Idland Cattle Co.

Feb 2, 2017
Glendive, MT

Idland Cattle Co.

Glendive, MT

February 2, 2017

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


9 Older Bulls   Average   $2,527

86 Yrlg.Bulls   Average   $3,892

95 Total Registered Bulls   Average   $3,763


Top Bulls

Lot 4   ICC MCF Strike Force   $15,000   Buyer: Grant Shillinger - Circle, MT

Sire Name: R B Active Duty 010


Lot 35   ICC Payweight 1682-6022   $9,500   Buyer: John Kennan - Ismay, MT

Sire Name: Basin Payweight 1682


Lot 1   ICC MCF Payback   $7,000   Buyer: Sharpe Angus - Cheyenne, WY

Sire Name: Basin Payweight 006S


Lot 7   ICC RI Active Duty 665   $6,500   Buyer: Massar Ranch - Circle, MT

Sire Name: R B Active Duty 010


Lot 14   ICC MCF Tour of Duty 627   $6,250   Buyer: All Idland - Richey, MT

Sire Name: R B Tour Of Duty 177  

Lot #

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  • ICC Common Sense Angus Bull Sale

ICC Common Sense Angus Bull Sale
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1NameVideoLot #SexCommentsPicture
2ICC MCF Payback9X0V_2phmKg1Yearling Bull
3ICC MCF PayrollTv_GxJhkkEs2Yearling Bull
4ICC Payweight 006S-6029Dbu1S8db-9U3Yearling Bull
5ICC MCF Strike ForceNIP84HWsJy84Yearling Bull
6ICC Active Duty 6050MHCv7GJOJyM5Yearling Bull
7ICC Active Duty 6043l2-FnbFmnSE6Yearling Bull
8ICC RI Active Duty 6657NkO1lOJAIM7Yearling Bull
9ICC Active Duty 60448Yearling Bull
10ICC Active Duty 6101NkXLO18CbBY9Yearling Bull
11ICC RI Active Duty 664jP6YHhtIw7Q10Yearling Bull
12ICC Active Duty 6065grmAlqJeSLA11Yearling Bull
13ICC MCF BlackhawkSCAf-LOZml012Yearling Bull
14ICC Tour of Duty 6047mkSVTkTKX7I13Yearling Bull
15ICC MCF Tour of Duty 627ooItaa-nLmw14Yearling Bull
16ICC Tour of Duty 6071i7gHeL8gifE15Yearling Bull
17ICC Tour of Duty 60549_JQdimz4gk16Yearling Bull
18ICC Tour of Duty 6059UBDsee-XPTk17Yearling Bull
19ICC Tour of Duty 6060q9GPiLo2-5g18Yearling Bull
20ICC Tour of Duty 6066BlpfZlY1XzA19Yearling Bull
21ICC Tour of Duty 6092rjwZuL-hFJE20Yearling Bull
22ICC Tour of Duty 6068tvLsjskY_6Q21Yearling Bull
23ICC Tour of Duty 6040Xf2JgWy7BZY22Yearling Bull
24ICC RI Tour of Duty 666OMiVTrpm99Y23Yearling Bull
25ICC Tour of Duty 60783pKjbddBCA824Yearling Bull
26ICC Tour of Duty 6049XAQYRUnEe0g25Yearling Bull
27ICC-RA Tour of Duty 177-613myYtiY3dng026Yearling Bull
28ICC-RA Tour of Duty 177-614BtyKrZxap6Q27Yearling Bull
29ICC-RA Tour of Duty 177-617kgmg8GadiKs28Yearling Bull
30ICC Tour of Duty 6073EhiAxdC-M0I29Yearling Bull
31ICC Tour of Duty 6048aehDvm6vfpA30Yearling Bull
32ICC Tour of Duty 6042hwOUF2vrfRE31Yearling Bull
33ICC Riley 6061-pzoElsC9l832Yearling Bull
34ICC Riley 61037tuQIemq-Gk33Yearling Bull
35ICC BA Payweight 1682-60558cs_KXE8Lkg34Yearling Bull
36ICC Payweight 1682-6022O-eKU0Jqyew35Yearling Bull
37ICC Payweight 1682-6104w-QiW7clMTI36Yearling Bull
38ICC Payweight 1682-6094bbBlODlDIOA37Yearling Bull
39ICC Payweight 1682-6041nH-BGKaEBps38Yearling Bull
40ICC Payweight 419-60336Fne5iAsezc39Yearling Bull
41ICC Payweight 419-60510RoUiNXUNcE40Yearling Bull
42ICC Payweight 419-6082E_LMH3SbxUA41Yearling Bull
43ICC Payweight 419-6102TlZR4oUQmks42Yearling Bull
44ICC Payweight 419-608470_Ts_N7aFI43Yearling Bull
45ICC RI Payweight 419-668hiflLqtvhl844Yearling Bull
46ICC Payweight 419-6027kTC8ks3IKv845Yearling Bull
47ICC Payweight 419 6110yUO-ByKJp9o46Yearling Bull
48ICC Payweight 419-6067aLbSnr27lsI47Yearling Bull
49ICC RI Payweight 419-663AJPynCElDg048Yearling Bull
50ICC Payweight 419-6053gmEw3AN-Lm849Yearling Bull
51ICC Payweight 419-60993BS9g9jM0OY50Yearling Bull
52ICC Payweight 419-6057gcuWh1VaW5Y51Yearling Bull
53ICC Payweight 419-6035xTdukz5zbEw52Yearling Bull
54ICC Payweight 419 6100sHCFGOfyJfM53Yearling Bull
55ICC Payweight 419 6113eNAuTOPYv2M54Yearling Bull
56ICC Payweight 419 6118bmq17bTi1wk55Yearling Bull
57ICC Payweight 419-6031PzgwZx_CkOo56Yearling Bull
58ICC Payweight 419-6074FMu6gyjzEjU57Yearling Bull
59ICC-RA Pay Raise 419-630-uPqtiaIpVs59Yearling Bull
60ICC-RA Pay Raise 419-631Sm7mzUnMYZo60Yearling Bull
61ICC Payweight 419-6046ekXStch3QrY61Yearling Bull
62ICC Payweight 419-603898MUHeZQq3s62Yearling Bull
63ICC Payweight 107S-60624Gz5LqgeMdE63Yearling Bull
64ICC GW Payweight 107S-638WbXraTYPU1064Yearling Bull
65ICC-RA Pay Raise 4885-601gB0meQhYQss65Yearling Bull
66ICC-RA Pay Raise 4885-604x_sw6pUsTJo66Yearling Bull
67ICC-RA Pay Raise 4885-605uqaUDDZIm3E67Yearling Bull
68ICC-RA Pay Raise 4885-603vt58WmoTtPc68Yearling Bull
69ICC-RA Pay Raise 4885-600qszIdj8byPI69Yearling Bull
70ICC Pay Raise 4875 6091rMxxSDfIwwQ70Yearling Bull
71ICC Pay Raise 4875 6096MNnqg8bFPFw71Yearling Bull
72ICC Excitement 6024TFAXKihSCGU72Yearling Bull
73ICC Excitement 6025jwV7xQsBc1E73Yearling Bull
74ICC Excitement 6030QJlTqh4wRwg74Yearling Bull
75ICC Excitement 60348zEKB2at73A75Yearling Bull
76ICC-RA Excitement 625BHJOigtOtCw76Yearling Bull
77ICC Cavalry 6095I4kjlPSWxwI77Yearling Bull
78ICC Cavalry 60978f_l6jfI_Ek78Yearling Bull
79ICC Cavalry 6090BrZgp14VTwU79Yearling Bull
80ICC Cavalry 6116NsKuNFC78Xw80Yearling Bull
81ICC Cavalry 60865rEt4f2aZAY81Yearling Bull
82ICC Cavalry 60320hmKLCDzCgc82Yearling Bull
83ICC Cavalry 6045vTY0xzqkwsU83Yearling Bull
84ICC SR MR Aberdeen 6026tCgpEpjh37M84Yearling Bull
85ICC MR Aberdeen 6037DEepnaGSYiA85Yearling Bull
86ICC MR Aberdeen 60703GtZrT2yUjs86Yearling Bull
87ICC MR Aberdeen 6081XIENSJ7upBM87Yearling Bull
88ICC MR Aberdeen 6083U4awQp7FRCY88Yearling Bull
89ICC MR Aberdeen 6105bJ5awsVtAHM89Yearling Bull
90ICC MR Aberdeen 6114gSxB2-Wl7Zs90Yearling Bull
91ICC MR Aberdeen 6119cWhdDL1_edk91Yearling Bull
92ICC MR Aberdeen 61210rHTi1d6B6g92Yearling Bull
93ICC Summit 6063h03WRHHC81093Yearling Bull
94ICC Summit 6069Xhp5CqTte9g94Yearling Bull
95ICC Summit 6052_qZnlHBGfkg95Yearling Bull
96ICC Summit 6076YIEgIBnD3V096Yearling Bull
97ICC RI Capitalist 66776wznMFVaN897Yearling Bull
98ICC War Party 6075UkZ-XH-XAGQ98Yearling Bull
99Icc CC&7 6072rG9PcL-p3i499Yearling Bull
100ICC Rib Cage 6117m8Z9AcjPw2Y100Yearling Bull
101ICC Rib Cage 61094Vsy5NTUnvQ101Yearling Bull
102ICC Rib Cage 6108S5zDErT-eMM102Yearling Bull
103ICC RI Brilliance 662HLMwQ8oDf54103Yearling Bull
104ICC Motive 6036wHXVyfBO0eY104Yearling Bull
105ICC RI End Product 670aCkA8JodD7I105Yearling Bull
106ICC Chisum 6379XRSESdrsRw0106Yearling Bull
107ICC Chisum 6087bZKcj0x1CLg107Yearling Bull
108ICC Style 5025CPFD7rQswhI1082 Year Old Bull
109ICC Capitalist 5949vfVPFklXVBI1092 Year Old Bull
110ICC RI Tour Of Duty 5575rTy4185ou41102 Year Old Bull
111ICC GW Tour Of Duty 537sB9EYwSg62U1112 Year Old Bull
112ICC Wagon Train 5974OSKvpsuYbKw1122 Year Old Bull
113Icc Ri Resolution 560qhnH0eIkjkc1132 Year Old Bull
114ICC Still in the Rough 5920jtW5TmxRntQ1142 Year Old Bull
115ICC Chisum 5967EL2dwnSIkw01152 Year Old Bull
116ICC Highwayman 5008gxn4smlsB-A1162 Year Old Bull
117ICC End Product 5005BD49IyBMlWQ1172 Year Old Bull
118COMMERCIAL BULLno9CT2A97hY1182 Year Old BullSimm/Ang BWF Polled Purebred.
119COMMERCIAL BULLYWJgKeSwNZk1192 Year Old BullSimm/Ang Black Polled
120COMMERCIAL BULLgTn6C34IvIg1202 Year Old BullSimm/Ang Black Polled
121Heifers Group AG2iQq69wgBU121Replacement Heifers15 hd Comm. Heifer Calves
122Heifers Group BjOYunDKJdi4122Replacement Heifers15 hd Comm. Heifer Calves
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