Currant Creek Angus April Sale

Currant Creek Angus

April 25, 2017

Miles City, MT

Auctioneer: Rob Fraser


Average:  106 total bulls $3858




Lot 64   $6,500   CCAR A184 Hero D079 son of Leadore 0206 Hero A184 sold to Steve Wyse Manhattan, MT


Lot 54   $6,250  CCAR Game Day D021  son of Vermilion Game Day A460 sold to Steve Wyse Manhattan, MT


Lot 1    $5,750   CCAR Common Sense 5221 son of ICC Common Sense sold to Medaris Cattle Co. Ismay, MT


Lot 4    $5,750   CCAR Common Sense 5165 son of ICC Common Sense sold to Pilster Inc. Alzada, MT


Lot 65   $5,250   CCAR Control 6129D son of Leachman Control G335Y SPA sold to Six Cattle Co. Forsyth, MT

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2CCAR Common Sense 52211vHKOP6KjVU1Fall Bull
3CCAR Common Sense 5200eb8f5lrrRJ02Fall Bull
4CCAR Common Sense 5131E0MwAzN2lg03Fall Bull
5CCAR Common Sense 5165e8w2e7EmVak4Fall Bull
6CCAR Common Sense 52094idG9STcqdU5Fall Bull
7CCAR Franklin 5218_ASZkO4HeiU6Fall Bull
8CCAR Franklin 5217iNcgqZg4EUg7Fall Bull
9CCAR Franklin 51775ehDtGTfzXA8Fall Bull
10CCAR Franklin 5214M8B5p75zs-E9Fall Bull
11CCAR Franklin 5132S0FH5B9wJYw10Fall Bull
12CCAR Franklin 5205d9QEVjJltXI11Fall Bull
13CCAR Franklin 5169Z_jhdDDiO4812Fall Bull
14CCAR Franklin 5149U-UNLurpeoo13Fall Bull
15CCAR Franklin 5159VmVgRldo3C814Fall Bull
16CCAR Franklin 5188AvI_2IcUU6015Fall Bull
17CCAR Franklin 5143YLXfKysCU3Y16Fall Bull
18CCAR Franklin 521217Fall Bull
19CCAR 1472 Destination 5203hzVybaGsBQU18Fall Bull
20CCAR 1472 Destination 5163bnTJrFYyBDc19Fall Bull
21CCAR 1472 Destination 5167i4Rr1raQrhg20Fall Bull
22CCAR 1472 Destination 5151PiU40UoouSU21Fall Bull
23CCAR 1472 Destination 5171f4z6CK2aezk22Fall Bull
24CCAR 1472 Destination 5146V1D04JduBPw23Fall Bull
25CCAR 1472 Destination 5189iSEKcyOox0824Fall Bull
26CCAR Breakout 5197xKkeu8qWSd025Fall Bull
27CCAR Breakout 5153C0ep655X_9M26Fall Bull
28CCAR 2922 Rito 5160-CommercialcYAcxS-Nhh427Fall Bull
29CCAR 2922 Rito 5183rHUz9U8yOgY28Fall Bull
30CCAR 2922 Rito 51399RTpexjK6HI29Fall Bull
31CCAR 2922 Rito 5225NlqAUhKn8-830Fall Bull
32CCAR 2922 Rito 5154RFZF5s846rA31Fall Bull
33CCAR Final Answer 51995M82uDkODLQ32Fall Bull
34CCAR Roundup 5196-CommercialUWqwSjkebJw33Fall Bull
35CCAR Roundup 5227-Commercial34Fall Bull
36CCAR 9202 Roundup D590YU7zKZI_LU037Spring Bull
37CCAR 9202 Roundup D708JtzMN9eGYk838Spring Bull
38CCAR 9202 Roundup D619qgWZLGecGvU39Spring Bull
39CCAR 9202 Roundup D636NAUZjhrEQq440Spring Bull
40CCAR Trustworthy D833bYSoUQS4p7841Spring Bull
41CCAR Trustworthy D807ca1C74HkUj442Spring Bull
42CCAR Trustworthy D8310q9SyWeK_jw43Spring Bull
43CCAR Trustworthy D8347ZNwe8QFg8A44Spring Bull
44CCAR Trustworthy D826X54C-dq7_Pw45Spring Bull
45CCAR Trustworthy D824OHef5-ab44M46Spring Bull
46CCAR Trustworthy D829-uNU77QQwyY47Spring Bull
47CCAR Trustworthy D821QFo6d1krgQc48Spring Bull
48CCAR Trustworthy D817eXxtQ69iDOk49Spring Bull
49CCAR Trustworthy D806RUKAVJXxZag50Spring Bull
50CCAR Trustworthy D8020cQV2tJjEDQ51Spring Bull
51CCAR Trustworthy D839zKFW2O66-dw52Spring Bull
52CCAR Game Day D0329Ayu_IlWQGY53Spring Bull
53CCAR Game Day D02105JENtZIq4454Spring Bull
54CCAR Game Day D088DLow8Zi3EMo55Spring Bull
55CCAR Summit D11293TGTA0ZuCak56Spring Bull
56CCAR AXIOM D11113vFM61pQUEQ57Spring Bull
57CCAR AXIOM D1044BRNy0qszRcM58Spring Bull
58CCAR AXIOM D1072Q1rMV34X3Xg59Spring Bull
59CCAR A184 Hero D0628AAinksI8H860Spring Bull
60CCAR A184 Hero D220UhZ3Flk4ERk61Spring Bull
61CCAR A184 Hero D035Gm6spqTdRdU62Spring Bull
62CCAR A184 Hero D055XKklZQxbTTY63Spring Bull
63CCAR A184 Hero D079sJlSMaX2xcY64Spring Bull
64CCAR Control 6129DWnNEwhob69k65Spring Bull
65CCAR Control 6133DIfkHTegxcFk66Spring Bull
66CCAR Control 6026DxKFWtu9sF9w67Spring Bull
67CCAR Control 6114D15xczm_3_-468Spring Bull
68CCAR Control 6188D3p2aZT8UEDs69Spring Bull
69CCAR Cornerstone D4826QE_7uvxWTA70Spring Bull
70CCAR Cornerstone D497Kdt5H-RjkZk71Spring Bull
71CCAR Cornerstone D459rlNuHOR0VTo72Spring Bull
72CCAR Cornerstone D3533vjG0hx8VSg73Spring Bull
73CCAR A553 Brilliance D788RMXH9OHIZzk74Spring Bull
74CCAR A553 Brilliance D7947AH5cXNtpUM75Spring Bull
75CCAR A553 Brilliance D782g4-YHdiAz7Y76Spring Bull
76CCAR 3083 Emulous D814RhIIksyc_Tk77Spring Bull
77CCAR 3083 Emulous D823ON_Z88Ql1Z478Spring Bull
78CCAR 3083 Emulous D810RL3zVJki0qM79Spring Bull
79CCAR 3083 Emulous D8321UHu28UbR5c80Spring Bull
80CCAR 3083 Emulous D836ssZQhUrRleU81Spring Bull
81CCAR 3083 Emulous D828it9Iv5LHhjA82Spring Bull
82CCAR Awesome 6109DKzCm0ScSvaY83Spring Bull
83CCAR Awesome 6101DzN2c6ETADog84Spring Bull
84CCAR Awesome 6168Ds2oSIj1AuF085Spring Bull
85CCAR Awesome 6118DUEBD45wHf9s86Spring Bull
86CCAR 172X HD D785hwOnO3JOm1Y87Spring Bull
87CCAR Z262 Chisum D789v3OGHLAE1OE88Spring Bull
88CCAR Z262 Chisum D774UBv4i2opDtM89Spring Bull
89CCAR Z262 Chisum D7814F2e1r0MCo890Spring Bull
90CCAR Z262 Chisum D784Qf48zT_oRDk91Spring Bull
91CCAR Z262 Chisum D776niwGG1EOuX892Spring Bull
92CCAR 2100 Emblazon D804gryxbaugH0493Spring Bull
93CCAR 2100 Emblazon D8099WRMeXkamZY94Spring Bull
94CCAR Common Sense D359WKK30ZxemF495Spring Bull
95CCAR Common Sense D486jSEVRp_RtTc96Spring Bull
96CCAR 3254 Rito D605Pr8eaTwTT7U97Spring Bull
97CCAR 3254 Rito D654ObLq2mJHThU98Spring Bull
98CCAR 3254 Rito D6158mCaYy1iHi499Spring Bull
99CCAR 3254 Rito D746Wy8GOjTLhVQ100Spring Bull
100CCAR 2922 Rito D837EE2RrS13-Lg101Spring Bull
101CCAR 2922 Rito D186xwLe27Grzxw102Spring Bull
102CCAR Consensus 644DUyleCCVt3oI103Spring Bull
103CCAR 451 Consensus D411MNqW4uUv6V8104Spring Bull
104CCAR In Focus 6165DKMJKYZ-nUg8105Spring Bull
105CCAR Kingrichard 6220DZVEfTKcwxtQ106Spring Bull
106CCAR Z421 Uncommon D001BhUNBB_HO-k107Spring Bull
107CCAR Z421 Uncommon D004LEBLNcTLapY108Spring Bull
108CCAR Z421 Uncommon D006iEX4LRLorkY109Spring Bull
109CCAR Z421 Uncommon D008cVmSGeEqzXE110Spring Bull
110CCAR 3215 Regal Duty 668DjyFIqIErXAI111Spring Bull
111CCAR Control 6518DedcRKsYGfDU112Spring Bull
112CCAR 3083 Emulous D830JS8QzPMuDHg113Spring Bull
113CCAR A184 Hero D106114Spring Bull
114CCAR Trustworthy D826115Spring Bull
115Ranch Horse - Max116Ranch Horse
116Ranch Horse - Belle117Ranch Horse
117Ranch Horse - Remme118Ranch Horse
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