Eaton Cattle Co. - Pasture To Prospect Sale

October 1st - 5th, 2018
Internet Sale - Midland Bull Test Facility - Columbus, MT

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2ECC SteerADW9Gz6hcc41Lot 1 - ECC SteerSolid from end to end, and talk about sound! This guy moves like cat! If that isn’t enough his is the most gentle calve I’ve ever been around GREAT for a first time showmen! ECC Alley Cat 148 (Tiger Woods/BC Lookout)BlackSteer3/2/2018
3ECC Heifer THC & PHAFEl6DP6z7VSs2Lot 2 - ECC Heifer THC & PHAFPower and grace best describes this heifer! Super gentle to boot! StallionECC Mercy 49 (Ali/Moody Blues)BlackHeifer THC & PHAF3/3/2018
4ECC SteerYHB3UsDdkIQ3Lot 3 - ECC SteerHis got the butt, his got the bone and moves as free as they can come! For BearECC Kick Me I Am Irish 1010 (Irish Whiskey)RedSteer3/16/2018
5ECC Steerh7BnC3HWcvc4Lot 4 - ECC SteerBorn to stand out, and stand out he does! His got the look, the power and the moves to be competitive on that next level! In The ChamberECC The Secret TC45 (Heat Wave/HooDoo)WhiteSteer2/26/2018
6ECC Heifer THF & PHAFkBzXDil0X-05Lot 5 - ECC Heifer THF & PHAFVery complete, smooth made heifer. That puts it all together in a DOUBLE CLEAN maternally breed page! makes for a great breed prospect beyond the show ring. StallionECC Love potion 93 (Maternally Yours/Irish Whiskey)BlackHeifer THF & PHAF3/5/2018
7ECC Steer_GhtCl2Cm546Lot 6 - ECC SteerBig butt and top, with tree trunks for lags, this guys got the bone to carry him! This guy is as gentle as a died pig and will make for a GREAT first time showmen project! Juice Fruit 30 (Shiver/Double Stuff)BlackSteer2/25/2018
8ECC Steer8T3g_3C_K8U7Lot 7 - ECC SteerSmooth, stout, and sound! With a BIG old top you can eat diner off of. For BearECC Fox On The Run (I-80/Heat Seeker)BlackSteer3/1/2018
9ECC Heifer THF & PHAFM6T-tV76V6E8Lot 8 - ECC Heifer THF & PHAFSuper flashy female who is a beep bodied belly digger and has a freaky smooth front end on her! If that is not enough for ya ... she tested out to be DOUBLE CLEAN! RushECC BLUE CAT 149 (Tiger Woods/Moody Blues)WhiteHeifer THF & PHAF2/28/2018
10ECC Steer9TtY9wEKaPE9Lot 9 - ECC SteerThe youngest, greenest calf in the sell but he is NO slouch! With power and the shape, this flashy young calf is only going to get better. Swagger 1623 (Dakota Gold/Double Stuff)ECC Hard knock Life 1603 (Italian Stallion/Irish Whiskey)BuckskinSteer4/12/2018
11ECC SteeryFLtlMtOF5A10Lot 10 - ECC SteerOne of the biggest butted and topped calves we are offering this guy only seem to get more impressive everyday! The pictures just don’t do him justice! RumbleECC Roanie 1560 (Redemption/Solution)Blk/WhtSteer3/18/2018
12ECC Heifer THC & PHAFAg1sg34XNcY11Lot 11 - ECC Heifer THC & PHAFSuper smooth, soft, and sound made female that will make for a great first time showmen’s heifer project! For BearHunter Miss Mo 138 (Monopoly/Ice Pick/Meyer734)BlackHeifer THC & PHAF3/10/2018
13ECC SteeruulKo6-rIng12Lot 12 - ECC SteerThis one loves to stand out and has got the look and the butt to catch some eyes! One of the youngest in the sale this cat is only going to get more competitive everyday! RumbleECC Double Bubble 0922 (Double Stuff)Blk/WhtSteer3/25/2018
14ECC Heifer THF & PHAFC5CQaxUBP-U13Lot 13 - ECC Heifer THF & PHAFSuper sweet female, that’s has the makes for a great breeding prospect! Registrable Shorthorn Plus 5ECC Two Feathers 60 (Solution/Double Stuff)RedHeifer THF & PHAF3/10/2018
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