Currant Creek Angus December Sale

December 2nd, 2017
At the Ranch; 4 Miles West of Roundup, MT

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1NameVideoLot #SexNotesPicture
2CCAR Privilege 6317bod9up_NxEo1Fall YearlingSons of some females purchased from Vermilion. They hit a lick.
3CCAR Playmaker 6316_BdV-CuJxsk2Fall YearlingEasy going, very thick Playmaker son.
4CCAR Earnan 6312wsD9Tv6-0dM3Fall Yearling4 Earnan half brothers who all performed well.
5CCAR Earnan 6318U-ssqeXroAY4Fall YearlingWe purchased some fall cows from Vermilion. Im glad they let these go..
6CCAR Earnan 6303Q9dKQGnau7o5Fall YearlingBoss daughter with moderate birth who is moderate size.
7CCAR Earnan 6323cpp_RJWzlb06Fall YearlingEarnan and Danny Boy kept birth weight down here. Cow bull with lots of power.
8CCAR B122 Sirloin 6321m9pcl81rXN07Fall Yearling2nd generation Sirloin, more Sirloins in the April Sale. Start a group today.
9CCAR Capitalist 6105-eo6RHW50Io8Fall YearlingFirst of one of the most consistent sets of half brothers every born here.
10CCAR Capitalist 6117wA2GtuAjpWI9Fall Yearling9598 was Sitz Angus high seller who pleased his new owners.
11CCAR Capitalist 6159phJ63dibaYQ10Fall YearlingFlatwillow Ranch used a group of our Nebraska sons for years and really liked the cows.
12CCAR Capitalist 6230vLex5tZrEb011Fall YearlingUncommon daughters are uncommon
13CCAR Capitalist 6193GOSbbsXQ2RI12Fall YearlingGoes back to a great flush of 7417. Feed efficiency genetics.
14CCAR Final Answer 6101chcinISxDlI13Fall YearlingGreat sire from Diamond Dot that we are very pleased with.
15CCAR Final Answer 6199TCwQEYjoHKE14Fall YearlingFinal Answer X Nebraska, it really works.
16CCAR Final Answer 6181ceHWfFs3gEg15Fall YearlingFinal Answer has been used heavily. We dont mind seeing it twice.
17CCAR Final Answer 6133n95VB3Yq7go16Fall YearlingSometimes it takes a few years to realize a cows true influence 7417
18CCAR Final Answer 6226mYIAw7UdIF017Fall YearlingDouble bred Final Answer. You will see another round of Final Statement used at CCAR
19CCAR Final Answer 6212bulhCkypNeg18Fall YearlingA shot of Ohlde, Jorgenson or Shoshone Angus in our cows is the secret to our easy doing cows.
20CCAR Breakout 627419Fall YearlingBreakout has had heavy use at CCAR for good reasons.
21CCAR Breakout 6279Mnp7_rUtqrU20Fall YearlingLost Forefront way too soon. The ones we have are very good.
22CCAR Breakout 62702wLiL2u2ygY21Fall YearlingBreakout on 7275. You will like this.
23CCAR Breakout 6265ySEBBQW1QNo22Fall YearlingPicture bull who you will love in your pasture.
24CCAR Breakout 62755-gSD04OTFY23Fall YearlingDam is by an ET son going back to the powerful 7417 cow from Jorgensons.
25CCAR Breakout 6267f_TAqdBOG3U24Fall Yearling24 and 25 are both out of beautiful 7275 daughters.
26CCAR Breakout 627768_H9W6TzUk25Fall YearlingAnother Breakout / Jorgenson. It works.
27CCAR Breakout 62617eJUUPeDHCU26Fall YearlingThe Van Dyke Beauty family is one of my favorites.
28CCAR Breakout 6284e0gusaWrysk27Fall YearlingStack up these Breakout sons and have a set of eye popping steers.
29CCAR Breakout 6280V5y1WIjgEJU28Fall Yearling
30CCAR Grid Topper 6301DpZ72zQ5AII29Fall YearlingOne of the heaviest weaning fall calves ever here at CCAR.
31CCAR Substance 626830Fall YearlingSubstance has really clicked on our cows.
32CCAR Substance 6273TPo1jZjQRPA31Fall YearlingHe will still work on larger framed heifers.
33CCAR Substance 6283_CtG7_Evgvo32Fall YearlingAsk Steve Wyse about Nebraska N102 calves. They are good females.
34CCAR Substance 6281Cz4hK-QEgqo33Fall YearlingCow bull with lots of eye appeal.
35CCAR Substance 6278ndzYHYZnYBU34Fall YearlingOur excitement about 5127 brought Spence and I back to buy 3026 the next year.
36CCAR Substance 6260Hw0AvKEedZQ35Fall YearlingKaty cow family came from Russell Becker. Good deal.
37CCAR Substance 6264KZduiCdu35U36Fall YearlingBulls out of an ET daughter of Jessicas who is picture perfect.
38CCAR Substance 6262lcP_ASKnV4837Fall YearlingStylish Substance that will breed a lot of cows.
39CCAR Substance 62727RHoKnxL_X038Fall YearlingCow with proven longevity.
40CCAR Substance 6282Db_rPWEodg439Fall YearlingFinal Statement needs no introduction in the NW US. He stamps them.
41CCAR Substance 62761jeL1DVIYfE40Fall YearlingBulls should produce tremendous carcass cattle.
42CCAR Performer 61068032UmfNXE441Fall YearlingSire came from Leos herd as our pick. We like them.
43CCAR Performer 6136D_jncD6yiIE42Fall YearlingThe Butte calves go back to some of the best genetics we started with.
44CCAR Performer 610767YuaPuJiBU43Fall YearlingRemember Midland Empire, should have used him more.
45CCAR Performer 6129v50iIX2R-T844Fall YearlingUno seems to cross well many ways.
46CCAR Performer 61119GeOlTCdNYc45Fall Yearling6S1 is a clean son of 2536. A lot of good in this pedigree.
47CCAR Performer 6190C93YERrgA-c46Fall YearlingGreat longevity and easy keeping here.
48CCAR Butte 6183_Dx0u7PxYBs47Fall YearlingButte calve out of Whiskey daughter.
49CCAR Butte 6150Z8ZhIGBrzZo48Fall YearlingUse these Butte bulls to make females that will take care of themselves.
50CCAR Butte 6176Y4T2DVVrX-049Fall YearlingGreat females but will make tremendous steers as well.
51CCAR Butte 6132eg5ez3dROT850Fall YearlingUncommon on Image Maker cow. Imagine that.
52CCAR Butte 6112yNhOof2uA1U51Fall YearlingDam is sired by ET son of efficiency queen 7417.
53CCAR Butte 6152pPP8DWEoUnM52Fall YearlingPerfect cross for Butte on this 3026 daughter.
54CCAR Butte 6177fwywoqsBGwA53Fall YearlingGrowth numbers on these Butte calves will go up. They come easy and grow like crazy.
55CCAR Butte 6108-ULc9ETmQyw54Fall YearlingBulls maternal grandsire is ET son of 7414.
56CCAR Butte 6186gRWrdZoaGnw55Fall YearlingBreed your heifers to Lot 55 and sleep all night.
57CCAR 6214 (Commercial)fW3nNSSfYro56Fall YearlingA couple of earlier born bulls that will cover a lot of cows.
58CCAR 6217 (Commercial)65Z5Sw7AFIE57Fall YearlingTremendous bull out of cow with a little white. Sells commercial.
59CCAR Spur 6322nMGU6UK5GTI58Fall YearlingCow bull that wont hurt you. Imagine the steers.
60WWAR Lock n Load 2939 (1/2 Sim)BuNq2XKc6YY59Fall YearlingThis is a very nice 1/2 blood who is an embryo brother to Lot 61.
61WWAR Lock n Load 2939 (1/2 Sim)7B-iLB0uBso61Bull CalfET full brother to Lot 59 out of a top donor cow.
62CCAR E739 (1/2 Sim)X_XbJmAlBps62Bull CalfSome customers like a little Simmental influence. Here are a couple good ones.
63CCAR E706 (1/2 Sim)PvvlK2adYF063Bull CalfJessica doesnt have very many bulls but they are good ones. Look here.
64CCAR Outside E731FeuSsOnhQcw64Bull CalfTop bull of Tylers out of a brother to Cowboy Up. The popular Hinman bull from last year.
65CCAR Seedstock E4134hnKhDdHIEk65Bull CalfVery appealing Seedstock calf of out a fancy Sitz Uncommon daughter.
66CCAR Destination E485wldrw5_hFVk66Bull CalfThese Destination calves do it all. High selling group last year.
67CCAR Destination E335NdkESKTczr867Bull CalfGrandson of a very complete cow from Beitelspacher dispersion. Thanks Joe. G.
68CCAR Destination E4071Kgu8h9klls68Bull CalfAnybody familiar with our program knows what an impact 7275 has made. Great mothers.
69CCAR Destination E3930SeffcXtpjo69Bull CalfThe Destination offspring are consistently our top performers.
70CCAR Destination E3434rtirt2MgM070Bull CalfGreat 4545 momma.
71CCAR Destination E346f2xUfTWhc3471Bull Calf
72CCAR Destination E466v-QBZiGNS2E72Bull Calf
73CCAR 072X Payweight E026r1TO2OeuYI873Bull Calf3 brothers out of a great Payweight bull.
74CCAR 072X Payweight E017dZBlLS8zZ9w74Bull Calf
75CCAR 072X Payweight E049ReD7hnnVB9o75Bull Calf
76CCAR Substance E039opNaO6zmSPY76Bull CalfWe cant say enough about Substance.
77CCAR Substance E0198DS9cphb_fg77Bull Calf7275 worked on every cross we tried.
78CCAR Substance E046W_RRAi2f8mg78Bull Calf
79CCAR Substance E014C4w2zMRNiUI79Bull Calf
80CCAR Substance E029yZFppORkDuc80Bull Calf
81CCAR Substance E003KJbpqFzoykU81Bull Calf
82CCAR Substance E050-IfJOl9iPxU82Bull Calf
83CCAR Reserve E038TpaKko_55fs83Bull CalfSire from JVC that is rising right to the top.
84CCAR Reserve E043QI4tvZQXY3884Bull Calf
85CCAR Reserve E036DF4gsQeVfXQ85Bull CalfBeauty 228 is just off the dam side of this pedigree.
86CCAR Reserve E001omn9bzUYe7486Bull CalfUncommon granddaughter dam good to keep a great thing going.
87CCAR Reserve E037ScbS2TqwHwA87Bull CalfGoes back to some great Shoshone Angus genetics. This is why we bought the Butte bull.
88CCAR Reserve E047f8Oc6GZaF0I88Bull Calf
89CCAR Reserve E016iB2838ZKyEs89Bull CalfReserve bulls have tremendous length.
90CCAR Reserve E008JbLAMrJf1Kg90Bull Calf
91CCAR Rito E722I_eobR-o-Z091Bull CalfVery attractive bull from Tylers Iowa herdsire, who makes the keeping kind.
92CCAR Rito E709GTio9wREaoo92Bull CalfFemales from these genetics know how to care for themselves and really produce.
93CCAR Rito E727op2zncqdt3Q93Bull CalfM5 from Regency was very popular in Worden, Roundup & Cohagen.
94CCAR Rito E730Bb9Jvl3ogks94Bull CalfUncommon daughter - he left some good ones.
95CCAR Rito E703q460UjHYiT095Bull CalfDam to this bull from the powerful 1370 donor cow.
96CCAR Emulous E707WGgYjyT9Qlg96Bull CalfA sire who is geared for Central & Eastern Montana.
97CCAR Emulous E725T12TiLl9iJY97Bull CalfDaughters of Box O are some of the very best. Traces back to our first Ideal sire.
98CCAR Emulous E7118kCTMDBtzUI98Bull CalfGary Wall found this sire. He has never steered us wrong.
99CCAR Emulous E724d5PjceuVidg100Bull CalfMany of the breeds top cows behind this bull including Van Dykes 8516 cow.
100CCAR Emulous E740gv6vSb0K2Mo101Bull Calf
101CCAR Emulous E718DgoZvkL6P0A102Bull Calf
102CCAR Emulous E704VxuWmU2Qtfk103Bull Calf4545 got overshadowed by 7275 but he was a hero himself.
103CCAR Statement E470PN32fT9hcY0104Bull CalfA chance to get some Final Statement grandsons.
104CCAR Statement E241M2ZVKQRnZZg105Bull CalfFinal Statement / Uncommon genetics.
105CCAR Statement E454veUS1-f8Rq0106Bull Calf
106CCAR Final Answer E737A_kot3_jAlg107Bull CalfTyler has some great herd sires and understands what works here.
107CCAR Final Answer E701FhltYyJlXO0108Bull CalfA whole herd of Uncommon daughters would be like winning the lottery.
108CCAR Frontman E360lvhwjT9HKj8109Bull CalfLeodore Upward 85 is a heavy hitter for sure.
109CCAR Frontman E389nMFcjnfL1O8110Bull CalfSire is our pick from Martins sale 3 years ago.
110CCAR Frontman E305cjmR0q0dfKE111Bull CalfThese bulls fit our environment and management.
111CCAR Frontman E408M8J92bolyWM112Bull Calf
112CCAR Frontman E423brkmoStNxG8113Bull Calf
113CCAR Frontman E409f1bMkwef9jM114Bull CalfEasy keeping deep bodied genetics.
114CCAR Tennyson E041XqaVYTq0AQo115Bull CalfBull is out of a top daughter from Holman Angus.
115CCAR Tennyson E0451juVZ2hvpRM116Bull CalfTennyson was the high seller at Lost Lake.
116CCAR Tennyson E040KhK9smP5u8o117Bull CalfAs Pat Goggins would have said, this is the program 4545 on 308.
117CCAR Tennyson E023_jkpDfHJJWU118Bull CalfScott Fraser knew Tennyson was a poet, I was impressed. Great Blackjack daughter dam.
118WWAR HIGH PRIME 12277BAWh7ygnTU119Bull CalfA couple of Gravenhofs top bull calves. Take a look.
119WWAR PAYDIRT 1203G6_glZ_molM120Bull CalfPaydirt is becoming very popular.
120CCAR Emulous E726QYvYSx2Yweo121Bull Calf
121CCAR Frontman E405eB9p0WyM9Jw122Bull CalfA younger Frontman who is coming on fast.
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