow. CryBSUM Miss 085Black BaldySteer4/11/16
52NWC Livestock/Black Summit150Could be the best fat steer we brought. A notch bigger and sound as a cat. 4BSUM Miss 311Steer4/8/16
53NWC Livestock/Black Summit151A moderate framed, powerfully constructed steer. Will be very tough in later shows. 4BSUM Miss 813Steer4/1/16
54OK Cattle152 Made WhoBlackSteer3/18/16
55OK Cattle153 Made WhoBlackSteer3/16/16
56OK Cattle154 WhiskyMonopolyBlackSteer3/14/16
57OK Cattle155 SenatorOne and OnlyBlackSteer3/19/16
58Otis Ranch156
59Otis Ranch157
60Pendley Cattle Services158Don’t miss this powerful one. He’s got eye catching color and is sound, easy feeding package. TrainEye CandyWhiteSteer3/11/16
61Pendley Cattle Services159Super stout calf with lots of bone and power. Big bodied, square hipped and sound. JamesGold RushBlackSteer5/1/16
62Probst Livestock160A calf who we fill has as much potential to be in the purple as any he is just a little greener at this point. He is big hipped and cool fronted as they come. Picture of sire One in the Chamber for attention. In The ChamberHairyBlackSteer3/9/16
63Probst Livestock161This calf is sired by Nun Better. He gets better everyday and is easy to appreciate. Just look at the way this calf is made smooth fronted and big butted! BetterPayback x PaddyBlack w/BlazeSteer2/22/16
64Probst Livestock162Here is a beast of a Monopoly steer. He is deep, thick and soggy. These kind of steers feed easy and win! x AngusBlack BaldySteer2/20/16
65Probst Livestock163This One in the Chamber is really something special. He is very hard to fault! We think he is very good!!! In The ChamberRocky BalboaBlackSteer3/4/16
66Seth & Ashleigh Probst164Here comes another blue Texas Tornado just like the famous “Smurf” that was shown so successfully by Isabelle Lowry this last year. This calf is stout and pretty. He will be fun to have in the show string! TornadoSimm x AngusBlue Roan/WhtSteer2/21/16
67Seth & Ashleigh Probst165Yet another blue Texas Tornado that is made as stout as they come. He has huge top and butt but notice how pretty fronted he is! TornadoSimm/AN/ShorthornBlue Roan/WhtSteer2/24/16
68Seth & Ashleigh Probst166This blond colored calf is really pretty but he packs as much red meat as you could put in one. He is big topped, long, and stout and is sure going to be fun to feed! Pictured is sire American Sniper for attention. SniperOrange CrushYellowSteer2/26/16
69Seth & Ashleigh Probst167Another blond Sniper that is really deep sided and pretty fronted. Stout and sound calf that is easy on the eyes! SniperBodaciousYellowSteer2/21/16
70Reece Idland168This sharp looking baldy has the hair and growth to make him a force to be reckoned with XLuckyICC Crimson Secret 309Red PaintSteer3/3/16
71Reece Idland169This fancy red paint steer is sure to catch the eye of a judge when he hits the ring. Let his big hip and style get you to the back drop! XLuckyGNCC Goldendrop 550A ETRed PaintSteer3/2/16
72Reece Wilkins170Lots of style and really thick. Half sister was calf champion in Phoenix and the reserve champion Nile club calf heifer. Everything his mother has raised as been a Winner! Pictured is the half sister for attention. PointMuhammadBlack Wht FaceSteer3/16/16
73Reece Wilkins171Super gentle, Big Footed, Big Bone, Thick, and Super Hairy! Steers mother has raised many Champions. 1/2 brother was 3rd high Shorthorn at OYE in Oklahoma. Pictured is half brother for attention Among BoysX-Ray VisionRed & WhiteSteer3/13/16
74Roberts Cattle/Heffner Cattle172 WhiskeyRed & WhiteSteer3/5/16
75Roberts Cattle/Heffner Cattle173 GoldAli x AngusSmokeSteer3/15/16
76Roberts Cattle/Heffner Cattle174
77Sarah & Alan Skalsky175This level topped big hipped shorthorn angus cross steer is sure to be a stand out in the show ring. He is a free moving large boned calf that offers the potential to hang a high cut ability carcass. ShorthornBlackSteer3/29/16
78Shay Brothers176This calf is deep and wide x AngusBlackSteer3/5/16
79Shay Brothers177Very nice calf with markings sure to catch the judges eye. Young Money is a hot new sire out of Eye Candy. MoneyChore Boy x Paddy O'MalleyRed & WhiteSteer3/27/16
80Shay Family Livestock178This steer is very soft made with a lot of power. His pedigree is some of the hottest in the industry. GoldUnstoppable x AngusSmokeSteer3/18/16
81Tanner Jensen179 Combustible Y34BlackSteer3/22/16
82Tanner Jensen180 X01Steer3/20/16
83Tanner Jensen181 Bandwagon 513ABlackSteer3/12/16
84TSR Ranch182A big topped, deep sided steer with a smooth and pretty front end. Great hair, structural correctness and a great appetite to be a winner. BullAngus XBlackSteer3/5/16
85TSR Ranch183Here is a big topped, big ribbed steer with lots of expressive muscle. Great hair, feet, and legs. His gentle and calm disposition is an added plus. XBlackSteer3/8/16
86TSR Ranch184 WorriesHeatwaveBlackSteer3/12/16
87Ty Shockley185Look for pictures of calves coming soon to MasBlack & WhiteSteer3/18/16
88Ty Shockley186Look for pictures of calves coming soon to MasWhiteSteer3/28/16
89Ty Shockley187Look for pictures of calves coming soon to SpecialBlackSteer4/19/16
90Ty Shockley188Look for pictures of calves coming soon to MasWhiteSteer3/25/16
91Tyrell Steben189Very nice calf with markings sure to catch the judges eye. Young Money is a hot new sire out of Eye Candy. WhiskeyBlack & WhiteSteer3/15/16
92Tyrell Steben190 PlayBlackSteer3/2/16
93Vanek Cattle Services191
94Vanek Cattle Services192 Crimson Secret 309Steer
95Vanek Cattle Services193
96Vanek Cattle Services194
97W Lazy 5 Cattle195Stout smaller framed steer with a great attitude. This one is gonna make a great project for any level showman. He’s big hipped, wide topped, and his blaze face makes him really stand out. His full sib showed well in the 2015 NILE AOB breeding show last year and was Overall Grand Champion breeding heifer at her County Fair!! Let this guy get you to the Winner’s Circle!! UpBlack w/BlazeSteer3/9/16
98Wellner Cattle196Super disposition, smaller frame. Would make a great one for a first timer. CandyJuneauBlack & WhiteSteer4/2/16
99Wellner Cattle197Puppy gentle rock solid black baldy that’s doubled up on Eye Candy CandyMerg Right/ Eye CandyBlack BaldySteer3/19/16
100Wellner Cattle198This one’s got a lot of show presence; needs an experienced showman CandyBlackfoot/365Black BlazeSteer3/18/16
101Wellner Cattle199Full sib to the 2016 high selling NILE female CandyRSVP/DividendBlack & WhiteSteer3/29/16
102Chase Wellner200Big hipped, stout and hairy, sired by the two time NILE Champion, Fully Charged. ChargedSunseekerBlackSteer3/23/16
103West Show Stock201 CloneSteer4/7/16
104West Show Stock202 FootballSteer3/26/16
105West Show Stock203 Man ShuSteer4/1/16
106WW Cattle204Shaggy, whistle fronted, long extended steer who your going to want in your show string next season WorriesJesse James/BodaciousBlackSteer2/28/16
107WW Cattle205Want that show steer look and style? well he’s got plenty of it! Whistle fronted, big hipped and level made. ThatBritish WhiteBlackSteer3/7/16
108WW Cattle206Easy going, easy feeding steer who’s powerful topped and thick ended BelieveMytty In FocusBlackSteer3/6/16
109WW Cattle207Meat wagon alert! Stout, thick made steer who’s sappy bellied, easy feeding and set with comfort on all four to the ground. BelieveLuttonBlackSteer3/10/16
110Tyler Young208This is a long and deep bodied, big hipped, smooth made, extremely sound steer that is really starting to hair back up. He has been extremely gentle to work with so would make a great project for any level of showman. His picture really doesn’t show the full potential of this calf so come take a good look you won’t be disappointed. Man ShuChi/MaineBlackSteer3/16/16
111Tyler Young209If you have a younger showman that is looking for a quality project this is the steer for you. He is a smooth made, good haired, very sound steer with lots of potential. Pictured is sire, Fu Man Chu for attention. Man ShuDraft Pick x AngusBlackSteer3/12/16
112Young’s Show Cattle210This steer is the real deal, big hipped, big bone, big hair, big ribbed and cool to look at all in a sound package. What fun you could have dragging this one to shows. He has been one of the ranch favorites since the day he was born. And oh what a joy to work with, great for any showman on any level. Come see for yourself, it’s a good picture but it doesn’t show his full potential. Don’t miss this one if you want to have a great year in the show ring. DeliverHobart (Angus)BlackSteer3/27/16
113Young’s Show Cattle211From head to tail the complete package with his best days still ahead of him. If winning fat steer shows is your objective this one is a must see, great hair, big hipped, smooth shouldered, great fronted, and extremely sound. Oh yeah and a disposition that you will enjoy working with. Man ShuHigh SocietyBlackSteer3/22/16
114Young’s Show Cattle212This steer is a little younger than our other entries, but is starting to catch up. He has the right parts, good hip, good rib, good fronted, great hair, and sound as you want one to be. Appears that his best days are still ahead of him. Pictured is sire, Safe N Sound for attention. N SoundDraft PickBlackSteer4/12/16
115Young’s Show Cattle213Here is a silver and white colored steer that should have a future full of purple banners. He has what it takes to win, stout made, big boned, great haired, cool necked, and cocky. Don’t take my word for it come see for yourself you don’t want to miss this one. GoldHigh SocietyWhiteSteer3/25/16
116B & K Livestock300 AloneBlackHeifer2/20/16
117B & K Livestock301 MABEye CandyBlackHeifer4/15/16
118B & K Livestock302
119B & K Livestock303 Angus XFu Man ShuReg. Red AngusRedHeifer2/1/16
120Bromenshenk Farms304 CandyAngus / MaineBlackHeifer2/28/16
121Bromenshenk Farms305 GoldAngus/Bold ManuverBlack & WhiteHeifer3/1/16
122Bromenshenk Farms306 Among BoysMaine CrossRed & WhiteHeifer4/2/16
123Bromenshenk Farms307 PerfectionAli x AngusBlackHeifer4/7/16
124Cody Lacy308 CompKing KongHeifer2/11/16
125Gale Show Cattle309An extremely attractive maintainer heifer that can go a lot of directions .....She can be dual registered ....This heifer has the hair ,the look ,and the bone to be very competitive as a show heifer then make her new owner a whale of a cow Dice x AngusBlackHeifer3/17/16
126Gale Show Cattle310Here is a big bellied sound made black baldy heifer with white socks and a hint of blue roan color . She will catch the judges eye , super gentle ,soft made with a freaky front end. Buy with confidence she is from a cow that don’t miss GoldCMG Miss Manchild 910Black BaldyHeifer3/15/16
127Gale Show Cattle311A really nice made Unstoppable heifer that will show and then make a great cow x AngusRedHeifer4/20/16
128Gale Show Cattle312
129Gary Gillett313This Eye Candy heifer is extremely deep bodied and soft flanked. She stands square on all fours offering an extreme amount of maternal quality. CandySimm x AngusBlackHeifer2/27/16
130Gillespie Show Cattle314Brockel face, super profile. Maternal Look. WorriesNasty HabitBlack BrockelHeifer3/25/16
131Gillespie Show Cattle315Thick, very moderate ChestBlackHeifer3/21/16
132Heart J Show Cattle316
133Heart J Show Cattle317
134Idland Cattle Co318This extrememly fancy, big belly heifer is out of one of Monopoly’s full sisters and a pronounced show bull in the Angus breed. She looks amazing on the profile and just as impressive when she’s out hitting her stride. StyleStockridge HarmonyBlackHeifer3/2/16
135Idland Cattle Co319This painted up heifer is an eye catcher for more than just her color. The power in this heifer makers her a real competitor in the market heifer shows. Combine power and style for a champion! A full sister sold to Kroupa’s through Garwood sale for $9000! GritMeyer 734 - Coleman DonnaGrey PaintHeifer3/3/16
136KMR Club Calves320This is a super neat heifer who has turned a lot of heads this summer. She is super neat fronted, big ribbed and tracks about a true as they come. She is super nicely balanced and will definitely grab your attention! A half sister by Walks Alone was purchased through the 2015 NILE sale by the Shay Family and they had great success with her. Man ShuAngus x SimmBlackHeifer2/5/16
137KMR Club Calves321his is one of the neatest heifers we have offered for sale. She is moderate framed, fancy fronted and about as balanced as you can ask for. This heifer was a little light coming off the cow but by show time she will make you stop and go…WOW! Don’t miss her sale day. StallionAngus x SimmBlackHeifer2/17/16
138KMR Club Calves322This little baldy heifer is as pretty as you can ask a heifer to be. She is super fancy fronted and really nice in her lines. She has just the right amount of white to make her a show stopper. She weaned a little hard, so we simply could not get a good picture of her early. Don’t miss her sale day. Sire pictured for attention: Unstoppable x SimmBlack BaldyHeifer2/24/16
139KMR Club Calves323Super neat little heifer who is about as stout as they come. She has the squeaky tight front end that everyone wants and the depth and dimension of body that will make her tough to beat. This heifer will definitely be a show stopper. Don’t miss her sale day. Sire pictured for attention: Rodger That ThatAngus x SimmBlackHeifer3/6/16
140M & M Livestock324One could say this heifer is as long as a freight train… but with the length she has the mass and dimension to balance. She is big topped and square hipped. She has the growth and performance to make an exceptional mamma cow for anyone. We simply ran out of time getting her pictured. Pictured is sire Fu Man Chu for attention. Man ShuAngus x SimmBlackHeifer2/17/16
141M & M Livestock325This is a really nice heifer who is balanced in her make-up and stylish in her design. She is super fronted, big ribbed and big footed. She will turn some heads all day long for anyone who buys her and then will turn to into one fabulous steer maker! A half-sister by Springsteen was in our Champion Pen of Three Heifers and sold to the Hafer Family. Again she was just too light to picture at this time. Pictured is sire Italian Stallion for attention. StallionAngus x SimmBlackHeifer2/9/16
142Krazy Kreft Club Calves326Super fancy heifer with a great disposition. Our calves were photographed 2 weeks after weaning and 7 days with halter
143Krazy Kreft Club Calves327She is a fancy heifer with a splash of color. Our calves were photographed 2 weeks after weaning and 7 days with halter Among BoysAngusBlack w/BlazeHeifer4/5/16
144Laramie Co. Comm College 1328 SonAngus x SimmWhiteHeifer3/1/16
145Laramie Co. Comm College 2329 Force x Forever LadyBlackHeifer3/1/16
146Mark Bullinger330 CrossBattle CryEye CandyRedHeifer2/7/16
147Markus Koch331 Among BoysTiger Woods / HerefordHeifer
148Markus Koch332 TornadoAliasHeifer
149Matt Saur333 SonMaine CrossRedHeifer4/1/16
150Matt Saur334 SonDr. HookBlack & WhiteHeifer3/21/16
151Matt Saur335 SonMaine CrossBlackHeifer3/25/16
152Meagan Koster336This heifer had a slow start but has bloomed since being on feed. This one will be an awesome show heifer, and produce winning calves for you down the road, just like her mom. Among BoysAngusBlackHeifer3/4/16
153Miller Cattle337 MaleBlackHeifer4/7/16
154Miller Cattle338
155NWC Livestock/Black Summit339 4BSUM Miss 963Heifer4/28/16
156NWC Livestock/Black Summit340 Miss Angus 049Heifer4/12/16
157NWC Livestock/Black Summit341Moderate, stout and sound. Will make a nice cow after her show career. Man ShuBSUM Miss 723Heifer4/1/16
158NWC Livestock/Black Summit342A very nice Monopoly heifer that will run with the best of them. Super soft, big bellied and sound! 4BSUM Miss 2103Heifer4/3/16
159Pendley Cattle Services343Super flashy red and white female that balances from the side and has plenty of power from behind. BullEye CandyRed & WhiteHeifer3/18/16
160Probst Livestock344Wow!! This is one we will definitely regret selling. She is a show stopper and it runs in the family. BalboaSugar RushBlack & WhiteHeifer2/6/16
161Probst Livestock345This Monopoly heifer is out of one of our best cows that never misses. Just like her Momma she is as good as it gets. WhoBlackHeifer2/16/16
162Probst Livestock346She is good sized and has enough chrome to get her noticed. She also has a wonderful disposition. Pictured is sire Nun Better for attention. BetterTiger WoodsBlack & WhiteHeifer2/25/16
163Seth & Ashleigh Probst347Peaches will definitely be a highlight and one you need to mark twice and circle her lot number. Her pedigree screams success. She is put together as good as any we have ever seen. She is extremely gentle and will get noticed with that color. Made WhoRedHeifer2/21/16
164Seth & Ashleigh Probst348Another one bred and built the same way. A beautiful, square made heifer that will be fun to show! Made WhoBlackHeifer3/2/16
165Reece Wilkins349Super Fancy, Thick and Pretty. Great show Prospect! Will make a cow when your done. Mother was many times a Champion, and is registered as a Power Plus. Pictured is half brother for attention. Among BoysX-Ray VisionRed & WhiteHeifer3/16/16
166Roberts Cattle/Heffner Cattle350 CharolaisSmokeHeifer3/16/16
167Roberts Cattle/Heffner Cattle351 WhiskeyBlackHeifer3/17/16
168Sarah & Alan Skalsky352This black heifer is extremely long and feminine fronted combined with a substantial amount of muscle that will inject style and growth into future progeny.
169Sarah & Alan Skalsky353Balance, muscle and a good disposition are just the beginning of this fancy heifer. She is a wider based and chested heifer that offers an extreme amount of width dimension from a profile and rear view carrying her muscle deep into her hind quarter. She is extremely level hipped and clean fronted while still offering a substantial amount of rib and maternal quality. XUncle SiSNS Cattle Little SugRed & WhiteHeifer4/11/16
170Shay Brothers354A very feminine heifer that shows lots of potential with lots of hair. Young Money is a hot new sire out of Eye Candy. MoneySin City x AngusBlackHeifer3/14/16
171Shay Brothers355This heifer is long with a nice front end. She has a lot of hair. Young Money is a hot new sire out of Eye Candy. MoneyBalboa x Paddy O'MalleyBlackHeifer3/20/16
172Shay Family Livestock356This heifer is a show piece and will make a tremendous cow. She was already Reserve Champion at our county fair. x AngusSmokeHeifer3/11/16
173Tanner Jensen357 Bismark 420Heifer2/26/16
174Tanner Jensen358 Knight 209Pine Coulee Bessie B56BlackHeifer1/16/16
175Tanner Jensen359 Combustible Y34StreamSide Lady Blackbird Z50BlackHeifer3/21/16
176Tanner Jensen360 Bandwagon 513ARight AnswerBlackHeifer3/8/16
177Ty Shockley361Winning is in her lineage, as her granddam was the Supreme Champion Female at the 100th Wyoming State Fair. Look for pictures of calves coming soon to ShockleyCattle/ Ambrose 12BBlackHeifer3/12/16
178Ty Shockley362This big ribbed 3/4 angus 1/4 simmental heifer has already proven herself in the showring, being named the Reserve Champion Prospect Heifer at the Wyoming State Fair! Look for pictures of calves coming soon to LA-A 31BBlackHeifer3/17/16
179Tyrell Steben363 CrossHi Ho SilverFelonyYellow/WhiteHeifer3/10/16
180Tyrell Steben364 CrossHi Ho SilverTroubadourYellow PaintHeifer3/20/16
181W Lazy 5 Cattle365Want color? This mating combination has been good to us. This gal’s full sister showed well in the Junior AOB breeding show at the NILE last year, was Overall Reserve Champion breeding heifer at the county fair, and is going to make a great cow for us. This one is no different and will not disappoint. She’s an eye catcher for sure. XMan Among BoysPB ShorthornRed & WhiteHeifer3/15/16
182W Lazy 5 Cattle366Nice cherry red heifer here!! She is plenty stout, clean fronted and tracks as good as any out there. We’ve had our eye on this one since day one. She has a great attitude and is going to make an awesome project for someone. XDakota GoldPB ShorthornRed & WhiteHeifer3/15/16
183W Lazy 5 Cattle367FANCY, FANCY!!! This gal is really something and she knows it. The kids call her Prancer. She is stout with a ton of lower quarter. This one is definitely made right with a ton of eye appeal and the right balance of power and femininity. You’ll want this one in your herd after she’s done with what is going to be a great show career. XDakota GoldShorthorn BVH Joanie 204Red & WhiteHeifer3/18/16
184Wellner Cattle368Eye Candy x Denver. Honestly this one shouldn’t leave the ranch but I had to pay for my Alaskan cruise! CandyDenverBlack & WhiteHeifer3/16/16
185Wellner Cattle369Top donor potential that is a maternal sister to Bromenshenk’s 2013 purchase (Oakley) that was a major player in 2014 CandyJuneauBlackHeifer3/31/16
186West Show Stock370She is good sized and has enough chrome to get her noticed. She also has a wonderful disposition. Pictured is sire Nun Better for attention. TornadoHeifer3/23/16
187WW Cattle371A refined feminine fronted heifer who is smooth, angular, sound legged with your show ring look JamesAliBlackHeifer2/19/16
188WW Cattle372This heifer has dimension of rib and body being easy fleshing and will be easy to maintain as a cow JamesNauticaBlackHeifer2/15/16
189WW Cattle373Cocky built extended heifer who has plenty of rib and body combined with being sound structured That50/50BlackHeifer2/29/16
190WW Cattle374A big ribbed soggy bellied easy feeding female who has all the attributes you could want in a heifer to collect banners and turn into your brood donor. PlusYoung MoneyHeat WaveBlackHeifer3/6/16

Performance Horse
Click on table row to learn more about the lot#

1ConsignorVideoLot#InfoCommentsPictureName of HorseRegistration ColorSex
2Dennis Bacon701Nice gelding that has been used on the ranch and been around lots of cattle. He stops good, goes where pointed and has been worked on the flag and live cattle in the cutting pen. Would make a great heel on calf horses. He is easy to be around and has been handled a lot. Not a bronc or a mean horse. Good using gelding coming into the prime of his life. Very well bred and wants to please. FMI call Scott Hulme (208) 220-7411 Little Dual5471637BayGelding
3Hardy Performances Horses702This good natured gelding could have a big future as a barrel horse, or heading horse. He is still growing and should mature at 15-2 or 15-3. His sire, Suchanimage, SI 103, is the sire of many money winning barrel horses. Chromeismyimage has had a lot of ranch riding, and has the foundation you need to work him on the barrels this fall and winter. No problems with this nice gelding. He's been on our ranch all his life, is sound, and should make a good prospect for some lucky barrel racer. TobianoGelding
4Dan Myers703"Chip" is a big time head horse that has a ton of run and can really face. He scores great. He is also one of the nicest outside horses I have ever rode. Power Chip4665872BlackGelding
5Bradley Shaw704100% 48" tall broke to ride and drive. Ranch sorts broke for anyone. Kind pony trail rides and cattle drives in the badlands. Loves attention from people
6LaVonne Westland705This is a nice, 9 year old gelding that was raised and ridden on the ranch. He travels good, is loaded with cow, and has a huge stop. We have been heeling on him this summer and he shows a lot of promise. 14.3 hands, 1100 lbs He is gentle for anyone who can ride. Call Justin Warneke for more info 406-217-5609 Smart Diamond4994060SorrelGelding
7TNT QUARTER HORSES LLC7062001 Sorrel gelding. He has been shown since a 2 year old at Cutting, Working Cowhorse, and Ranch Horse Competitions. Wy. State Fair – champion twice, Nile champion – twice, Black Hills Stockshow champion – twice, C.S.S.H.A champion – four times, C.W.C.C. champion - 1000 Novice horse Cutting, Sugar Bars Legacy Champion – twice. He is sound, great to be around and fun to ride. He can stand time off. Ideal for High School cutters, ranching, roping or cutters. Gentle… more info 307-751-4821 HICKORY MR4172163SorrelGelding
8Tim and Alison McGrady707Pistol is super classy two year old by up and coming young sire Smart Shiner Nic and out of a Daughter of Sparkin Express. Modern cowhorse sucess paired with old school versitility. His sire has over $28,000 in NRCHA earnings along with NCHA $ and AQHA points to his credit. This colt has been fun and easy to star and will have over 60 days under saddle by sale time. Pistol will be able to excell in multiple events and have the brains to be able to hold up his end on the ranch as well. Shiner Two Dee5652732ChesnutGelding
9Mark Gatrell708Fancy grade gelding out of a Driftwood stud. Used as an all around horse inside out. Excells as a turnback--heel--calf horse. Super broke and willing to please. Always had the best of care. Watch him in the preview.
10Cass & Tandi Jo709This stocky ranch mare is a nice ranch horse. At 15.2 hands she can do anything you ask of her. Done all aspects of ranch work. 10 year old girl riding her this summer and they have done great together! This mare is gentle and easy to ride for just about anyone. Don't pass her up! Call 406.975.6227 for more information Bar Chica 0735575512sorrelMare
11Mike Mitton710We have owned Red since he was a weanling. He has a lot of personality and is fun to ride. He has been shown in reining and has had cutting training. We have raised some real nice colts out of him and they all have his easy to train disposition Sired by Taylor Tivio Jr 2001 URCHA year end award winner Dam Quanahs Red Pepper Idaho High School Rodeo cutting champ Dry Tivio4508627SorrelStallion
12Keith Marquart7117 ye old geld . Been used extensively on the ranch . Very Cowy !has had cattle roped outside and will be started out of the box . Has lots of fun and can really stop . From dragging calves to loading trucks and all things in between . He done it and is still doing it. Fancy Clark52620805SorrelGelding
13Josh Lilley712Big start pretty ranch/rope horse that has done every ranch job that needs done. Drug calves, sorted heifers, gathered yearlings doctored outside this guy has done it all. Also a very nice rope horse. Ropes both ends in the roping pen. Gentle for anyone! O Wily Man5223868GrullaGelding
14Dennis or Holly Ginkens713I have smoky very well started. Have been working some cattle with him. He has been rode outside all summer. Smoky saddles up gentle every day. I think he will be a outstanding ranch and arena horse. Very kind and gentle. KARAT5621257GreyGelding
15CT Ripley714Nice, gentle, pretty, big gelding 15.3 hands tall, 1200 pounds. Won 2nd in the NILE 2 yr old futurity 4 years ago. Been used for all kinds of ranch work, not much roping outside but has followed the heel-o-matic and drug lots of calves to the five. Excellent horse in mountains, riding or packing. Been ridden by lots of different people--several women. Not kid broke but gentle enough for a kid or woman that can ride. A Little cinchy when fresh, but has never bucked. No bad habits. Easy to catch and handle. For more info (406) 530-4574 Dixie Bubba5334208SorrelGelding
16Swenson-Martin Horse & Cattle Co.715Big solid home raised gelding that is just made to be a good head horse. This gelding has been ranched on for a full year and has been through calving, drug calves to the fire, and roped & doctored yearlings in the pasture. He is AQHA Ranching Heritage nominated and will be shown in the 4 yr old Working Ranch class at the 2016 NILE RHC. For more pics & video go to www.swensonmartinhorses.com Peptos Red Cowboy5471713Bay RoanGelding
17Dan Myers716"Preacher" is a well started head horse that anyone can ride. He is great outside and has been rode on the trail extensively. He is easy to shoe and haul and has no buck. RoanMare
18Big Sky Performance Horses717This cute filly has had six months professional training with Travis Young. She is good on a cow and is going to be a big stopper. A very willing filly who has been started right. Call Travis 406-321-0734 with any questions N quick5739140SorrelMare
19Jana Perry718Joe is a finished head horse, been hauled to jackpots and won on. Jackpot ready in the barrel racing. Been used for all aspects of ranch work. He is big, pretty and an excellent mover. He is gentle for any level of rider. Excellent conformation and feet. Sound. To try out before the sale please call Clayton 406-861-2064 Meet Joe Cool5402019SorrelGelding
20Ryan Smith719Stout well built ranch horse with lots of potential. Keep him at home or finish out in the arena. Have been roping the hot heels on him and started lightly heading on him. Have roped some outside cattle on him and drug lots of calves to the fire. Ranched on in the little Misouri breaks, he is sure footed in the rough country and crosses the river without hesitation. McKeag5399734Bay RoanGelding
21Tara Welborn720Zeus is a 9yr old grade gelding. He is broke broke broke. He's been on the ranch his whole life, drug calves to the fire, doctored cows, and been used in the feedlot. Zeus goes anywhere and will do anything you want him to. He's been used at numerous rodeos to chase cattle and other bucking stock out of the arena. Good to shoe, bath, clip and haul anywhere. He is cowy and wants to please everybody. Up to date on vaccines and worming.
22Jon & Angel Craft721Good minded young horse that we have been doing the chores on the ranch. Has a big walk to him and it smooth gaited and can cover some country. Tough with a lot of bottom to him. Nice heeling prospect. Has had a lot of country miles covered on him and is really gentle to be around. Loads right in the trailer and good about most everything. Nice handy sized horse with a lot of heart and bottom. Lion King5503786GrayGelding
23Camp Quarter Horses Inc.722Cats is gentle broke gelding and wants to please. He rides gentle and broke to the bridle. He is an elegant mover with a big stop! He's been hauled and used at cuttings and is great lesson horse. He is ready to go in any direction. Call for more information 406-425-4608 Sugar Man5351684Sorrel Gelding
24Jim Davis723"Nicki" is an AQHA point earner in reining and team roping and a 2012 Youth World Show qualifier in heeling. This mare has a lot of run and will get a hold with a lot of stop. Seasoned for any level of roper and enough talent to haul to the big ones. Very pretty mare, gentle disposition, hauls great, easy to catch, shoe, load, bathe, and clip. She has been a great horse for me and will be a valuable addition to anyone's program. It In A Mudslide4705758SorrelMare
25Bond Ranch724This is a super nice two year old colt, will have 90 days riding by sale time. He is by a Reserve World Champion Reined Cow Horse, and a grandson to a snaffle bit futurity champion. Should have all the stop and all the cow you need. Freckles5625237sorrelGelding
26Bradley Shaw725100% sound All around ranch horse worker. Started in barrels. Has pasture roped. Versatility horse 15.1 hands tall. Lots of run and big stopper True Oaks5411444SorrelGelding
27Wild West Performance LLC726Duece as we call him is a great minded colt. He has been in training (reining) since May 1 2016 giving him a great start. This nice athletic colt can continue his reining or go on to anything you would like with his pedigree he would do great in the arena, ranch, weekend show, trail or just a nice guy to enjoy. Duece Dun It5611318red dunGelding
28Tom Delaney727Tommy is a really nice ranch horse. He has been used in every aspect of the feedlot. He is really gentle. He is easy to shoe and load Bar Effort4640478BlackGelding
29BNH Quarter Horses728This quick footed athletic gelding will make quite a competitor. He has a performance and cow pedigree that stands behind it too. Shining Spark, Freckles Playboy, Gallo Del Cielo and the great cutting horse Sonitas Bo San, who not only was a great winner but produced fantastic colts like this one. He should finish to be at least 15 hands and have all the cow sense and ability to make a great one in any arena. Sparkin Lynx5733333SorrelGelding
30Mike or Fran Dooley729A flashy mare ready to go in any direction. She is well started under saddle with all the basics. Bird On A Shiney Bud is a granddaughter or Nic It In The Bud and great granddaughter to Peppy San Badger, Shining Spark and Reminic On A Shiney Bud5610549SorrelMare
31Hardy Performances Horses730This good looking gelding has been ridden a lot on the ranch, and knows how to do a day's work. He will walk out nice and go where you point him. He's been used in rough country and can handle the terrain. He's done some pasture roping, and it wouldn't take much to start him roping in the arena. Anvil has been used quite a bit on yearling heifers so he knows how to get out and move, and will watch a cow and get down and turn when he needs to. This young gelding has spent his whole life on our ranch and there really aren't any problems with him. He's 100% sound and good-minded. You will like him! Pep Anvil54678870ChestnutGelding
32Ray Heiser731Philo--7 yr old brown gelding 14.3 1200 lbs this horse is very personable, meets you at the gate everytime to go to work. He has been used in the arena as well as outside. He is a great trail horse and goes anywhere you point him. He lopes great circles and has been started on barrels. He saddles up the same everytime. Rascal B5256461brownGelding
33Clint Casterline732This gentle gelding has been ridden by Prarie Elk Colony for the past 2 years. He is honest and reliable. He is bred to do anything you want in a horse. Triple Bar5460147GreyGelding
34Troy Fruit733Here is a nice gelding that stands 15 HH and weighs 1200 lbs. Louie is an own son of AQHA versatility ranch horse world champion Sixes Pick off of the 6666 Ranch and just like his dad he is an excellent ranch horse and has been used for every chorse you can imagine. Louie is a nice head horse that stands quiet in the box, runs hard to the cattle and has a great move. Louie should fit most levels of riders and ropers. He is safe sound and quiet. For more infor call Matt at 406-489-2414 Future Pick5447930BayGelding
35Cold Country Performance Horses734Rose is a 14.2 hh bay roan mare. Sweet as they come with loads of potential. Her bloodlines speak for themselves. She has professional training on cattle, ranch sorted and has started roping. Ride her on the ranch or in the arena. She's soft in the face, moves off your leg, and has a nice stop. Really good moving mare, lopes a pretty circle and has alot of eye appeal. Rose really wants to please and always has a willing attitude. Lily Cat5573894bay roanMare
36Eric and Rebecca Walker735This is a really nice colt that has a pedigree bred to run. Will be lightly patterned on the barrels by sale time. His colt has been rode ouside gathering cattle and around the ranch. Take him to the arena or the ranch, should make a super nice horse. Signatures Fame5600461sorrelGelding
37Jodi Klind736All my family have ridden this horse and won lots of prizes including a saddle, numerous awards and money$ Big, strong and can really run and turn. He has been used out on the ranch and can cover lots of country. He is sound and very easy to shoe, load, and can do just about everything you ask him. He has placed at open rodeos and jackpots. His sire goes back to Martha Six Moons, a leading barrel horse producer in the Nation and his dam goes back to Jet of Honor. Two of the top barrel racing bloodlines. AscensionX0635962Brown BayGelding
38Mike Lyons737I purchased this colt at the NRCHA futurity select sale with intentions to futurity him but never got to it. His dam has NRCHA earnings of over $29,000. This is a great minded colt with tons of ability. He could be a huge asset to anyones program producing foals with pedegree, conformation, and ability. He is broke and could compete in reining, cutting, or working cow horse He covered 3 mares so far that took the first time. He is a gentelman to breed and be around. Call me for questions or video 4062538850 DI O'Lena5418973sorrelStallion
39Trigg & Tait Marquiss7382012 red roan ranch gelding. Marty has been ridden outside and is ready for a job. He travels good and watches a cow. He has been gathered on and has drug calves. Marty should be an asset to any ranch operation. He should also excel in the arena. Custis5508059Red RoanGelding
40LaVonne Westland739Here is a family friendly 10 year old broke mare. She is 15 hands, 1200 lbs. She was raised and ridden on the ranch, dragged calves, outside roping, and sorted cattle. She was shown in horse shows by a 14 yr old girl, pole bending, and rn the barrels. Justin Warneke has been heading heeling on her. She can sit for 6 months and you can step on and go. For more info call Justin 406-217-5609 Diamond's Pistol4805992SorrelMare
41LeeRoy or Kristine Winward740"Star" had a solid foundation in the arena then was taken out and cowboyed on. This horse has all the tools to go run a reining pattern, show on a cow, or take outside and go get a job done. He's gathered, branded, sorted, and doctored cattle and is a big strong mover. This guy would be an ideal ranch versatility show horse. Take him to town or to work, he'll shine either way. Good to catch, shoe, load, tie, and had his teeth done August of 2016. JUST HAPPEN5268458SorrelGelding
42Cass & Tandi Jo741This mare is an eye catcher! She is doing well in the reining and with her pedigree chalk full of cow horse like it is, it is not a surprise she is great in the cow work. Been there, done that on the ranch as well! Take her to the show pen and then use her on the ranch! She stands 14 hands and will cover country. Bradys Icing5590867Bay RoadnMare
43Josh Lilley742Fancy, fancy been there, done that kind of gelding that has been hauled and won on heading and heeling has also been hauled to lots of ranch rodeos. Has done everything there is to do on the ranch as well. Extremely athletic for a big horse will really watch a cow. Anyone can get along with him Bars HancockX0668941BlackGelding
44Dan Myers743"Burke" is a super nice ranch horse that is well started in the heading. He is safe and gentle and really talented. Leo Cielo495483BuckskinGelding
45Borderview Ranch744Buy tickets to win this horse! One ticket for $5 six tickets for $25. Option to keep her or sell her during the sale and keep the proceeds! She comes with a year's worth of feed generously sponsored by Equis Feed. 2016 Raffle Filly donated by Borderview Ranch of Brockway, MT Allen Munger and LaVonne Westland. Started and ridden by Travis Young of Big Sky Performance Horses. Hancock5638708BayMare
46Colter Martin745Cody has been ranched on the last two years by our 11 & 6 year old sons. He is 13.3 hands and easily keeps up with the big horses. He has been rode and packed the last two years elk hunting and will go anywhere you point him. Colter used him at the local 4-H shows and rodeos. He is a big traveler that is not for inexperienced riders. For more pics and video go to www.swensonmartinhorses.com
47Curt & Cheryl Westland746"Whiskey" is a big, stout, 4 year old gelding straight out of John & Lois Hill's program. He is made right and has an excellent mind to go with it. Has been ranched on and seen big country gathering yearlings. Have been pen roping off him and has big potential to be somebody's next head horse. His full brother is being hauled as a pickup horse and head horse. FMI: Curt: 605-210-3329 of Fine Whiskey5476034BayGelding
48Bradley Shaw747100% sound 4 years old red roan gelding. Has team penned, team sorted and will cut a cow. Excellent all-around outh horse. 13 hands quiet and kind. Loves people RoanGelding
49Skogen-Barnette Horses748"Superman" is a stunning young gelding with a huge resume. Money earner in several futurities, NILE 2015 3rd place 2 yr old. Multiple event winner at open shows and obstacle challenges. Big high caliber gelding ready to go to the top. Excelled in cattle work, started roping, patterned on barrels. Fast, powerful, talented, athletic and smart. Started right, soft responsive and willing. Don't miss the opportunity to own this once in a lifetime horse. Contact for videos Powered Up5516587bayGelding
50Keith Bond749"Joe" stands 15 hands and weighs 1100#. He has been used for just about everything including: sorting cattle, dragging calves, doctoring outside, and starting lots of colts. I heeled steers on him all last summer and won some money. A "go to " horse for me to inspect cattle on. Smooth, handy, and easy to be around. Gentle for just about anyone to ride! Smokes811179BayGelding
51D & C Cattle Co.750Nacho is an 8 yr old palomino gelding who has been used on the ranch his whole life. He has roped both ends on the heel o matic and is coming along very nicely. Nacho has drug calves to the fire and doctored cows in the hills. He loads, bathes and is good to shoe. Let him sit all winter and jump right on him. Golden Dun It5139760palominoGelding
52Curt Anderson751Caine is well started in the roping and barrels. He has been used for trail riding in the mountains, as well as all aspects of ranch work. He would make a great asset to anyones program, he is only five and ready to go any direction you point him. Lots of chrome & good conformation. He is sound and a gentleman to be around. Gentle for any level of rider. To try before the sale please call Clayton at 406-861-2064 Lane Bar Boy1004807Sorrel OveroGelding
53Trigg & Tait Marquiss752We used Pete for 2 breeding seasons. He has thrown 100% roan foals. He has been ridden on the ranch gathering and working in cramped quarters with other horses in the shipping corral. He performs like a gentleman around other horses and has also been ridden inside. He has the potential to make a great heel horse. He loves having a job and he watches a cow nicely. He has been 5 panel tested negative. Cowboys Star5508666Blue RoanStallion
54Dave Mathias753Here is a top notch using gelding. Lots of ranch work, real nice reing and stop, rides off of your foot cues. Easy to catch, shoe, load and haul. Used in mountainsand a good traveler. Roped outside drug calves at brandings. Nice and gentle to be around, anyone can ride that rides, maybe not small children horse.
55Keith Marquart7547 yr old mare. Good as they get !! Done everything from cut to ranch versatility . Been used in ranch rodeos and is the kind you can turn the kids loose with and never worry . I've owned her since a yearling . One of the kindest most talented horses around. Gentle all the time .turn her out a year and she's the same horse as you turned out. Thank 406-421-5520 or 307-247-1427 call or come see any of them prior to sale. Charolettes Web5265517SorrelMare
56Tim and Alison McGrady755Magpie is as big and pretty a black and white mare as you will find anywhere. She has gotten a late start in life so she will ride green for her age but is a gentle and willing student. She is by Midway Jet Pal and has the looks, versitility and million dollar disposition that he passes on to his colts. Her ground manners are impecable and she loves people, she is smooth and correct in all gaits, rides well in and out of the arena and is quiet about a rope. If you want to be mounted on one of the prettiest horses around or are looking to add some color to your breeding program, then look no further. Covergirl912361Black TobianoMare
57Lyle Albrecht756"Sammy" is a stunning 4 yr old gray gelding by a good son of the great Smart Chic Olena out of a own daughter of Jae Bar Wade (3/4 brother to Jae Bar Fletch) This fancy gelding has bone, color and the pedigree for any discipline one desires to do. We have used him on the ranch, he has had lots of arena time and been roped on lightly by a good cowboy. Sammy is sane, broke and ready to go to work. For additional questions 406-861-1234 Jivin Sam5471906grayGelding
58Mike Fuller757Fire D Crackers is a big stout 8 year old gelding. ranch all day on him ,cross water, pull anything, easy going. good feet , trailers good ,can stay tied by himself for hours. good for young kids or old. has had some arena time with the girls in barrels and roping. gets along great with others , no kick, no buck. Lots of personality. Call for more info 406-548-5580 D Cracker5137326SorelGelding
59Harris Quarter Horses758Poppin Clear is a big bodied gelding ready to get started under saddle. He is broke to pony, lunge, load and tie. He's been saddled and ground driven. All the sweating has been done so all that's left is making him into what you want. Watch his video on the MM Training Service YouTube Channel or e-mail me at mmtrainingservices@gmail.com Clear5644912BayGelding
60Prairie Elk Colony759Beauty is a beautyful 6 year old mare that we've been riding for 3 years. She is goes back to foundation bred horse The Flying Saint. This mare has great barrel potential. She is fast and can turn on a dime. She is gentle and has no buck or spook. We've drug a lot of calves at brandings. She is a very sensative horse an side passes , leg yields and many other manuvers. Call for questions. 406 915 3335's Runnaway BayGradeBayMare
61Megan Pond760Gunsmoke is a dark buckskin quarter horse cross. He stands around 16.2 and weighs close to 1500 lbs. Gunsmoke has been rode by experienced youth to adults. We have also used him to pony kids on. He has been used to gather in the mountains, to trail ride, to gether for ai, and he is started on the barrels. He is no crazy speed demon though. He knows how to cover country. Gunsmoke is good to clip, shoe and groom.
62Allen Munger761Here is a nice little gelding we raised and rode out on the ranch. He is 14.3 1050 lbs, quiet and gentle. He travels good, has a big stop and watches a cow. He has been used to sort pairs, work alleys, drag calves. Roped outside. Been heeling on him and Tiffany Orgen is break-away roping on him and she will show him in the preview. Call Tiffany for more info 406-794-2086 cell 406-342-5770 house Instant Choice4994067SorrelGelding
63Chris Nicholson762Stella is a beautiful grulla mare with as much grit and heart that you can ask for, she's a go all day kind of horse that would do best in an environment where she is used. Has been a pleasure horse, but will excel as a ranch horse. She had extensive training as a 3 yr old in reining and was shown in Buckskin shows. She is 14 hands. She is a fun, responsive mare to ride. Wood B Nice5257155GrullaMare
64D + S Cattle Co.763This mare has a world of potential. She is quick agile and certainly has a lot of abilty. She is riding great and has a great pedigree Smart Bay Gun5588283BayMare
65John Clark764Buffalo Bill is a finished head horse. He has been rode by men, women and children. He has been used in every aspect of the feedlot. Buffalo Bill has alsoroped pasture cattle. Easy to shoe, cli[ & load. We have also shot guns off of him. BillGRADEGreyGelding
66Jim Christensen765I have branded on this horse, roped colts out with him. Been in the mountains alot with him. Travels good all day very sensible. I have been team penning on him he is very athletic. Stops good turns around nice very friendly. He is 100% sound. There is no buck in him or anything like that and is very good minded. Magic5321459BuckskinGelding
67Lance And Becky Bateman LB Quarter horses7666 year old Bay Roan Mare. 50 Shades of Red she truely changes colors throughout the year. She is easy on the eye. 14 hands Tall. She has been roped off, reined on , pack in the mountains. Ready to ride or papered well for a brood mare. Shades of Red5592847Bay RoanMare
68BNH Quarter Horses767This gelding is quite a prospect for any cow event. He's athletic, smart, has a great disposition and the pedigree to stand behind him. Shining spark, Major Bonzana, Freckles Playboy, Gallo Del Cielo, Docs Lynx, Classy Bars and Syhra Lynx. LTE $10,000 in cutting. We expect him to be around 15 hands which will be perfect for the cowhorse or rodeo arena Razors Edge5738869SorrelGelding
69Battle Axe Ranch768Peppy is a super quiet and gentle for anyone gelding. He is a well put together horse. He picks up his leads correctley, side passes, opens and closes gates and has a very good handle on him. He has seen all aspects of ranch work, from doctoring on the mountain to working in the feedlot. He has also been roped on off both ends out of the box. You can do anything you want on this nice gelding. He is as calm and quiet as they come. He will get any job you want done and do it right. He is 100% sound and safe. If you are looking for the whole package wrapped up into one then don't miss Peppy. He is a horse the whole family will enjoy. Mint RedmanAQHA 4844045SorrelGelding
70Dave Hawk7699 year old gray gelding been headed off of. Been branded on. Handles cattle. Had teeth floated in August. Nice gelding for anyone. You can go to the arena or trail ride. Call Dave for more info (208) 283-6009 Attraction4989149GrayGelding
71Ross & Tana Canen, Mahlstedt Ranch Inc.770Suze is a handy sized mare that has been started right and is ready for a job. She was started under saddle as a 3 year old for 5 rides then restarted spring of 2016. She will have 150 days on her by sale time and is ridden and shown by Aspen Beegle. Suze comes from a long maternal line in our herd. She is super pretty, fun traveling, quick footed, no buck, and very willing. Suze is good with flags, tarps, hobbles. She is willing and goes where you point her. She has a lope that you could ride all day long. She lopes very correct circles and wants to stop. This mare has been used around the ranch and would excel as an all around. Take her to town on the weekends and use her during the week. Ready to go any direction! Sassy Suesie5475853brownMare
72Keith Marquart771DMAC soaring widow . 4 ye old stallion . Cut a cow drag calves rope anything and he's the same! Super nice colt ! Fun to ride and a pedigree that can't be faulted. Gentle broke and rides off the same if you ride him everyday or once a year. Will be shown in gold buckle futurity . And in Cowhorses show prior to sale . Don't miss the opportunity to own one of this caliber . I've owned him since a weanling. Call or come see him prior to sale. 406-421-5520 or 307-247-1427 Soaring Widow5447197SorrelGelding
73Dan Myers772"Chuck" is a well started head horse that has been used on the ranch a ton. He is ready to go in any direction. Dixie Dynamite4984566SorrelGelding
74Tara Welborn773Clyde is a 12 year old grade gelding. He has covered a lot of rough country and been used on the ranch his whole life. He has roped and doctored cows and bulls out in the hills. Clyde is a gentle giant! Would make a good family horse for kids needing a step up and dad needing a working horse! Let him sit all winter and jump back on he will ride off the same every time! Rides in a halter, bareback you name it! greyGelding
75Robinson Farms774Buzz is an eight year old gelding, he has been used for hearding and sorting cows, he has been riden all over the mountains and shown in 4H . He is a big stout boy and can go all day. He has no bad habits he has super easy going, loving temperment. He is also started on the barrel pattern.
76LaVonne Westland775Rey is a nice, 7 year old, well broke mare. She was raised on this ranch and was ridden a lot on the ranch and has been shown for three years in reined cow horse events and had a lot of success. She is a big stopper, is loaded with cow, and handles nice. Justin Warneke has been heading and heeling on her and she is ready to haul. She is a gentle mare, good for kids, wives, and husbands. Ranch, rope, or show this mare, she is ready to go get the job done. 15.1 hands 1200 lbs. Call Justin for more inf 406-214-5609 Boon5227775SorrelMare
77Mike Mitton776Lena is easy to get along with and really wants to please. Has lots of athletic ability but is pretty laid back. Has been used to move cows, tag and doctor calves, team sorts Has sixty days cutting training and would make a good youth prospect. Real nice mare for more info call 435-491-0020 One Gun Lena5556118SorrelMare
78Lyle Albrecht777"CD" is a knock-out 15.1 H. buckskin cowhorse money machine! This gelding has a tremendous amount of power and speed. We have used this horse on the ranch in rough, steep country to gather cows and sorted wild cattle with him. He has a very light handle and is ready to step into ranch horse competitios or with a little fine tuning he could go to the reined cow horse! He will lock onto a cow and turn hard. Call with questions 406-861-1234 Watch Poncho5136119buckskinGelding
79Lisa Morrison778Bill is a very small working ranch horse. He has been "on staff" with us since he was three. He has drug many calves to the fire, worked at the feedlot, "put out" a million pairs and is GREAT in the ruff country. He would do well at team penning/sorting. Bill is not for kids. I would love to find this little horse a true owner not just a buyer. Please contact me at mtquarter@rangeweb.net
80Dan Myers779"Richie" is a super nice colt. He is extremely gentle and is well started in heading and barrel racing. He will be good for any level of rider.
81Trent & Dawn Martin780Fancy gelding we raised that is AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge eligible. He has been ranched on this summer and was used in a feed lot for a few months to process yearlings. He meets you at the gate and really wants to please. He has a big walk out side, really collects up pretty into the lope and is super broke for his age. For more pics and videos go to www.swensonmartinhorses.com Drift O Lena5525577BuckskinGelding

Weanling - Yearling Horse Sale
Click on table row to learn more about the lot#

1ConsignorVideoLot#InfoCommentsPictureName of HorseRegistration ColorSex
2Micheal P. Dooley501This colts sire is a red dun double bred High Brow Hickory and by a full brother to Highbrow Cat. His dam is by the leading sire from western ranches Bodee Boonsmal that now stands in Australia. Both dams grandsires are by Peppy San Badger and out of Boon Bar Daughters. This colt will have good mature size and will have a ton of cow. All that and easy to look at. High Royal Boon5700447Red DunStallion
3Ashley Quarter Horses502If you are a student of bloodlines, take a look at the long line of truly great horses in this colt's pedigree. He is a product of our breeding program as well as Cowan Select Horses and Carol Rose's. He is gentle, willing, athletic and has endless potential as a using/cowhorse. If you want rode quality and look good doing it, this colt is for you! Find us on Facebook or ashleyquarterhorses.com Genuine Par5709941SorrelGelding
4James Moldenhauer504Proven Pedigree! This mare has full siblings that are AQHA point-earners and Futurity winners. She's a great mover, gentle and easy to train. Her Sire, Reminics Bullseye, NRHA LTE $25,000+ and an NRHA Open Futurity Finalist. Dam, Chiquitas Wrangler is an NRHA Money-Earner, Top Ten Finalist at the Tulsa Reining Futurity and is a full-sibling to multiple NRHA money-earners. This is the first filly offered for sale out of this mare, don't miss out on a great prospect. For more information, visit our website at www.jemperformancehorses.com About Charlotte5666607SorrelMare
5Allen Munger505Well built, cow bred stud colt, exceptional color and eye appeal. Should be a futurity winner BlackPENDINGBlackStallion
6Clint Casterline506This colt is bred to perform he will grow out to be a big stout eye catching gelding. These Frenchman Bar Guys will watch a cow! They are not just barrel horses! Cool Cowboy Guy5740087Bay RoanStallion
7Hawkins Quarter Horses507This cold is a shapey Red Dun with loads of that dun Factor. His dam was raised and shown by us and is near her AQHA Rom. She has many grands and reserves to her name . He carries the genetics of smooth Town, sir Quincy Dan, Scotch bar time and Sonny Dee bar . Whether you are looking for your next show Prospect reining, rope or Ranch horse this guy will be able to make you proud DunStallion
8Hardy Performances Horses508This is your colt if you are looking for something with speed and athleticism. He could be your next barrel horse, heading horse, or just a super ranch horse. With this many champions in his pedigree, this colt is bound to be a rockstar.
9Terry and Lorraine Somers509Chrome, chrome, chrome, look at the flash on this filly. She is well muscled with a great conformation. Add in her outstanding pedigree and you will have a filly that will do the job and look good doing it. Spark N FireX0723232SorrelMare
10Rafter Diamond QH (Ed and Debbie Hinton)510Nice stout colt that will get big and do anything you like, ride, rope, arena or show. He has siblings that are doing it all. Cowboy Quiote5739563BayStallion
11Ward or Alice Fenton511Outstanding conformation, very gentle and kind. Has had a few rides. Goes back to Simply A Spark, full brother of Shining Spark, one of the nation's leading sires of reined cowhorses. Danny5675616SorrelGelding
12Davis Quarter Horses512Beautiful bay babydoll filly that is well muscled with a great hip. Lots of potential for an arena or show career. Holly is very kind with a soft eye and sweet disposition. She will make you proud in the show pen and ride great when she grows up. Her dam is the 2013 SBLS open yearling filly champion and has AQHA halter points. UTD on shots and dewormed. Coggins tested and ready to go. 406-427-5420 Sugar Moon5735920BayMare
13Twisted Wood Ranch513This is a sharp little filly that will grow up to be a real eyecatcher. She has a full sister in the yearling sale so you can see what she should grow into. Super super atheletic ability and should have that cutting instinct. Her mother would cut the dog when she was a weanling and I am expecting the same from her. This filly carries great foundation blood on the bottom and a lot of speed and cutting on the top. RoanMare
14LaVonne Westland514Smooth Hollowpoint is a nice looking bay stud colt that should be athletic and very cowy. Young gun is goneso there aren't too of them left. All of the colts out of this mare ride exceptionally well. HollowpointPENDINGbayStallion
15Swenson-Martin Horse & Cattle Co.515Soggy made dun colt out of a great mare that produces some of our best ranch horses. Her colts have all been riders and have a ton of cow. His full brother has been used at several NILE Ranch Rodeos and won the NILE Ranching Heritage Challenge novice amateur working class in 2014 & 2015. THis colt is AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge eligible. For more infomation go to www.swensonmartinhorses.com Drifters Pride5740277Red DunStallion
16Gary or Deb Mailloux516Stunning big brown stud. He is the full brother to the high selling filly last year. This mare had the 2012 NILE two year old futurity winner. She has a history of producing great offspring. True is siring outstanding colts. This colt should be a stand out no matter where you put him. We are Ranching Heritage Breeders making our colts eligible for the Ranching Heritage Challenges. FMI please call 605.347.3294 French Bug5739324BayStallion
17West Pass Ranch517This beautiful filly is stout and correct. She is very willing, friendly and athletic. Here is your next rockstar. Cowgirl5671968SorrelMare
18Doug Torgerson518Full brother to the 2015 Yearling Futurity winner. Beautiful colt that will be big and fancy. Great mover. 406-671-5315 RoanStallion
19T Lazy S Ranch Performance Horses519Classic looking red roan filly with a typy head and frame. She should mature to over 15hh. Could go in any performance direction you desire. Sire is an AQHA point earner in Reining with limited showing. Has get that have won money in NCHA. High Rollin Bum5703169Red RoanMare
20Micheal P. Dooley520This colt is 3rd with this cross. The 3 yr old filly is in North Dakot will ride without a bridle. The two year old filly is in very capable hands in Montana. C Da is definitely a futurity prospect. C Da by Ima Early Bird and carries the "Bird" stamp and is out of our good CD Royal mare and she is out of a Freckle Playboy mare. Bred to have size and ability. A really nice colt. DA Bird5703788BrownStallion
21BNH Quarter Horses521If you are looking to put some cow and color into your program this is the colt! Looks, color, pedigree, performance, and cow all in one package. We have arounf four generations of the maternal line of this colt and the rest of his pedigree is total purple. He is a half brother to driftwood Sun one of the most all around rodeo horses we have raised and competed on. RoanStallion
22Tom A. Bogunovich522This nice blue roan colt is out of our stallion Doc Lena Hancock and a High Rollin Roany bred mare. He has a great disposition, gentle, and easy to get along with. He really wants to please and would go any direction wether it be ranch or arena. These colts have done well in the past futurities and this one should also. for more info call 406-856-4862 And Rollin5669734Blue RoanGelding
24Will and Vicky Crofutt524This filly is a looker. She is a granddaughter to both Hickory Merade Peppy and Hickorys Little Boon. I showed her this summer and she never showed lower than reserve grand champion yearling in any show. She is really athletic. She is UTD on shots. She loads, trims, clips and is nice to be around. Coggins and ready to go. Feather Lite56700726PalominoMare
25Jodie Pedersen5252015 APHA Palomino Overo stud colt We call this sweet colt Spock. He is very quiet, very gentle, and very kind. He has been handled on a daily consistent basis, and has been exposed to the following to date. He has had a bath, had his ears, bridle path, and whiskers clipped, been loaded in and out of a trailer, and has been tied solid for extended periods of time. He is a very sweet colt, easy to catch, and loves the attention of people. He is clean on the 5 panel, and his overo color markers are DW20, no LWO.He stands right at 14 hands, and he just turned 12 months old. He has been given his 5 way, internasal strangles and been wormed with ivermectin. He will mature from 15 to 15.1. We are located in Riverton, Wy Transportartion can be arranged if necessary. Link to pedigree- Link to video-
26XR Quarter Horses526Look at the greats on this colt, Royal Quick Dash SI101 20+ Million Sire, Special Effort, Easy Jet, Frenchmans Guy 9+ Million Sire, Sak Em San, Driftwood Ike. Arena prospect or stud prospect, or just an all-around using horse. Royalty First colts have a fantastic disposition, athletic ability, and are easy to break. We have had great feedback on his colts, and are riding several of them ourselves.
27Cold Country Performance Horses527This colt is gentle, smart and quick to learn. He has been friendly since day one, loves people and greets you in the pasture. He stands tied, picks up feet, has been bathed and clipped, and loads in a trailer. He has a ton of cow, potential and athletic ability. This guy is a great prospect for any event or job in or out of the arena. He has a disposition you cannot beat and the looks to go with. He is futurity elegilble , come back and win with him every year. Scoots HotpicosospendingbayStallion
28Mike Mitton528Classy bay roan filly. Moves real nice. Sired by One Stealth Lynx by One Gun. AQHA res. champ Jr. Cutting; NCHA bronze award winner. Dam: Skeets Little Lexi by Skeets Peppy. 85,259. AQHA ROM; 1998 NRCHA Fut. 3 yr. OP finalist; 1998 NRHA Fut. 3 yr. OP; 1999 National Reining Breeders Classic 4-5 yr. OP Finalist. 1999 NRHA OP Reserve World Champ. 2nd dam Smart Peaches, NRHA, NRCHA money producer by Smart Little Lena. Stealth Skeet5692281Bay RoanMare
29Pat McReynolds529Rowdy is a beautiful palomino with wonderful white markings. He has exceptional money earning, foundation breeding, backing him for success. He is very large for a yearling, and will be big, strong and athletic. Good mind. Good bone. There is endless potential for this remarkable young horse! Great futurity prospect! Creek Rowdy5713524PalominoStallion
30Allen Munger530We reined cow horse for 3 years on a full sister to this colt and had a lot of success with her. She is recently being hauled nd heeled on and is extremely talented rope horse. THis filly is every bit of talented as her sister with extra eye appeal. Sister DyPENDINGChestnutMare
31Ward or Alice Fenton531Sired by Zipanic by Simply A Spark, full brother of Shining Spark (one of the nation's leading sires of reined cow horses) This filly is bred to do it all. She has great conformation and should be a futurity prospect. Full brothers show in the yearling and 2 yr old futurities. Judi5742538SorrelMare
32Brenda Flottmeyer532Fancy yearling mare and an outstanding Nile futurity prospect. Full siblings have made their mark as Champions at the Nile Futurity in the halter, performance, and cow events. Paid into the AQHA Incentive Fund. AQHA Champion sire and out of a Shining Spark bred dam. In A Diamond5673940BayMare
33Ryan or Alysha Engle533"Flash" is exactly the word that comes to mind when you see this flashy little fella! He has the personality, pedigree, and athletic ability to match his name! My 12 year old sons have done all of the ground work and he's doing great. He's very soft and responsive. His half brother placed second last year in the Nile yearling futurity. He would be an excellent futurity prospect! Don't miss out on this flashy package! Smart Chic5724621SorrelGelding
34D + S Cattle Co.534This cute filly has a great attitude. She would make a youth project. Her mother comes from a line of horses that have performed great for this ranch. She is a sweet filly and we know you will like her Eight Roan Pines5737993Bay RoanMare
35Clint Casterline535This filly is smart. When you get done showing and riding her put her in a broodmare band. You talk about something that will watch a cow! Don't hit her in the head! Cows will fall out! Blue Cats Gin5740081GreyMare
36Russ or Natalie Burrrows536This is a real fancy filly that could go in any direction. Her sire, KTZ Rey of Cash, is a NCHA money earner of $84,000. This filly does have a cosmetic scar on her hindquarters, doesn't affect her ability. , PendingpendingsorrelMare
37James Moldenhauer537Beautiful palomino gelding with a lot of size, strength and bone. Sire is Reminics Bullseye, NRHA LTE $25,000+ and an NRHA Open Futurity Finalist. Dam is an own daughter of Shining Spark. This is a great gelding that will make a great performance horse. He's super gentle, easy to train and a great mover. Reminics Bullseye's colts are AQHA point-earners in Reining and Ranch Riding and Futurity winners. Cannot say enough good things about this young gelding. For more information, please visit www.jemperformancehorses.com Cruise5666610PalominoGelding
38Margaret Crago538Here is a fancy Buckskin filly that will make a top performance prospect. Her sire and dam have produced winners in roping, cowhorse, ranch horse competitions, barrels, team penning and they are excellent ranch horses! This filly will be a good one! She will have good bone, foot, withers and trainability! Call for more information. (605)892-2290. Buckskin FillypendingbuckskinMare
39Jason Grebe539the gelding has all the tools to be an outstanding prospect. We have several full siblings that we use on the ranch in the arena, they have won saddles and money at team roping jackpots. Are family uses many horses by Chants to Win and Bad Wrangler on the ranch and in the arena doing everything from barrels, poles, flags, goats, team roping and breakaway roping. They all have great minds and a ton of ability. Chants Deweun5717282PalominoGelding
40LaVonne Westland540This is a cow bred stud colt that should perform anywhere you put him. This mare was loaded with cow and fun to ride. THis colt should perform as well SlippersPENDINGSorrelStallion
41Valley Sian541Miner definitely has his own bold personality. He is always the first one to come check you out. He is a little taller and lankier than his full sister that will be in the two year old futurity. Both parents have super dispositions that they have passsed on and with his frame and pedigree he should be very versatile. After seeing him sail over ditches he might even want to be a jumper. Gold MinerPENDINGBayStallion
42Fink Quarter Horses542Beautiful filly, kind, gentle and loaded with talent. Her sire is used on the ranch and at ranch rodeos. Her dam is one of the most athletic mares we have ever ridden. Her full brother won the 3 year old futurity in 2015. This filly should really work a cow. Nominated to the RHC, 5 panel N/N Gotta Gun5670043GrayMare
43BNH Quarter Horses543This adorable filly will be a beautiful addition to anyone's program. She not only has the looks but the performance pedigree to back it up. Shing Spark, Major Bonaza, Freckles PLayboy, Gallo Del Cielo, Docs Lynx, Classy Bars and Sylva Lynx LTE $10,000 in cutting. Looks, color, cow and the sweetest disposition, what a package! She is a full sister to BNH Razors Edge who is also in the sale.
44Swenson-Martin Horse & Cattle Co.544Dark palomino filly with lots of shape and chrome that is AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge eligible. Her sire was the 2016 Neal Earl Hermanson Ranch Rodeo Top Horse. Her dam is out of KEn McNabb's personal stallion. THis filly is classy enough to go in the broodmare band but should have enough cow and ability to go to the showpen. For more info go to Haidin O Lena5683367palominoMare
45Vicki Loomis545Megas Winchester is a nice quite fancy little colt. He has a nice disposition, great conformation and is performance bred to do about anything you want on him. Mega Getsyathere placed in the top 5 at the AQHA World Show twice with Scott McCutcheon aboard in the Junior Reining and has 30 APHA points. Megas Winchesters mother was my daughters barrel horse when we lived in Oklahoma and she started riding her when both the mare and daughter where 4. We where never able to ride Mega Sparks due to injury. If you want looks, brains and abilitily, here is your colt. Winchester1062381BayStallion
46Bond Ranch546This bay colt has it all looks, pedigree and talent. Sire and Dam are both money earners in NCHA and NRCHA. My Cheap Remedy5694468BayGelding
47Diamond Bar B Horses547Lacey is a very striking sorrel and white paint filly that will get you noticed on the rail, in the team penning or sorting arena, or on the ranch. After a working career, she will be a top broodmare, carrying the bloodlines of Truly Truckle, Jet Deck, Three Bars and Peter McCue. Her sire, Truley Lightning is homozygous black. She is straight, tall, with a classic head and big hip. She has been clipped, trimmed, loaded in trailer and ponied. Has been lead through the trail course and goes over and through everything quietly. She has conformation to halter, pedigree to go to the track, or arena, and disposition to be a personal mount for many years to come. LacePENDINGSorrel and white paintMare
48Rafter Diamond QH (Ed and Debbie Hinton)548This is a very classy filly that will have the ability to go which ever way you want to go with her. Striking Rooster5739560Mare
49Margaret Crago549Dondi always produces good bone, straight legs, and athleticism and she is no exception. This filly will be a top contender whether you rope, cowhorse, team pen, barrels, or ranch on her! She should be full of cow, conformation and class! The Beckwith Dun bloodline was the very beginning of Crago Quarter horses over 40 years ago. The "Beckwith" bred horses have been winners in ranch horse competitions, ranch rodeos, team roping, cowhorse and halter. For more information call (605)892-2290. Bay FillypendingbayMare
50Micheal P. Dooley550We hesitated entering this filly due to her late foaling date, but she is the total package for a futurity horse next year. Da Cash is extremely athletic, flashy and is a winner. Her abilities match the 4 generation pedigree. Sired by "Mighty High" A double bred Highhbrow Hickory sire who's sire is a full brother to Highbrow Cat and she is out of a very well bred dam. C DA Cash5722118Red DunMare
51Hawkins Quarter Horses551This is a stout thick built Colt stamped with good looks and bred to be able to do it all. Lots of Sir Quincy Dan added to smooth Town, scandalous cause and two Eyed Jack he will have the size and genetic ability to do anything needed on the ranch as well as in the show arena. Nice Red dun color with to even front whites and a handsome head. DunStallion
52Brenda Flottmeyer552These colts have a proven record as winners at the Nile Futurity. Athletes with cow, class, and conformation. Great minds and easy to train. Her sibilings are being as ranch horses and are versatile enough to step into the arena & win a check. Follow us on Facebook at Flottmeyer Quarter Horses. Masqued Chic5740979BayMare
53Annette Marler553Colonels Nu Gun 2015 sorrel stallion x Big Rooster Chex LTE $5,000 X Big Chex to Cash LTE $211,605 Out of Colonel San Chita X San Colonel LTE $20,958 X Peppy San Badger LTE $172,711 (NCHA Hall of Fame) A fancy prospect very athletic with a great pedigree for reining, working cow horse, very gentle and ready to get started. Nu Gun5680478SorrelStallion
54Jodie Pedersen5542015 Amber Chanpagne yearling stud colt. We call this beautiful stud colt Buster. He is loaded with eye appeal, and with his gorgeous one of a kind coat color, he is certain to stand out in a crowd. He is bred to be very cowy, athletic, and has the conformation and structure to excel in many athletic disciplines. He is UTD on shots, worming, and farrier work. We are located in Riverton Wy. We have started working him in the round pen, and will try to have him packing a saddle by sale time.Please feel free to contact me with any questions at 3078587223, or check us out on our facebook page at jpshowhorses. champagneGelding
55James Moldenhauer555Super fancy filly that will surely catch your eye! You will not find many marked like her. Bred to be a great performance horse. Sire is Reminics Bullseye, NRHA LTE $25,000+ and an NRHA Open Futurity Finalist. Dam Im A Vaca Rey is a full sibling to NCHA Money Earners. Reminics Bullseye is producing AQHA point earners in Reining and Ranch Riding and proving they have what it takes to make it in the performance pen. Please visit our website at for more information. Shorthorn (Name Pending)PendingRoanMare
56T Lazy S Ranch Performance Horses556Sired by AQHA World Champion JR Working Cow Horse and JR World Reining Champion, earner of $163,934. Sire of champions and money earner, as well as NRCHA futurity finalists. Dam is Outback Stallion Station Futurity Champion, and has won other awards as well in cowhorse competitions. This buckskin filly is bred to rein, cowhorse, and be put into your broodmare band after you are done showing. Great blacktype pedigree here. Sioux Im Nu5743615BuckskinMare
57Mark & Roberta Raffety557An absolutely stunning bay gelding with just enough chrome to make his bright bay color pop. Athletic ability, intelligence, cow sense, disposition, size, conformation…we could go on and on. An outstanding representation of our breeding program. Mr. Kings Glow, earned over $12,000 and qualified for the 2003 World Show in Working Cowhorse. Chexaboon is an own granddaughter of Boon Bar, grandsire to Peptoboonsmal! Paddys Irish Whiskey, NRCHA all-time leading sire and full brother to Grays Starlight, sired champions in Versatility Ranch Horse, Reined Cow Horse, Cutting, Reining, Calf Roping, and Team Roping. We are AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders, making this colt eligible for all Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenges. Also eligible for the Montana Reined Cowhorse Futurity Stallion Stakes. 406-835-3252 For Credit5717414BayGelding
58Hollenbeck Ranch558Very correct deep bodied colt with the who's who of arena horses in his pedigree. THe mares in this colts pedigree have produced a long line of ranch and arena geldings. The driftwood doc o dynamite cross has been a very good one for us.
59DON & LINDA NOYES559This colt comes from a strong maternal line of great horses. The sire is a finished head horse in the team roping as well as a good using horse that even small children and ladies can ride. This colt should be able to do anything you would ask. He has a great disposition. WATCH KING JACKPENDINGGRAYStallion
60Clint Casterline560This colt is good. He is out of a full sister to the gelding CC Cow Flick that took Colby Miller from Oklahoma to the High School National Finals. He is kind and athletic. Guaranteed to be a performance horse. Handle Bar Guy5740341BayStallion
61Central Montana Equine561Here's a stand out colt that has ranch, rope or show written all over him. He's going to be big and athletic. Out of our nice Doc O Dynamite mare and crossed with Whipp Hancock Dante that has Blue Valentine several times on his papers. This colt is a standout and will be a performer. Check us out on Facebook at Central Montana Equine!!
62Ashley Quarter Horses562Beautiful granddaughter of Playgun with a great combination of cow & foundation breeding. Would make a great futurity prospect or go to excel in any direction you choose. She has the quality and breeding to be put in the broodmare band and someday produce outstanding offspring. Unique eye-catching dun gret color. Very gentle and nice to be around Ivy Lady5712137GrayMare
63Twisted Wood Ranch563This is a tremendous filly that should have a lot of speed and ranching ability. Along with her atheletic ability she also should make a great halter horse. This is a filly that doesn't catch your eye right away but when you start looking her over she is very correct and is heavily muscled with a very atractive head. She traces back to a lot of great horses: Quick M Silver, Jet Smooth, Blackburn, Pretty Boy, Roan Bar Go, Doc Bar, Mr Gunsmoke, War Leo, Joe Quincy, and the great Rio horses from Oklahoma. Don't let this one go by without checking her out.
64Vicki Loomis564Megas Pokerface is a well balanced filly with an extra nice hip. Dam is very cowy and good minded mare and sire comes from a long line of reiners. This filly will be smart and perform any direction you would like to go with her Poker Face1062379bayMare
65Gary or Deb Mailloux565This bay roan colt is a ¾ brother to the colt we had to pull from the sale. He is by Cowboys Shinin 811 and out of Gotta Sweet Gal. This colt is every bit as nice as our original consignment if not better. He is a shapey colt with a beautiful head and big hip. He has lots of cow bred into him so should make an awesome cow horse. We are Ranching Heritage Breeders which makes our colts eligible to be entered in the Ranching Heritage Challenges. FMI please call 605-347-3294. Gotta Drifter5739646Bay RoanStallion
66Allen Munger566THis is a big stout, athletic, stud colt--cow bred with run. Should go any directions CatPENDINGBayStallion
67John E. Shaw567"Smokey" is a perfect stallion/show/performance prospect. He has it all! Disposition, conformation and athleticism plus tons of chrome. Sire has a 102SI so speed is a given. Extended pedigree includes Native Dancer, Skipper W, Jaguar, Leo, Joe Reed, Three Bars, Sugr Bars, King & Whimpy on the mare's side. Raise a Native, Dash for Cash, Man O War, Three Bars, Rocket Wrangler, Bold Ruler, Jet Deck, Meritable and Fro Man on the top side.AND this colt has tons of personality! N DownPENDINGGreyStallion
68Tatsey Quarter Horses568A perfect combination of cow and run in this filly. She has Grays Starlight, Smart Chic Olena, Seattle Slew, Colonel Freckles , Top Sail Whiz and First Down Dash right on her papers. You won' t go wrong with this filly in the arena or on the ranch. When she is done proving herself she will make an excellent addition to a broodmare band. Her sire has a perfect disposition and is being ridden in the arena by ouyr 3 and 4 yr. old grandchildren. WhizPendingBayMare
69Curt & Cheryl Westland569Nice yearling bay roan filly. With Driftwood Ike and Blue Valentine, she is bred to be a perfomance horse. She has great bone, feet and outstanding disposition. Use her on the ranch, take her to the arena, then breed her later. Flashy Roan5709983Bay RoanMare
70Ward or Alice Fenton570This colt has a blue ribbon pedigree, sired by Cowtowns Cat by High Brow Cat and out of a Sixes Pick mare. Cowtowns Cat has $29,000 in NCHA LTE and High Brow Cats offspring have earnings of over $42 million. Extremely gentle and has great conformation. Outstanding futurity prospect. Town Cat5733786BayStallion
71Weiss Performance Horses571This filly was born to go to the arena. She is quick and catty on her feet and should really watch a cow. Her sire has his ROM in reining, and her dam is a daughter of Whisper Ofa Playgirl, who was not only a winner of over $150,000 but has been an outstanding producer as well. If you are looking for something that will not only do a days work, but is cute, and when you are done, will make a great broodmare, then come take a look at this one. Of A Chic5675723sorrelMare
72LaVonne Westland572Diamond Shakes is a nice looking red dun stud colt with a big hip and balanced--should make a good all around performance horse with lots of eye appeal ShakesPENDINGRed DunStallion
73Rafter Diamond QH (Ed and Debbie Hinton)573Don't miss this filly. Cow bred on top with some run on the botom. This one will perform with the best of them and look awfully good doing it. Dash Ta CashX0723391BayMare
74Bill Schelm574This will be a good ranch horse or arena prospect. Good mind. roanStallion
75XR Quarter Horses575Look at the greats on this colt, Royal Quick Dash SI101 20+ Million Sire, Special Effort, Easy Jet, Frenchmans Guy 9+ Million Sire, Sak Em San, Driftwood Ike. Arena prospect or stud prospect, or just an all-around using horse. Royalty First colts have a fantastic disposition, athletic ability, and are easy to break. We have had great feedback on his colts, and are riding several of them ourselves.
76Pat McReynolds576This pretty filly's pedigree is definitely a "hard to find". Back to Top Deck on the dam side, and all money earning on the sire side. She is a perfectly put together, stunning, dark bay. She is friendly, willing, level headed and sweet. She is also smooth, athletic and fast! Once again, a "hard to find" young horse. Creek Revaya5713522BayMare
77Bond Ranch577This is a really pretty well bred filly. Her sire is a Reserve World Champion Cow horse. On the bottom side her dam is out a really nice son of Grey Starlight. He had AQHA points in seven different events and was top ten at the AQHA world show in the working cow horse. This filly should make a super nice outside using horse or take her to the arena and she should do it all. Little Freckle5694466palominoMare
78Justin & Kirbye Buffington578This is a nice bay stud colt out of one of our favorite mares, This Dolls Hot, she is a daughter of 2004 NCHA Open Futurity Champion Spots Hot. His sire, Cool Blue Cat DR, is a grandson of the great High Brow Cat. This colt is bred to be talented, athletic and full of cow! He will be able to go in any direction. Call Spike for more info 406-853-4629.
79Ryan or Alysha Engle579"Flo" is a classy little lady with an unusual color. Her half sister placed second in the 2015 Nile Four Year old Futurity and her full brother placed second in the 2015 Nile Yearling Futurity. This little gal has tons of potential, visual appeal, and pedigree to take her any direction. Don't miss out on this pretty little package!"Flo"pendingChesnutMare
80Jodie Pedersen580We call this pretty gelding Sprockett. His sire, Kay Cee This Chip is an AQHA point earner and NSBA money earner in very limited showing. His mother has an AQHA show record of over 30 AQHA halter points all divisioins, including a top 10 finish at the AJQHA world show in youth halter mares. He is a big growthy colt, standing close to 15 hands in mid August of his yearling year.He should mature from 15.3 to 16 hands. His pedigree is full of the whose who in the pleasure and halter horse industry. If you are in the market for a very fancy young gelding that will halter and ride, you shoud take a close look here. Please feel free to call or text me with any other questions at 3078587223. Kinda Fella5740675chestnutGelding
81Bar C Quarter Horses581Sam is a nice gelding that has a super attitude, super pedigree & super confirmation. He has rabicano gene so he's a beautiful bay with silver throughout. This boy has the best of top runners and the best of the cow horse. Should be able to go any direction. Take him home, you won't be sorry.
82Terry and Lorraine Somers582Take a look at this flashy filly, then look at her pedigree. Full sister to a filly that won the weanling jackpot and came back and won the NILE Yearling Futurity. She will grow up to be what you want to make her. Diamond SparkX0723175SorrelMare
83James Moldenhauer583Real cute filly that should be an outstanding cow horse prospect! Her Dam is a full sibling to an NRCHA Snaffle Bit Champion. Her Sire, Reminics Bullseye is an NRHA Open Futurity Finalist and has earnings over $25,000. His offspring are being shown successfully at AQHA shows. They ride nice, easy to train and have athletic ability. This filly is very quick and will make an excellent performance horse, you won’t find a better bred prospect to take in the reined cow horse. Barrel Shot (Name Pending)PENDINGBayMare
84Swenson-Martin Horse & Cattle Co.584Buttermilk buckskin that is AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge eligible. She is easy to handle and shows a lot of atheletic abilty. Her grandsire, Tidal Wave Jack, has over $150,00 LTE Reaining and was a gold medalist at the world equestrian games. Her paternal brother has been used at several NILE Ranch Rodeos & won the NILE Ranching Heritage Challenge novice amateur working ranch class in 2014 and 2015. For more info go to www.swensonmartinhorses.com Driften On Waves5670548BuckskinMare
85Jason Grebe585this filly has all the athletic ability to go in any direction. Our son has a full sister that he has taken in the 4-H program yearling to maturity and has won confirmation grand, and riding grand on, and now is tracking the heel - o - matic and lead steer and showing great potential as a rope horse. Are family uses many horses by Chants to Win and Bad Wrangler on the ranch and in the arena doing everything from barrels, poles, flags, goats, team roping and breakaway roping. They all have great minds and a ton of ability. Bar Olena5697055BrownMare
86Cass & Tandi Jo586If you are looking for your next show horse prospect, look no further. This fillies sire, Shiney Red Cielo is an NRCHA World Show qualifier and money earner and is still being shown by Tim Unzicker. Her Dam is an NCHA money earner and an incredible mare in her own right. This filly is eligible for the MT Reined Cow Horse Futurity Every single horse on this fillies pedigree is a money earner! . Grand Sires and Dams are among the greatest in the industry. Spots Hot (LTE $529,435.00), Shining Spark (LTE $62,000+ & Offspring have earned in excess of $8,000,000), Gallo Del Cielo (Sire of Offspring earning in excess of $5,900,000). Call 406.975.6227 for more information
87Megan Mansfield-Spencer587Gunners Aged Whiskey is a smooth moving, sharp looking gelding. He is soft with his feet and quick learner. He ponies, ground drives has been saddled, lunges, loads, clips and bathes. See his video on the MM Training Services YouTube Channel or email me at mmtrainingservices@gmail.com Aged Whiskey5676172SorrelGelding
88Martens Land & Cattle588Color, pedigree and class in a curious, outgoing and fancy package. Indy's dam was my riding out horse, and boy does she like to watch a cow and travel. Don't miss out on this complete package!
89BNH Quarter Horses589This roan colt has cow written all over him. He has pedigree, personality, and performance background that should take him to the top of any competitive arena. We have competed on numerous horses from the maternal side of this colt. they are cowy, quick athletic and give you it all to win. Driftwood Devil is the sire to 5 of our pro rodeo horses that we are competing on now. We have kept 3 full siblings for rodeo prospects which says how much we are impressed by this line of horses RoanStallion
90Davis Quarter Horses590Whinny- a first time mamma, produced a good one. Honey is a very feminine filly with a beautiful chestnut color to boot. With her breeding she will be an excellent show horse prospect. She has a friendly attitude and will make a great youth project horse. Weaned 30+ days, UTD on shots and dewormed. Coggins tested and ready to go. 406-427-5420. Skippa Honey5735923SorrelMare
91Valley Sian591This should be a pretty sizeable filly. Both of her full sisters ages 2 and 4 are 14.2 and 15.1 and heavily muscled Shot of WhiskyPENDINGBayMare
92Doug Torgerson592Full brother to multiple futurity winners. This colt is flawless. Whatever direction you want to go, you will look good with this colt. 406-671-5315
93Mike Mitton593Smoke has been real friendly and easy to work with and is put together real nice. Sired by One Stealth Lynx by One Gun. AQHA res. champ Jr. Cutting; NCHA Bronze award winner. Dam Barely Dun Smokin by I'm Glad I'm Dun. AQHA point earner in working cow/reining. NRCHA money earner. 2nd Dam Barely A Smoke NCHA money earner. Certificate of Ability. Stealth Smoke5692282BuckskinGelding
94Lynette Mills594Little Joe is sleek, quick, balanced and a guranteed athlete with plenty of cow horses in his extended pedigree. He was ranch raised in rough mountain pastures as a foal. Gelded this summer 2016 and his wolf teeth were pulled at that time too. Kept in a grass pasture this summer/fall. He loads and backs out of a trailer. When he matures he shouldn't be much more than 14.3 hands. Dam and sire are both smooth moving and quick on their feet. He is the perfect cutting, sorting, team pennning, calf roping prospect for an experienced owner agile enough to handle his quick movements. He should be a fast walking colt like his sire. Current Coggins in sale office. , wyohorses@gmail.com JOE McCUE5677463GrayGelding
95Clint Casterline595This colt is bred to perform with the best of them. He has speed and cow on the top and bottom of his pedigree. You can make a fast horse go slow but you can't make a slow horse go fast! These Frenchman Bar Guy colts are for real. Frenchmans Flick5740088GreyStallion
96Swenson-Martin Horse & Cattle Co.596Stout made buttermilk buckskin that is AQHA RAnching Heritage Challenge eligible. His paternal brother has been used at several NILE Ranch Rodeos and won the NILE Ranching Heritage Novice Amateur Working Ranch class in 2014 and 2015. We have rode several siblings and this pairing make for a big solid ranch horse with the ability to go to the arena. For more info go to www.swensonmartinhorses.com Frosted Drift5737035BuckskinStallion
97Rafter Diamond QH (Ed and Debbie Hinton)597This flashy palomino colt that will really ride and is pretty enough to show. Ranch rope or shoe he is a winner.
98Cass and Tandi Jo598Nice big stud colt out of an outstanding NCHA money earning daughter of Docs Hickory. Add the reining pedigree from his bottom side and this colt can go any direction you want. For more information call 406-975-6227
99Brenda Flottmeyer599Powerful made gelding with a promising performance career. He will follow in the footsteps of his full siblings who are AQHA point earners and Nile Futurity Champions. His sire is an AQHA Champion with NRHA & NRCHA money earnings. Paid into the AQHA Incentive Fund. Exceptional prospect. With A StarPendingBayGelding
100Twisted Wood Ranch600Cinnamon is a beautiful dun roan filly with foundation bloodlines plus McKeag and Peppy San Badger on her papers. And she has Joe Quincy, Mr San Peppy, Doc's Sug, Doc's Juniper, and Kelly Cody right off her papers. Numrous grays and blue and red roans in her pedigree. Tall and straight, she is easy going,good to trim,clip and load. Ground work already includes going through a trail and obstacle course. Will be an excellent choice for a ranch or roping project. Cinnamon San Chex5700577Dun roanMare
101LaVonne Westland601Here is a bay roan stud colt, loaded with cow nd performance. We took second at the NILE with this colts mother--she is a super good mover and this colt should get around as well as the mare did. PlayinPENDINGBay RoanStallion
102Mark & Roberta Raffety602Very stylish dun gelding with classic dorsal and zebra striping. Beautifully put together, refined but with lots of bone, muscle, and depth. A super nice minded colt to work with. Go to the cowhorse pen, rodeo arena, or make him into a great using ranch horse! Beckwith Playboy excelled in roping for the Cragos in South Dakota. Gin Daleaha was sired by Tanquery Gin, an Equi-Stat All-Time Leading Cutting Sire of foals earning over $2.3 million. Paddy’s Irish Whiskey is an NRCHA all-time leading sire of champions in versatility ranch horse, reined cowhorse, cutting, reining, calf roping, and team roping. Eligible for all Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenges. Also eligible for the Montana Reined Cowhorse Futurity Stallion Stakes. 406-835-3252 Irish Player5717413DunGelding
103Weiss Performance Horses603This is a big, stout, heavy boned colt with a good black hoof on each corner. He is bred with enough cow and performance in his pedigree to do anything you ask of him, inside the arena or out. This colt is kind, easy to work with, and should make a great using horse. For current pictures go to www.weissperformancehorses.com Smarts Come EasyPENDINGbayStallion
104BNH Quarter Horses604This colt is quite a stand out. He is a combination of some of the best cow bred horses and good old solid running horses. He has great bone, solid feet and athletic moves that would make him a great lead horse, steer wrestling or barrel racing prosect. If you want a great one to compete on that will last, this ones for you!
105Jodie Pedersen605CHIP OFF THE BLOCK - We call this beautiful bay colt Spanky. He is bred to excel in the show pen in all kinds of rail classes, be exceptionally quiet minded, and always be very pretty. His pedigree is loaded with the whos who of the western pleasure industry, and his sire and dam both have show records. His sire Kay Cee This Chip, is an AQHA point earner in very limited showing, as well as a NSBA money earner, Here are the stats from his mother’s show record.SOUL SISTER OQH 's Performance Record. Performance Register of Merit (2001-Amateur). Finalist Working Hunter World Show /11th Place (2000-Youth). Qualified Hunter Under Saddle World Show (2000-Youth). Qualif Equitation Over Fences World Show (2000-Youth). Superior Hunter Under Saddle (2000-Youth). Qualified Jr Working Hunter World Show (1999-Open). Qualified Jr Hunter Hack World Show (1999-Open). World Show Hunter Hack /9th Place (1999-Youth). Finalist Working Hunter World Show /14th Place (1999-Youth). Finalist Jr Hunter Hack World Show /15th Place (1998-Open). Qualified Jr Working Hunter World Show (1998-Open). Qualif Green Working Hunter World Show (1998-Open). Qualified Jr Hunter Hack World Show (1998-Open). Performance Register of Merit (1998-Youth). Performance Register of Merit (1998-Open). Earned: 201 Performance Wins; 286.5 Performance Points; 6 Halter Wins; 10.0 Halter Points; 1 Novice Win; 2.0 Novice Points; 3 Performance Register of Merits; 1 Performance Superior Award; 3 Grand Championships; 2 Reserve Grand Championships; 3 All Around Championships; 5 Reserve All Around Championships. Other Earnings: AQHA Incentive Fund $4,161.61; National Snaffle Bit Association $1,198.13. SOUL SISTER OQH is the Dam of 5 Foals of which one was a Performer. + Soul Dazzling, 2004 Gray Gelding by DAZZLED BY DETAILS. Performance Register of Merit (2013-Amateur); Regional Experience Trail Horse /10th Place (2009-Amateur) (Region Two - Rapid City, SD); Regional Experience Hunter Under Saddle /9th Place (2009-Amateur) (Region Two - Rapid City, SD); Regional Exp Jr Hunter Under Saddle /6th Place (2009-Open) (Region Two - Rapid City, SD). Earned: 16 Performance Wins; 17.0 Performance Points; 10 Novice Wins; 13.5 Novice Points; 1 Performance Register of Merit; 1 Reserve All Around Championship. Other Earnings: AQHA Incentive Fund $309.58. + My Dazzling Sister, 2004 Chestnut Mare by DAZZLED BY DETAILS. Dam of 1 Foal. . . Kiss This Firewater, 2015 Bay Mare by Cruisin on Firewater. + Dazzle My Soul, 2005 Brown Mare by DAZZLED BY DETAILS. Dam of 1 Foal. . . Allocate Your Dazzle, 2013 Sorrel Stallion by ALLOCATE YOUR ASSETS. + Soul Sister Sanpeppy, 2007 Chestnut Mare by Bardon Docs Mocha. + Skys Blue Soulsister, 2011 Gray Mare by SKYS BLUE BOY. This colt is super quiet minded, very sweet, and a very good mover. He is fit, slick, and UTD on shots, worming, and farrier work.
106Hardy Performances Horses606This nice sorrel stud colt is as athletic as they come and pretty as well! With his pedigree he should be able to watch a cow or run barrels, or maybe both. Take a look at him.
107Gary or Deb Mailloux607Fancy gray stud. A nice cross with Peppy San Badger, Doc's Hickory, Miss N Cash, Colonel Freckles on the stud's side and some of the old time greats on the dams side like Top Moon, Return Copy, Hard Twist and Blondy's Dude. This colt should meet all of your expectations. We are Ranching Heritage Breeders making our colts eligible to be entered in the Ranching Heritage Challenges. FMI please call 605.347.3294 Cash Bar5739323GrayStallion
108Mike or Fran Dooley608This colt is built right and will be a great addition to any working home. He is a great grandson to MR San Peppy, Doc Bar, Smart Little Lena and Freckles Playboy. Don't miss buying this colt. See his video on my youtube channel MM Training Services or email me at mmtraining services@gmail.com
109Hawkins Quarter Horses609Take a close look at this outstanding Filly. She has the shape and breeding to make you proud in the show arena or on the ranch. With the genetics of Sir Quincy Dan, Smooth Town, Scotch Bar Time, Sonny Dee Bar and Two Eyed Jack she will be very versatile. When she is older she will make a nice addition to any broodmare band.
110Will and Vicky Crofutt610Take a look at this filly. She is out of Dick and Connie Baker's good stallion "Guys Piece ofthe Pie" and out of an own daughter of "Drifts Chips." She should be able to go any direction, barrels, working cow horse or roping. She is UTD on shots. She loads and trims. Coggins tested and ready to go. Don't pass her by. Chip Inthe Game5739729ChestnutMare
111Ralph Crago611This classy dun/roan stud colt is a top performance prospect! Docs Dakota Peach is a half sister to a gelding that Kristy won the Ladies open on at the Black Hills stock show ranch horse competition. This upstanding colt will be athletic, cowy and fun to ride. Whether you want to ranch, rope, cowhorse, barrels or halter this classy colt will fit the bill! ckschmidt08@gmail.com Dun/Roanpendingdun/roanStallion
112Russ or Natalie Burrrows612Nice filly athletic filly. All siblings really ride around and are extrememly trainable. some of our best horses were out of the dam of this filly. She should mature to around 15.1h. PendingpendingsorrelMare
113Ashley Quarter Horses613Fancy granddaughter of Playgun. Would make a great futurity prospect with enough style and class to also produce outstanding colts in the future. Great disposition and personality Parr Tilla5689595GrayMare
114Pine Cone Mountain Horses614Classy little lady. Smart and quick learner. Sire was a money winner in RCHA. Web site pineconemountainhorses.org Cat Telesis5689091BayMare
115Carrie Daniels615This filly is a great cross of cow and running bloodlines. Jewel's dam has Peptoboomsmal and Doc Olena on her papers and her sire is our blue roan grandson of Frenchman's Guy, Crown Royal Blues. Jewel will be athelete in and out of the arena.
116Ryan or Alysha Engle616This red dun filly has it all; pedigree, color, class and athletic ability. Ground work has been started and she's ready to go any direction you're willing to take her. Her half sister placed second in the Nile four year old futurity last year and her full brother placed second in the Nile yearling futurity last year. Don't miss out on this pretty package! Red Chic Again5724620Red DunMare
117Charolette Foran617Stella is a beautiful bay filly that keeps getting better with age. She has been raised on the ranch and is easy to catch. Both of the colts out of her dam have been great to work with. A three year old half brother had 90 days of training and didn't buck at all. On top of disposition this filly is out of an own son of Paddys Irish Whisky. Call (406) 428-2156 with questions. Stella Bar5710049BayMare
118Tatsey Quarter Horses618A perfect combination of cow and run in this colt. He has Grays Starlight, Smart Chic Olena, First Down Dash, Colonel Freckles , Top Sail Whiz right on his papers. You won' t go wrong with this colt in the arena or on the ranch. His sire has a perfect disposition and is being ridden in the arena by ouyr 3 and 4 yr. old grandchildren. Down WhizPendingBayStallion
119Pat McReynolds619Infinity is a "top notch" filly taking it all on the meaning of "Flashy". She is a dark sorrel with great markings and great confirmation. She's a busy girl, always on the move. She has lots of attitude and energy. She comes from a long line of exceptionally athletic ancestors, and has potential to do about anything asked of her. Creek Infinity5713528SorrelMare
120Martens Land & Cattle620"Dat" is a classy little filly that is super sweet, easy to handle, and has pedigree the pedigree that will take her in any direction. Her half brother placed second in the 2015 Nile Yearling futurity. Don't miss out on this classy little filly! Lena ChicpendingBayMare
121Davis Quarter Horses621Docs Frosty Knight: A big flashy red dun stallion. This colt would make a great arena/show horse competitors dream. Good bone and muscle. He will be athletic and ride around nicely. Great disposition and easy to work with. UTD on shots and dewormed. Coggins tested and ready to go anywhere you take him. 406-427-5420 Frosty Knight5737751Red DunStallion
122Allen Munger622This is a nice looking buckskin stud colt. He is easy moving with a lot of ability. He should make an all around gelding with good color. 003PENDINGBuckskinStallion
123Mike Mitton623Real nice colt with lots of shape and bone and a super disposition. Sired by One Stealth Lynx by One Gun AQHA Res. Champ JR. Cutting, NCHA bronze award winner. Dam Skeets Little Lexi by Skeets Peppy 85,259 AQHA Rom; 1998 NRCHA Fut.3 yo OP finalist; 1998 NRHA Fut. 5th 3 yo OP Res. Champ. 2nd Dam Smart Peaches NRHA, NCHA money produced by Smooth Little Lena
124Codie Bowen624This filly is very sweet and gentle. I have worked with her in the round pen as well as around other horses and noise. She is very willing to learn. After just two days in the round pen she was working very well by voice commands. Emily Is Smoken will be shown in the yearling futurity at the 2016 NILE. Is SmokenChestnutMare
125Hardy Performances Horses625This filly's mother has a very sweet and willing disposition, and the filly acts like she will be just like her. With her bloodlines she should be able to go any direction you choose. Take a look at her!
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