McDonnell Angus Beef Country Genetics

May 3, 2017
Bowman, ND

McDonnell Angus Beef Country Genetics

Bowman, ND

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

90 Yearling Bulls 

Gross: $442,980.00

Average: $4,922.00

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2McD 406 UNO 600TOMxKlIp-Xw600Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
3McD 406 UNO 601ceKz6C_Osyw601Yearling Bull
4McD 406 UNO 603cBxKR39Aey0603Yearling Bull
5McD 406 UNO 604PabUrssPKXQ604Yearling Bull
6McD UNO 606jHh5bl1UigQ606Yearling Bull
7McD 406 UNO 607QX8psTPcl08607Yearling Bull
8McD UNO 609CB_Pjpvye34609Yearling Bull
9McD UNO 6117VoBziVIEwM611Yearling Bull
10McD UNO 612pP-k1xSNQJ0612Yearling BullMay work on larger framed heifers.
11McD UNO 616hHPtL7nGsfM616Yearling Bull
12Fischer Performer 6218Tx1VgJ9iJ0621Yearling BullMay work on larger framed heifers.
13Fischer Performer 622am-XGZOtJcY622Yearling Bull
14Fischer Performer 623lTJ7bI8cUUo623Yearling Bull
15Fischer Performer 6248AxBY1bqbc8624Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
16McD Uno 625oettXWGjMn8625Yearling Bull
17McD Uno 627627Yearling Bull
18McD Uno 628CwyHGNE09GY628Yearling Bull
19McD Uno 629hpMIGF82Vbs629Yearling Bull
20McD Uno 630lxg0xqmiuSs630Yearling Bull
21McD Uno 631kYL-2g6iFJE631Yearling BullMay work on larger framed heifers.
22McD Uno 632PF7iSs7Z4NA632Yearling Bull
23McD Performer 63435GNj3b6ZqQ634Yearling Bull
24McD Performer 635erz1xPuPW1s635Yearling Bull
25McD Absolute 640N3zRcCcTxRk640Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
26McD Absolute 642q3kNa5LmlHg642Yearling Bull
27McD Absolute 643olBNNUDbB1o643Yearling Bull
28McD Absolute 644kePBAnLNwFo644Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
29McD Absolute 645uhuRYgst2i8645Yearling Bull
30McD Capitalist 646cSVU4EVFK68646Yearling BullMay work on larger framed heifers.
31McD Capitalist 64703j5QCg6ebs647Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
32McD Capitalist 648L1Zbd7-CXZ0648Yearling Bull
33McD Capitalist 649PomLqEhq-a4649Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
34McD Capitalist 650Sw60AC7GseE650Yearling Bull
35McD Capitalist 652FB75-ZtjuLg652Yearling Bull
36McD Capitalist 653j4nTJW3bbDE653Yearling Bull
37McD Capitalist 654tMeOalQctb0654Yearling Bull
38McD Capitalist 655JvRtSqScaCU655Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
39McD Garret 659IUcYeOvLh3M659Yearling Bull
40McD Garret 6605WZN1ICHPaU660Yearling Bull
41McD Garret 66143rDPOW9eRc661Yearling Bull
42McD Garret 6625g1B2sFG25I662Yearling Bull
43McD Garret 6633TDDNzUalEQ663Yearling Bull
44McD Garret 664FHbl7fGiT-Q664Yearling Bull
45McD Garret 665mLBo1lccytg665Yearling Bull
46McD Garret 667Ihvx7RjU37I667Yearling Bull
47McD Garret 668rRmYEP4i6Vw668Yearling Bull
48McD Garret 669YwnO-XabfIo669Yearling BullMay work on larger framed heifers.
49McD Garret 671Oky9mpL5RrI671Yearling Bull
50McD Garret 672ZTY1elCI8Ho672Yearling Bull
51McD 406 Black Cedar 6786k2MggMVpUs678Yearling Bull
52McD Payweight 680_wXq8ESz1vQ680Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
53McD Payweight 681TJslsgL0rxw681Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
54McD Payweight 682QybDN9-s73s682Yearling BullMay work on larger framed heifers.
55McD Spur 683jQBjp7V3P7M683Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull - Red Gene Carrier
56McD Payweight 684hRSwuVzvmDA684Yearling Bull
57McD Payweight 685pOkEoF83OBk685Yearling Bull
58McD Payweight 686T_tmDX2HOSg686Yearling Bull
59McD Payweight 687b5eksJCF0s4687Yearling Bull
60McD Payweight 688kmFyxOxMFWo688Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
61McD Payweight 690-S9rSntIb6c690Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
62McD Upshot 692dFwLMw7BcxU692Yearling Bull
63McD Upshot 69366hmAYOIJ4M693Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
64McD Upshot 6948vfh-TnSANg694Yearling Bull
65McD Payweight 6985zki3sK3HdA698Yearling BullFull Brother to 699
66McD Payweight 699k8ScgYJY3zw699Yearling BullFull Brother to 698
67McD Spur 6100ZZhAg7upAFI6100Yearling Bull
68McD Spur 6101leyLta7VULg6101Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull - Red Gene Carrier
69McD Spur 6103nvYNHgGDK3E6103Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull - Red Gene Carrier
70McD Spur 6104DF0XFmiSAT986104DYearling Bull
71McD Spur 6104Oty4tLDQj3Q6104Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull - Red Gene Carrier
72McD Spur 6105s_lwizOihPU6105Yearling Bull
73McD Spur 6106F5aheqc5cUo6106Yearling Bull
74McD Spur 6108lrn0nrGnKAc6108Yearling BullRed Gene Carrier
75McD Spur 61093AH1mKVXNAk6109Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull - Red Gene Carrier
76McD Spur 61106110Yearling BullRed Gene Carrier
77McD Spur 6111K-OMijf8MPY6111Yearling BullRed Gene Carrier
78McD Spur 6112gaiGd02s7X46112Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull - Red Gene Carrier
79McD Spur 6113oKs6UazAEXc6113Yearling BullRed Gene Carrier
80McD Spur 6117FkjuEPJ2AdQ6117Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
81McD Spur 6122CuEDdAZy4nU6122Yearling Bull
82McD Spur 6123rGTqJH0PHI86123Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
83McD Spur 6124D9mKZuQSlys6124Yearling BullMay work on larger framed heifers. Red Gene Carrier
84Fischer Performer 6125o9cGwxlMpZ86125Yearling Bull
85McD 406 Spur 6126mD5P2GKCHJA6126Yearling BullMay work on larger framed heifers. Red Gene Carrier
86McD Spur 6128t3VDV529K6A6128Yearling Bull
87McD Tender 6135kxeu4UN4yHA6135Yearling Bull
88McD Tender 6136xqgi5PpfUAU6136Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
89McD Tender 6137hNNTWWHl-sg6137Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
90McD Tender 6138RQj56PNWt6k6138Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
91McD Tender 6141U6PUfkDCbiw6141Yearling Bull
92McD Tender 6145fKYxukSvSFg6145Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
93McD Ten 6147pog-HxjeCNg6147Yearling BullPotential Heifer Bull
94Fischer Performer 61526152Yearling Bull
95McD Complete 6153ZfCfiySyYws6153Yearling Bull
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