Currant Creek Angus

Dec 3rd, 2016 1:00 PM
At the Ranch; 4 Miles West of Roundup, MT

2016 Currant Creek Angus Sale Report

Currant Creek Angus Bull Sale

Herd City: Roundup, MT US

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Sale Date: 12/3/2016

(53) 2 Year Old Bulls / $269,505.00 Gross / $5,085.00 Average

(66) Yearling Bulls / $280,750.00 Gross / $4,253.00 Average

(119) Total Bulls / $550,255.00 Gross / $4,623.00 Average

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Fall Catalog
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1NameVideoLot #SexCommentsPicture
2CCAR Substance 5053CfVJ38LSV9Co12 Year Old Bull
3CCAR Substance 5007CGUGAYUA2hYg22 Year Old Bull
4GF New Vision 1315jikmWWmdrko32 Year Old Bull
5GF Waylon 2504zTlAqVpArI042 Year Old Bull
6GF Hoover 1335XAldOLbpruU52 Year Old Bull
7GF Expectation 2815osHh1rE0dIA62 Year Old Bull
8GF Hoover Dam 1223"-lsXgHCtvLc"72 Year Old Bull
9CCAR Breakout 51580a_cV359Nxk8Fall Yearling Bull
10CCAR Breakout 5186ZrNBvCmFjhk9Fall Yearling Bull
11CCAR Breakout 5133kaspFfkfagg10Fall Yearling Bull
12CCAR Breakout 51359ZRu754TFps11Fall Yearling Bull
13CCAR Breakout 5128azjFM1aF4GM12Fall Yearling Bull
14CCAR Breakout 5198FVjmEVb69KY13Fall Yearling Bull
15CCAR Common Sense 5190hzO8Uucq_8U14Fall Yearling Bull
16CCAR Common Sense 51401yPIjTazdwQ15Fall Yearling Bull
17CCAR Common Sense 5170IPGwsEZ1Yoc16Fall Yearling Bull
18CCAR Common Sense 51527KVaZ-VYRzQ17Fall Yearling Bull
19CCAR Common Sense 5129p1TdnRArfYU18Fall Yearling Bull
20CCAR Common Sense 5181_1i2q8HZxgk19Fall Yearling Bull
21CCAR Common Sense 51276-loB7iQV-w20Fall Yearling Bull
22CCAR Common Sense 5180HEdDU-o2JvU21Fall Yearling Bull
23CCAR Destination 517522l2UR8tePY22Fall Yearling Bull
24CCAR Destination 5172IXpiQJNd9pY23Fall Yearling Bull
25CCAR Destination 51470tZ_VSOaTI424Fall Yearling Bull
26CCAR Destination 522059QsOg1RlPg25Fall Yearling Bull
27CCAR Destination 5224ZJCSKIxAK1M26Fall Yearling Bull
28CCAR Destination 5193o56cj0DXZ5U27Fall Yearling Bull
29CCAR Destination 5206"-qUxMmZIlFs"28Fall Yearling Bull
30CCAR Franklin 5137SBhY6PzAa-429Fall Yearling Bull
31CCAR Franklin 5212zLyud0PWiaU30Fall Yearling Bull
32CCAR Franklin 5166SoukORMJoao31Fall Yearling Bull
33CCAR Franklin 513625BdtkjYZh832Fall Yearling Bull
34CCAR Franklin 5157ynbLoauLURU33Fall Yearling Bull
35CCAR Franklin 5174G0cb44bXNdg34Fall Yearling Bull
36CCAR Franklin 5162YJRooodqR6435Fall Yearling Bull
37CCAR Franklin 5173y7VngnpIpuI36Fall Yearling Bull
38CCAR Franklin 5155B64I_lIE1kU37Fall Yearling Bull
39CCAR Franklin 5195f_6GAPBSg1M38Fall Yearling Bull
40CCAR Franklin 5138ZXSxWVTVMQ439Fall Yearling Bull
41CCAR Franklin 5211kb-4cZDvUa440Fall Yearling Bull
42CCAR Franklin 52235aE4Z6ZdecU41Fall Yearling Bull
43CCAR 2922 Rito 5215Xx73cDQquMM42Fall Yearling Bull
44CCAR 2922 Rito 51761Ne5CPEBRoA43Fall Yearling Bull
45CCAR 2922 Rito 5182u0siT9PgZc044Fall Yearling Bull
46CCAR 2922 Rito 5134"-UqooBZ3kDk"45Fall Yearling Bull
47CCAR 2922 Rito 5185_MTQeBuWgwY46Fall Yearling Bull
48CCAR 2922 Rito 5184Q69l77M-vjo47Fall Yearling Bull
49CCAR 2922 Rito 5219gb8jb0kjVGk48Fall Yearling Bull
50CCAR 2922 Rito 5168xsUJnW54CHU49Fall Yearling Bull
51CCAR 2922 Rito 5194BhUpcFO6GVA50Fall Yearling Bull
52CCAR 2922 Rito 5213mmm2HhYWJMw51Fall Yearling Bull
53CCAR 2922 Rito 5179ShGLP4ex8MQ52Fall Yearling Bull
54CCAR 5110 Roundup 5142WDKwCIVMkGU53Fall Yearling Bull
55CCAR 5110 Roundup 5192Iq4Idy2QN9E54Fall Yearling Bull
56CCAR 5110 Roundup 5222GqyFTXI6Pmk55Fall Yearling Bull
57CCAR 5145tQCCH8fsd9Y56Fall Yearling Bull
58CCAR 5178ZaCk64a6_qI57Fall Yearling Bull
59CCAR 5110 Roundup 5208TLhrHih31H058Fall Yearling Bull
60CCAR 5191orWXKEy28eo59Fall Yearling Bull
61CCAR 7275 Ideal D437_jRB0NrvfvY60Spring Bull
62CCAR 7275 Ideal D3724n8TwAO9-4s61Spring Bull
63CCAR 7275 Ideal D500iHmeYSlNAgY62Spring Bull
64CCAR 7275 Ideal D5255_ygICVHBX463Spring Bull
65CCAR Z262 Chisum D772T6y8oz8EEPk64Spring Bull
66CCAR Z262 Chisum D797Lb5FcEWsUUc65Spring Bull
67CCAR Z262 Chisum D770WJghyk_Yw1g66Spring Bull
68CCAR Z262 Chisum D771_LRaosULRjs67Spring Bull
69CCAR Z262 Chisum D7969T-8wQpUXKo68Spring Bull
70CCAR B392 Chisum D818AzePi-fuk_w69Spring Bull
71CCAR Z262 Chisum D819Z4mkWKFABog70Spring Bull
72CCAR Common Sense D4437SREyoqcR7Y71Spring Bull
73CCAR Common Sense D478gqr6zak5ZYY72Spring Bull
74CCAR Common Sense D362HyMccHsu5aM73Spring Bull
75CCAR Common Sense D476zP2_EicobvM74Spring Bull
76CCAR Common Sense D532vi8R7nHcNNg75Spring Bull
77CCAR 451 Consensus D798Kd8d7r6nR0s76Spring Bull
78CCAR 451 Consensus D7775bvjjfpeozc77Spring Bull
79CCAR 451 Consensus D778oAvDUQ-eYHk78Spring Bull
80CCAR 451 Consensus D7867vkH4Bzg6Ek79Spring Bull
81CCAR Substance D471VIOERIUou1w80Spring Bull
82CCAR Substance D487orEIYVAa5Qw81Spring Bull
83CCAR 2012 Trust D803YWzYjoD7T3A82Spring Bull
84CCAR 2012 Trust D801WKpKlyZXgsM83Spring Bull
85CCAR 4622 Frontman D7925g5lC1abs3k84Spring Bull
86CCAR 4622 Frontman D790_1TyiIFZqY485Spring Bull
87CCAR 4622 Frontman D779MvqqgPt6pv086Spring Bull
88CCAR Dynasty D025QTWtgd1nz3k87Spring Bull
89CCAR A325 Final Answer D815kkbXKNIe9B088Spring Bull
90CCAR A325 Final Answer D81386YzuGWNOzM89Spring Bull
91CCAR SCC 1213 Roundup D073r4s7GyYpg0890Spring Bull
92CCAR Bandolier D3656DiJTH0FdVk91Spring Bull
93CCAR Cornerstone D543wFthQveE_mY92Spring Bull
94CCAR Cornerstone D354ngs8DT_VxJE93Spring Bull
95CCAR Cornerstone D545tOnVhmHFnus94Spring Bull
96CCAR Cornerstone D426uVqzOolBpfg95Spring Bull
97CCAR Cornerstone D438tRA2woR5LJM96Spring Bull
98CCAR Cornerstone D373EerdjfOoVZM97Spring Bull
99CCAR Cornerstone D358Uv98tCqQLcY98Spring Bull
100CCAR Cornerstone D442Odba3Pj-Ey499Spring Bull
101CCAR Cornerstone D477tJ4FBu4nFu8100Spring Bull
102CCAR HD172X D773o24mF8_h7Rs101Spring Bull
103CCAR HD172X D795WGUdK1CzW7E102Spring Bull
104CCAR Z421 Uncommon D020_Y7raX1QFHY103Spring Bull
105CCAR Z421 Uncommon D010GKJT5GQPM78104Spring Bull
106CCAR Z421 Uncommon D769Jl_yzGezSLY105Spring Bull
107CCAR Z421 Uncommon D0028H_bO7DeyhE106Spring Bull
108CCAR Z421 Uncommon D009ZQxi5fJk9Cc107Spring Bull
109CCAR X964Upward D279AYeyQH8z0FA108Spring Bull
110CCAR X964 Upward D1476EjYQ4YowH0109Spring Bull
111CCAR X964Upward D1070UsFHCEI9dA110Spring Bull
112CCAR D022AXXCFkWo_nc111Spring Bull
113CCAR 5110 Roundup D452fK1cZcuTbrM112Spring Bull
114CCAR A553 Brilliance D775nMKUzl8DPn0113Spring Bull
115CCAR A553 Brilliance D800JQpYncptsrY114Spring Bull
116CCAR A553 Brilliance D783tPf-60CQs1Q115Spring Bull
117CCAR 1472 Destination D023PEZ_aSvEuCc116Spring Bull
118CCAR D066awjvMEb6bWw117Spring Bull
119CCAR D163nWmJHUGtj84118Spring Bull
120CCAR D0461z10es2KV_Y119Spring Bull
121CCAR D045Au2SQ8_RqQ4120Spring Bull
122CCAR D121khCAo77J1uk121Spring Bull
123CCAR D812aH79DrQwopo122Spring Bull
124CCAR D811GwVaFvNq9EI123Spring Bull
125CCAR A464 Ideal D601KLb2Sd2DVjk124Spring Bull
126CCAR A464 Ideal D6378456zSgwNEY125Spring Bull
127CCAR D499SUtmjy81TiY126Spring Bull
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