Beef Country Genetics Bull Sale

November 30th, 2016
Midland Bull Test Facility; Columbus, MT

2016 Beef Country Genetics Sale Report

Beef Country Genetics Annual Bull Sale

Columbus, MT US

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins & Roger Jacobs

Sale Date: 11/30/2016

(43) 2 year old Hereford Bulls / $158,627.00 Gross / $3,689.00 Average

(82) Older Angus Bulls / $375,970.00 Gross / $4,585.00 Average

(38) Yearling Angus Bulls / $114,114.00 Gross / $3,003.00 Average

(18) South Devon Bulls / $63,756.00 Gross / $3,542.00 Average

(181) Reported Sale Total / $712,467.00 Gross / $3,936.00 Average

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  • The Videos begin with Lot 60, Lots 1-43 Have No Video

The Videos begin with Lot 60, Lots 1-43 Have No Video
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1NameVideoLot #SexCommentsPicture
2BRC 175W DANDY 30C1BullVery thick bull, been that way since he was born.
3BRC 175W DANDY 05C2BullNR of 114. Weaned off at 690.
4BRC 175W DANDY 18C3Bull85 pound birthweight, weaned off at 700 pounds. NR of 102. Solid 175W son.
5BRC 175W DANDY 00C4BullDeep, thick 175W son.
6BRC 95X RAMROB 41C5BullThick, 95X son with depth.
7BRC 175W DANDY 34C6BullA nice 175W son.
8BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 19C7Bull934 cow has been a good one. He weaned off at 730 pounds.
9BRC 062X DOMINO 35C8BullVery thick bull with an 82 pound birth weight and marbling of 115.
10BRC 175W DANDY 10C9BullA solid 175W son that is positive in REA and IMF.
11BRC 175W DANDY 25C10BullIMF score of 126. One of the highest scores in the group.
12BRC 70A WESTERN 39C11Bull70A son that has good carcass scores.
13BRC 95X RAMROB 21C12BullGood 95X son that weaned off at 720 pounds, and a yearling EPD of +92. Thick and short marked.
14BRC 95X RAMROB 22C13BullThis has been a good one since he was born. Great REA and NR.
15BRC 70A WESTERN 33C14BullGood pattern to this 70A son. NR of 105 and Marbling of 119.
16BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 28C15BullNR of 100 and marbling of 102.
17BRC 175W DANDY 37C16BullSoggy 175W sone. NR if 104.
18BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 42C17BullShort marked bull. Weaned off at 750 pounds. NR of 109.
19BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 23C18BullModerate framed, short marked bull. Marbling of 105.
20BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 06C19Bull21Y son weaned off at 710 pounds. NR of 105. Good on REA and Marbling.
21BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 17C20BullMarbling score of 104.
22BRC 175W DANDY 14C21BullA nice 175W son.
23BRC 95X RAMROB 08C22BullA 60 pound birth weight. If you’re wanting light birth weight, he should be that.
24BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 38C23BullCoon eyed 21Y son. Good REA and IMF scores.
25BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 11C24BullAnother coon eyed 21Y son. REA of 104.
26BRC 175W DANDY 26C25BullREA of 103 and great IMF score of 126.
27BRC 175W DANDY 04C26BullOne of the last Kahlua cows on the place. You know that line did for us. This guy has solid numbers to back him up.
28BRC 70A WESTERN 01C27BullA good 70A son with a +22 on Milk and solid carcass scores.
29BRC 175W DANDY 31C28BullWeaned off at 765 pounds. NR of 113, with positive carcass scores.
30BRC 175W DANDY 02C29BullGood birth weight ad REA of 111 and Marbling of 100.
31BRC 175W DANDY 32C30BullA marbling score of 112.
32BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 44C31BullOne of the 922W cow always brings in the best. Weaned off at 805 pounds, NR of 117. Carcass number are strong. Take a good look at him.
33BRC 70A WESTERN 36C32Bull70A son that is like the rest of these 70A sons, great muscle and numbers.
34BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 40C33BullREA of 102.
35BRC 175W DANDY 29C34BullREA of 102.
36BRC 175W DANDY 24C35BullWell made bull with strong carcass numbers.
37BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 45C36BullThick made bull with good depth. NR of 102 and really good carcass numbers. Bull is a little nrevous.
38BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 03C37BullA good bull that is nice made. REA of 107.
39COMMERCIAL BULL38BullCommercial Bull
40BRC 70A WESTERN 07C39BullAnother good marbled bull sired by 70A. A +24 on his Milk EPD.
41BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 09C40BullGood pigmented bull.
42BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 16C41Bull927 cow does a good job. Weaned at 700 pounds. NR of107 and REA of 104.
43BRC 70A WESTERN 20C42BullNice bull with good numbers again. Marbling of 111.
44BRC 21Y INCINERATOR 15C43BullOut of the 205 cow. This is her last calf.
45McD Performer 551GudoZshJyw060Bull
46McD Performer 542TaY4Bjuon5461Bull
47McD Performer 550dxJo3qMsDMM62Bull
48McD Performer 537c1CY_ann9HI63Bull
49McD Performer 50764Bull
50McD Performer 532pFNjNBYJ8N065Bull
51McD Performer 593pAzN_W0oGPY66Bull
52McD Performer 541MMoyFVcbYMs67Bull
53McD Performer 53968Bull
54McD Performer 5402nncQgSWq6g69Bull
55Fischer Performer 5109rCGF0r40US470Bull
56McD Performer 544-1EnobViPOA71Bull
57McD Performer 569agC_B1E1R-M72Bull
58MJB 18C of 049 349N104M98IqG6g73Bull
59MJB 31C of 049 1118Yr_a2rT_Mku074Bull
60Fischer Performer 511011OwPKDZ_5g75Bull
61Fischer Performer 5106MYuk-o_vFQQ76Bull
62McD Juneau 574LiFCVm5yj_w77Bull
63McD Juneau 552ena3Y6pF0Cg78Bull
64McD Juneau 515MdCZDiSkNOw79Bull
65McD Juneau 575OrYQdy-Z1iI80Bull
66McD Juneau 535m9YDPvxMOa881Bull
67McD Performer 554Mzt3JreM4u482Bull
68McD Performer 566E9wI-ap3F8s83Bull
69McD Performer 511LhXKD7mMjj884Bull
70McD Convertor 587uKkTk0gfwLQ85Bull
71McD Convertor 5362VeCvEue1SKo86Bull
72MJB 21C of 4402 3073YrmVUmtYa2U87Bull
73MJB 26C of 4402 3073DVhCKtn06t888Bull
74MJB 35C of 4402 815UsugZ7CxC78g89Bull
75McD Reno 501cVxvglIRbpc90Bull
76McD Reno 5219ahS_e2Cxag91Bull
77McD Reno 5103k6tmNt96SRk92Bull
78McD Reno 586RrENg-ox3mg93Bull
79McD Reno 581hoddqhJv8rk94Bull
80McD Total 533fXBfHLsVbnI95Bull
81McD Total 547IZXpQvMxG4w96Bull
82Fischer Performer 599MqUs0nKPHds97Bull
83MJB 9C of 1337 368AGssBmOOWTjg98Bull
84MJB 34C of 1337 1127YXNGnU-LAG-U99Bull
85MJB 7C of 028 300AjM7f7DG2yeI100Bull
86MJB 2C of 028 309Awbe8BU-En-k101Bull
87MJB 24C of 028 507Rluj5Gt9vSN0102Bull
88MJB 37C of 028 034XAOSSoOlqcNM103Bull
89Capitalist 5206YxYcbzqHRR0104Bull
90Capitalist 5237Wu5my5bBYK0105Bull
91McD Columbus 5360hCU4NHGjI6A106Bull
92McD Columbus 5361spM9ymRCzEk107Bull
93MJB 12C of 310 304AHMqwTk9n21U108Bull
94MJB 13C of 310 318AxJ1rggOSEFE109Bull
95MJB 41C of 310 812UbmCLyHiinqQ110Bull
96MJB 67C of 3545 201ZV3qUkw-KbZE111Bull
97MJB 62C of 3545 203ZE5fNTevm-IQ112Bull
98MJB 68C of 3545 207ZuOtKT0oYlk0113Bull
99MJB 51C of 3545 217Zxi23WNQP3V8114Bull
100MJB 55C of 3545 235ZyscGlNgEmKM115Bull
101MJB 65C of 3545 242ZpDNFV5ahsxI116Bull
102MJB 50C of 3545 2230118Bull
103MJB 32C of 3545 211ZV_QT7fTNJus119Bull
104MJB 47C of 3545 238Z2BntIJaT4JY120Bull
105MJB 66C of 1018 809UynIQld927A0121Bull
106MJB 61C of 1018 701TkDBJZPYuSvE122Bull
107MJB 78C of 1018 902W"-GvxeuEbads"123Bull
108MJB 77C of 1018 921W124Bull
109MJB 73C of 1018 010XLwbL_eQNViA125Bull
110MJB 70C of 1018 0135l7tG-cQXkYs126Bull
111McD Performer 53278BOCGw4qZnI127Bull
112McD Performer 53297KVZMVKd3xs128Bull
113McD Performer 5347BajtQupD9Vo129Bull
114McD Great Falls 520w-xgfPhR7x8130Bull
115McD Executive 571icYRrKNiLiY131Bull
116McD Executive 517Kd7kPyzpECI132Bull
117McD Franchise 595UeqkSGXaBwM133Bull
118MJB 22C of 17Z 328AChcDRU3bh3U134Bull
119MJB 1C of Z281 2904L5FHmowgaaw135Bull
120MJB 39C of 2Y 1102YMlcc9mw1b3k136Bull
121MJB 64C of 2Y 719TjT44hwLZQmY137Bull
122Commercial BullfWcBi2FQozI138Bull
123Commercial BullGVPRJ9xUfP0139Bull
124Alliance 5914"-MeXp1RcCfQ"140Bull
125O’Reilly Factor 522wRkPgY0fnxI141Bull
126Rito 625x5DPRcJ7wo142Bull
127Right Time C20_099rIbhqaM143Bull
128MJB 050C of 1018 918WDD4vLY5RqYs144Bull
129MJB 15C of 028 332AMpxx73cOR_s145Bull
130McD Complete 5427146Bull
131McD Complete 5430wc0ZA6uH-90147Bull
132McD Complete 5425RyXZ5FczXDw148Bull
133McD Complete 5428MVYW8VywfCc149Bull
134McD Complete 5424qvsWlrZWBUg150Bull
135McD Complete 5415Uu_f98tnpko151Bull
136McD Complete 5426YU8OH1xNRHs152Bull
137McD Complete 5429WVfGWuI4IwE153Bull
138McD Spur 5431EuDxyQx6KFs155Bull
139Frosty CRK 5059t8A5H-09bzA157Bull
140High Meadow 50412tXQfTQOmtc158Bull
141High Meadow 50420RaB8eabLok159Bull
142High Meadow 5036e4d9UNKTTUM160Bull
143Frosty CRK 5075wNnp8JlbUxg161Bull
144High Meadow 5018dhMgv_dxXXY162Bull
145Frosty Creek 5047wAdlQqpBF-o163Bull
146Frosty CRK 50336hUg5Su1I6M164Bull
147Frosty CRK 5049DLYN1J0dEXw165Bull
148Frosty CRK 50796rpoiA0h8Qo166Bull
149Frosty Creek 50522WddAgHGJYs167Bull
150Frosty Creek 5035liLDPmdJUYg168Bull
151Frosty CRK 5068C_u_Df9ez20169Bull
152Frosty CRK 5144A0SSy0REyG4170Bull
153Frosty CRK 51476WtZnsQ7Ia8171Bull
154Frosty CRK 5164mrzTXNrzfR8172Bull
155Frosty Creek 5048RRIrNjgJv6k173Bull
156Frosty CRK 5051jh4BaOl9h-w174Bull
157Frosty CRK 5060erAYvmuQEqc175Bull
158Frosty CRK 5062WvCRwF3i0E0176Bull
159Frosty Creek 5034dxn-1FmBWAM177Bull
160Frosty CRK 5056eU0u220ZC8Y178Bull
161Frosty CRK 5081Z7qGx9iZl0E179Bull
162Frosty CRK 5095PEuRrA5iJ9M180Bull
163Frosty CRK 51237pRQBnWBP8Q181Bull
164Frosty CRK 5162GnisgEJFKdc182Bull
165Frosty CRK 5168x6lLODWa8M0183Bull
166Frosty CRK 50694UZwdfUgEro184Bull
167Frosty CRK 5124h0iToj_sPA4185Bull
168High Meadow 5063tUGUtl01IEw186Bull
169Frosty CRK 5064FCuJ3jwDafI187Bull
170Frosty CRK 5087fQsDp-Btjg0188Bull
171Frosty CRK 5090Pk9YRc42wUQ189Bull
172Frosty CRK 5094LT7fuJrkiNY190Bull
173Frosty CRK 5096lN-vdjt4Axo191Bull
174Frosty CRK 5116ba7B6fWnHr0192Bull
175Frosty CRK 5125CO6EcsjNsKQ193Bull
176Frosty CRK 51301kJewhuMwSs194Bull
177Frosty CRK 5135r3c79kaRJXQ195Bull
178High Meadow 514568I8Z1pme0o196Bull
179High Meadow 5153IHvDu5LIWog197Bull
180MJB SWAGGER 552Cbmp3DFhqIKE200Bull
181BC REBEL 573CqmCN_BKbECM201Bull
182BC HUDSON 567CNQYkBv5TT-8202Bull
183MJB BLACKOUT 595CAgxNZiqPBpY203Bull
184MJB SHILO TOO 564CzfTDJNREjn4204Bull
185MJB BLACKFOOT 607C"-OSBhM7kQtg"205Bull
186MJB BLACKFOOT 638CUYfnqdJfwU8206Bull
187MJB AMERICA 543CGS6LiRVtafw207Bull
189MJB TRIUMPH 507CvuYlIRhdqW8209Bull
190BC CROWN ROYAL 670C3cC-mGFTgmw210Bull
191MJB AMERICA 51C6NTffQ4FSNw211Bull
193MJB AMERICAN 53CMdD-bP0jRlE213Bull
194MJB PATRIOT 55C5DroUctWUnI214Bull
195BC AMERICA 58CGr9GWRfurgg215Bull
196BC BLACK STAR 59C01ZozpGiTRc216Bull
197MJB AMERICA 61CUoSB-ziu9G0217Bull
198MJB AMERICA 63CFGmtDb7c_c0218Bull
199MJB AMERICA 64CXMGxfOjee1I219Bull
200MJB AMERICA 60C220Bull
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