Laubach Red Angus Sale

November 12th, 2016 1:00 PM MST
At the Ranch; Big Timber, MT

2016 Laubach Red Angus Sale Report

Laubach Red Angus Annual Production Sale

Big Timber, MT US

Auctioneer: Collin Gibbs

Sale Date: 11/12/2016

(44) Bull Calves / $139,172.00 Gross / $3,163.00 Average

(13) Reg. Bred Heifers / $29,653.00 Gross / $2,281.00 Average

(10) Reg. Heifer Calves / $12,300.00 Gross / $1,230.00 Average

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  • Red Angus

Red Angus
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2LAUBACH NEW DIRECTION 6005YBgtTNUXxxI1BullOne of our better New Direction bulls, he should make an excellent heifer bull. He stands very straight on his feet and legs.
3LAUBACH BIG IRON 6008gAqAqGCrNu82BullThis guy stands wide on the front end. He has a big chest that carries width throughout his body.
4LAUBACH BIG IRON 60118fBjeDJcROQ3BullHis depth of rib, goes right back into a well rounded quarter.
5LAUBACH 6015qFfH80M0e-A4BullCommercial Bull
7LAUBACH BIG IRON 6020kVBXaNav6546BullDam side is very maternal.
8LAUBACH BIG IRON 6023DM2vWIuEIe47BullVery moderate frame bull.
9LAUBACH NEW DIRECTION 6026uGChR-pGsb88BullHe will make a great heifer bull.
10LAUBACH OUT WEST 6030frQv716nyUE9Bull
11LAUBACH BIG IRON 60321uwb1dlO4rA10BullOne of the last Flo Marie embryo’s.
12LAUBACH OUT WEST 60343H0krQfk-ok11BullA well rounded bull with nice shape throughout his body.
13LAUBACH NEW DIRECTION 603851-nlO3YMic12BullNice spring of rib, that flows into a well muscled body.
14LAUBACH 6039T9koELJsnPc13BullCommercial Bull
15LAUBACH BIG IRON 6040YEB5uC2F8zw14BullHXC Big Iron gave us this big powerful bull, he is very eye appealing.
16LAUBACH OUT WEST 6044id-4Cbqeh4s15BullBig, stylish and eye appealing.
17LAUBACH STRONGHOLD 6045i9qyzerj3Y416BullLong bodied calf from Stronghold, with a lot of leg.
18LAUBACH OUT WEST 6054Mw9nggsyDtw17Bull
19LAUBACH OUT WEST 60568aZMfiCtCi018BullOut West gave us this big powerful calf.
20LAUBACH OSCAR 6058sBkUIG2UBkA19BullHeavy muscling through and through. Packs a hell of a punch.
21LAUBACH STRONGHOLD 60616RC8JCkR3Gg20BullSmooth, smooth, smooth from nose to tail.
22LAUBACH OSCAR 6063cKQVdaG70gs21BullOur bulls this year have muscling throughout, this guy is no exception. He is straight and level across his back.
23LAUBACH TJS COLOSSAL 6064DjBtSYAbYdk22BullHeifer bull.
24LAUBACH TJS COLOSSAL 6066N0CIsYA6R3k23BullEasy going cow family. Heifer bull.
26LAUBACH SILVER BOW 6069AzSYcmIR36I25BullHere is the only Silver Bow bull in the sale. He will not dissapoint.
27LAUBACH OSCAR 60739fR0C_GvPUY26BullIf you’re looking for a smaller framed calf, this one is for you. He shouldn’t dissapoint. Heifer bull.
28LAUBACH STRONGHOLD 6075wjwoSrtnOJc27BullHe will make a great cow bull, full of muscling with a big butt.
29LAUBACH BASES LOADED 6078CBW8Zgnquro28BullHe’s got a lot of natural muscling, along with big bones.
30LAUBACH 60802x3rT_4qhaw29BullCommercial Bull
31LAUBACH 6083a7kKV9oxMik30BullCommercial Bull
32LAUBACH OUT WEST 6086TGHvVrxz7EE31BullCarries his thickness throughout.
33LAUBACH TJS COLOSSAL 6087MVAXRJ1LUZU32BullExceptionally light birth weight. Should make an excellent heifer bull.
34LAUBACH RAMBLER 5037B00U4zryBR033Bull
35LAUBACH VACATE 5067euJWDwMIv-o34Bull
36LAUBACH ROBOBULL 51136dK2goN8qUo35Bull
37LAUBACH FIRST BASE 5155CqvpTLd9zl836Bull
39LAUBACH 6090C6_CML_Ib-Q38BullCommercial Bull
40LAUBACH BASES LOADED 60913Jm8A0LlFNk39BullGreat heifer bull, one of our longest.
42LAUBACH TJS COLOSSAL 6094wpQEYiGNU4M41BullGreat heifer bull.
43LAUBACH BASES LOADED 6095hF0venDNOwA42BullThis dark cherry red bull, with his long body and pretty head, makes him very attractive.
44LAUBACH OSCAR 6096U-d0HQh7uEg43BullGreat heifer bull.
45LAUBACH TJS COLOSSAL 61009VdoHPSdv5Y44BullA dark cherry red calf who is very evenly made.
47LAUBACH 6090gNL17kyl7DQ46BullCommercial Bull
48LAUBACH BASES LOADED 6108W9pLxzbBcz047BullLong sided, big ribbed will guarantee a carcass on his calf.
49LAUBACH OSCAR 6110WbLltbNtGyE48BullHeifer bull.
50LAUBACH OSCAR 6113vT_igly_WWM49BullStraight on his feet and legs and very eye appealing. Heifer bull.
51LAUBACH OUT WEST 6114n5rhlHAY2O850Bull
52LAUBACH OSCAR 6115UhSuBYeeOFQ51BullHeifer bull.
53LAUBACH VACATE 6125BYZhe8TMtM052BullHere is a bull that is long bodied and big boned.
54LAUBACH BASES LOADED 61285wm9UqkPp0c53BullA gentle bull, he will do no wrong for you.
55LAUBACH 6135bTXBcG10XDI54BullData will be available sale day.
56LAUBACH VACATE 6139PB4cvd6n0CE55BullA light birth weight bull with great growth, coming from an excellent cow family.
57LAUBACH TJS COLOSSAL 6141BLFshflB6H856BullHeifer bull.
59LAUBACH OUT WEST 6150F4rJE8wSWPM58BullComes from a very dosile cow.
60LAUBACH OUT WEST 6151jiS4PgNzBVQ59BullHere is a real big powerful bull. Notice his muscling throughout his entire body.
61LAUBACH TJS COLOSSAL 6152nBqg98jtvvY60BullA great dispositioned calf, with a nice rounded hind quarters.
62LAUBACH 6161K59tUxxDRgY61BullData will be available sale day.
63LAUBACH BASES LOADED 6162ioj1tG4d4V862Bull
65LAUBACH OUT WEST 6179vQ9hPL8j3Y064BullThis bulls’ dam has produced top sellers in the past.
66LAUBACH OUT WEST 6189obwyQ53zqsM65Bull
67LAUBACH OUT WEST 6191x5oWKV7e8AI66Bull
68LAUBACH TJS COLOSSAL 6196_-2hmNT7omc67BullDon’t forget to look at this bull, his great dam was one of Ken’s favorite cows.
69LAUBACH OUT WEST 6198RyP8gS45Oic68Bull
70LAUBACH FLO MARIE 5017comQcQ0XI3070Bred HeiferPasture exposed to Laubach Oscar 5145 due 3/26 sex unknown.
71LAUBACH GOLDEN LADY 5071eFzSBbzz9t871Bred HeiferPasture exposed to Laubach Oscar 5145 due 3/11 sex unknown.
72LAUBACH KOOT 5044XwG8tk0btbw72Bred HeiferPasture exposed to Laubach Oscar 5145 due 1/30 with a heifer calf.
73LAUBACH LAKOTA 50544VNuz7wM_6I73Bred HeiferPasture exposed to Laubach Oscar 5145 due 1/30 with a bull calf.
74LAUBACH PRISCILLA 5027Id8U6ACsS7M74Bred HeiferAI’d safe to 3C Cherokee Squall 04W due 1/16 with a bull calf.
75LAUBACH PRISCILLA 5077aLFONr8seh475Bred HeiferAI’d safe to Loosli Right On 423 due 1/15 with a bull calf.
76LAUBACH FLO MARIE 5078gnD75isX4PU76Bred HeiferPasture exposed to Laubach Oscar 5145 due 3/6 sex unknown.
77LAUBACH MS RED 5088l_kAFlUg5uI77Bred HeiferAI’d safe to Loosli Right On 423 due 1/16 with a bull calf.
78LAUBACH DINA 5091C8ba4tEb5LY78Bred HeiferPasture exposed to Laubach Oscar 5145 due 3/26 sex unknown
79LAUBACH JUANA FIRE 5093Gyzwr1-WLBo79Bred HeiferAI’d safe to Loosli Right On 423 due 1/16 with a bull calf.
80LAUBACH PAPRIKA 5096FZSsT4W3-cY80Bred HeiferPasture exposed to Laubach Oscar 5145 due 3/1 with a heifer calf.
81LAUBACH BREEZY 5133fYwxA-kBbBU81Bred HeiferPasture exposed to Laubach Oscar 5145 due 2/4 with a bull calf
82LAUBACH IMPRESS 513482Bred HeiferAI’d safe to Loosli Right On 423 due 1/15 with a heifer calf.
83LAUBACH GOLDEN LADY 5137u79mPjklUOE83Bred HeiferPasture exposed to Laubach Oscar 5145 due 3/11 sex unknown.
84LAUBACH PAPRIKA 6001HaPOIAycYiE84Bred Heifer
86LAUBACH OSCE 6025vcF3W6ovP7M86Bred Heifer
87LAUBACH JUANA FIRE 6051oz-vuoyE4g487Bred Heifer
88LAUBACH RED 60530eBtBR1SEBk88Bred Heifer
89LAUBACH BREEZY 6065XGUwfgUVGCg89Bred Heifer
90LAUBACH COLLEEN 6103x3wtMEB8mt890Bred Heifer
91LAUBACH JUNIE BEE 6106_bNfMYygMC491Bred Heifer
92LAUBACH BLACKCAP 6129JPMEY8eM6nk92Bred Heifer
93LAUBACH CELESTE 6140PP2I-btDw0M93Bred Heifer
94LAUBACH COLLEEN 6186rBdSXmUEvD494Bred HeiferData will be available sale day.
95LAUBACH FLINT 6204G1URg3WVw4095Bred Heifer
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